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White Nationalist Personalities Eric Striker & Mike Enoch Talk Race Riots (People's Square Podcast)

Using your lawfully obtained firearm and God-given Second Amendment right to defend your business from feral looters can get tiresome.

Brighten up your race riot by listening to the brilliant guys at the TRS podcast talk about the only thing anyone is talking about right now.

You earned it.

About the TRS Podcast:

People's Square and other shows on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

Some of their episodes are free to the public, while others are behind a $10 monthly paywall, probably the best value in American journalism today because you get access to several excellent shows for that price.

The TDS podcast with Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb, (3X per week), is an excellent informal, Joe Rogan style radio talk show that wraps insightful political takes in politically incorrect humor.

We also highly recommend the FTN podcast, which is more serious and hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative. Eric Striker's, (editor of the excellent National Justice website), and Mike Enoch's 'Strike and Mike' (1X per week) are also more hard news focused.

Every show is unique with its own flavor, personalities, and angle of political analysis. If you ever needed a dissident-right podcast source, TRS has got you covered.

Originally appeared at: People's Square Podcast