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What Police Disbandment Really Means (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From the FTN Website:

In theory, according to the mob anyway, police disbandment means total abolition of the police. Lawlessness. Anarchy. Revolution. In practice, it means something entirely different.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss police disbandment, the legal tenet of "qualified immunity", and what comes next.

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So, yeah. And they're also collapsing the extremes on both sides. We've seen this phenomenon happen with Elaine Ohmar and AOC. I mean, where's all the rhetoric from AOC even in the midst of BLM? I mean, I'm sure they've made statements, but where where are the leaders of the revolution? Right. We talked about this on on jazz and Jesse, that, you know, just as much on the other side, like leftists figure out many decades ago that the whole system is fucked and that they're never gonna get their communism and Marxism and that it was just a vehicle for a Jewish hostile Jewish merger and acquisition and then ultimately takeover of the United States. And so they realized that they were just a means to an end. They weren't the end. And so this collapse of extremes on both sides is something that you're seeing happen here because, you know, abolish ice went nowhere. They still want the means to remove people if they need to. I mean, this this this idea that you can have essentially a a Jewish hard power or so you can have Jewish soft power without hard power somewhere is is just doesn't make any sensi of Biden walking a cautious line as he opposes defunding the police, even Bernie Sanders on the defund movement.

Police departments need to well-paid professionals.

So it's it's you know, he he pushes even Bernie Sanders. And I know he's not the real deal for these people.

I mean, a lot of the people have figured out the Bernie Bros. Have just been collapsing into a pile of rainbow colored goo. But it's it's defund the police movement. Like it's all done. And this idea that they're that they're going to get rid of all these police and create a national police force, I mean, all of these localities, especially in in New York and Washington state and Oregon and California and everything else, they they want their state police. They want their local police. That's what gives these mayors in. And so on and so forth. Power. They don't want they don't want to have to be encumbered by something else.

And that's why Jacob Phrae, Jewish mayor of Minneapolis, he has been increasing the police budget year over year, era over year over year. So it's like the the Jewish hipster antifa in in the mayor's mansion in Minneapolis. He's actually been increasing the police budget because they view, like, you can't have these liberal left wing or utopian autoclaves without some sort of law enforcement.

That's why they're trying to wind down Chaz. They're they're they're negotiating with Chaz to get to get rid of these these auto zones because this isn't what they want either. And they can't you know, these cities don't become places where big corporate entities and Jews want to invest and live in. If there are a lot of criminal issues. This is why de Blasio is allowed to sort of operate with impunity with the police because of all the Jews that live in New York City. And they want these cities to be free from this, from both sides. And I think a lot of these people are under the wrong impression, the mistaken impression that the revolution is coming and the system is doing the same thing to them that it does to us. With one difference is that those people think that they're winning because the system won't throw them into jail for 400 years and do other things. So they think that it's coming, but it's not coming. They did it. They'll entertain the autonomous zones for a while, but they actually don't want that to continue. Yeah, there is not going to be a revolution with free healthcare and free food and free housing like all. None of those things are coming. And the sooner that the people on that side realize what's going on and what they're in opposition, what they should be an opposition to and instead of being handmaidens of is the better, the faster we're gonna all get to a better place where we can sort of move forward from all this.

Yeah, and Chaz is funny, too. I mean, this thing in Seattle that, you know, I'm seeing people nationally reacting to this, like, can you believe that they would seize this tarried or like what?

Think about the business is there.

I mean, I've been I spent a good amount of time on Capitol Hill specifically in that area. And it's a bar district. And these are bars that are closed down right now. So there's actually very little business activity going on that's being impeded. So it's all a LARP, right? It's all along. And and the people that are saying like this, this isn't I can't believe they've done this. No, it's this is these are streets that were relatively unoccupied anyways right now with Corona virus. As soon as you get to a point where they need to open these things back up. Yeah. You're going to see Chai's cleared right out. So. Yeah. And and, you know, defund the police. Again, it's this idea and I saw this article a few days ago. I saw another one that came up to this morning on my phone. Living Apple news notification, up next, notification where people say what Camden did, this man, Camden, New Jersey, did it.

When was the last non-fiction book you've read, James? I stepped into it. Yeah. Yeah. I saw somebody employ that rhetoric on Twitter against some shit lives. And we got the person that got owned pretty hard. They weren't expecting it. I mean, they walked right into it. They said the people who don't read and understand what's going on in history, these are the people who we should just not care about the most. And this person was like, well, I'm a white nationalist and. And I read all the time what what's the last non-fiction book you've read? And it started this conversation with this person and they got kind of pissed. They they didn't answer the question. And the guy just responded back and listed off all the non-fiction books he read.

You know, it's just great. Like, the guy got so fucking pissed. But, yeah, it's it's it's a great own. But, yeah, this this this police sort of this idea of disbandment, of defunding. There are no examples anywhere where a police department it's all this like this is the sort of the Talmage Madary like that Washington Post article we talked about. It's like, oh wow. A thousand people have been killed by the police in the last year. When is this going to end? And they just don't tell you that. Yeah. A lot of those people, if not all of the people that have gotten killed, were in the process of either killing officers themselves or they were brandishing a weapon. I mean, dude, memory hole stuff last night, there was there were last night or the day before San Luis Obispo, California, was totally locked down because some insane Mexican, just like some totally insane Mexican, just started going out. And he I think he he let's see. California man wanted an attack on law enforcement dead and shootout after manhunt. You hear about this, though, Mason?

Literally. How could they how could the analyst, this man. Yeah, we have FBI.

This is from San Luis Obispo. We have had four law enforcement officers shot by a lone gunman, active shooter in the last 36 hours. This dude is on the loose for thirty six hours. Mexican and his dad and his dad, of course, Hosain liora is like, yeah, he's crazy.

He's been homeless since he was 17, in and out of jails and mental health facilities. I sleep with a gun loaded under my bed in under my pillow last night. I am afraid of him, too.

And it's just like, OK, so he is ADCO. Yeah. Good job, Dad. Good job, Pops. Like for, you know, looking after your son. How did he end up homeless at age 17?

Probably cause, you know, you were kicking back couple Modise lows and your son was just out. I don't know, doing whatever. You just didn't give a shit. This is the low or the high time preference parenting that they knew. But but yeah. Yeah. I mean, the idea that they're going to disband these police departments, they just haven't done it. What they do is they they take the ones that are extremely corrupt. They fire everybody, clean house and start over. And it's kind of funny that crime actually goes down in some of those places, because part of the corruption, as we're gonna find out in part two of this show, is law enforcement doing the bidding of, you know, working hand in hand with the criminal underworld in those cities. You know, part of the corruption is not prosecuting crime, not doing anything about the crime. And, you know, it's it's kind of funny how all this works, but yet this doesn't defund the police department really just means drain the police swamp. And that's what they're gonna do. They're going to use as an excuse. And in some cases, that's good. In some cases, it's it's not so good. But but, yeah, like there's no police, like, you know, Minneapolis. So what is it there? There's city council voted unanimously, unanimously to get rid of the entire police force. I mean, the idea that there's going to be you. Yeah. You're gonna wake up one day and there's not gonna be any cops anywhere, you can drive 85 miles an hour down Interstate 35. Like, we're just not going to happen. It's not happening.

No, no. In the case of Camden, what they did is they moved it from city controlled to county control. And, you know, imagine my shock. Camden County, 20 percent black. Less corrupt. They can actually fight crime. Camden itself, 50 percent black and that she's had all the corruption problems, so. Yeah. Funny how you shift that control and supervision and and things start to clean up. But, yeah, police reform is and we talked about this yesterday. Police reform is actually very similar in terms of public support to gun reform in that if you ask people, okay, should we reform the police or should we do? Gun reform, you're going to get a lot of people, 70, 80 percent saying, yeah, we should reform that. And then you dig into the specifics and you ask them, all right. Handgun bad. Where do you stand on that? You get like 80, 90 percent opposed. Same thing is true with police reform. Or you ask people like, OK, should we do de-escalation training? It gets pretty popular. Body cameras. That's pretty popular. Then you ask them. Should be cut funding, not eliminate funding, mind you, but cut funding for police departments. And you get 85 percent opposed. Republicans, Democrats, adults, independents, everybody right there between between like 85 and 87 percent opposed. So it's like even if there were the public sentiment for it, which there's not. Yeah. The elites don't want that. They don't want it. They don't want to turn the cities over into anarchy. I mean, that is just so outside of of what benefits them. It wouldn't make sense.

But what they do want to do is start busting these unions and making officers susceptible both to criminal and civil litigation. And that's what we see going on right now with union busting. The reason the unions are important is not only because unions are able to get lawyers for officers when they're faced with misconduct investigations. That's true. But the police unions engage in collective bargaining with these cities and counties and states. And there are layers of protection built into these contracts for officers, things like raises, overtime pay, salaries. Obviously, those are in it, but also how a misconduct investigation will proceed. The types of discipline available to departments, CIA redress of grievances. And in in many states, 16 states have something called a law enforcement officers bill of Rights, which gives them the rights to protect themselves from specific protections from prosecution and an investigation. So, yeah, these are the kind of deals they want to they want to bust up and take away. And, of course, we'll have a criticisms of law enforcement. We all have negative experiences with law enforcement. We don't like so many of the actions of law enforcement in the context of political dissent. Absolutely. But the point of all of this is jazz, I believe, to to further disillusion whites, to further drive whites out of any position of power in society, including within police forces, and to to turn these these law enforcement officers into something that is even more explicitly anti white. And we're white men don't feel like they have a place. Yeah, it's.

And what's also going to happen is you're going to end up with these police officers in these inner city departments moving out who want to actually enforce the law and don't want to put up with the bullshit is that they're just not going to serve these these areas that would benefit from actual police enforcement, law enforcement. Right. And they're going to end up in small town, smaller towns and smaller locations that don't necessarily have these problems, you know, small town cops. And just, you know what? Why would I want to work my way up the ranks for that big city detective job if it's just gonna be a shit show? And I mean, you know, Milah, I'm going to put my life at risk and there's gonna be nobody to back me up. Like what? Why the fuck would I do that? And so. Yeah. And so it's going to present a new problem for somebody like Jacob Phrae, which is how do you how do you maintain some semblance of order? They can't have they what they want maintained disorder. Right. That's that's ultimately what they want to achieve.

But how do you do that with a police force that's 80 percent black with no body cams and they're not actually enforcing anything? And in. Yeah, I mean, it's it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty rough. So what it's going to end up happening is, you know, maybe that one upside from this is that these these neighborhoods are going to segregate even more. I think you're gonna have even more white flight out of these cities. You're going to have people moving to other parts of the country, which may, even in the long run, serve a phenomenon that we've talked about before. That was something that we thought initially was a good thing. But ultimately, it turned out to be a very bad thing for with Trump's tax tax bill, with the the ability to deduct state income taxes and mortgage interest above a certain amount. It's called that has also caused white flight. The policies of Jacob Phrae and people like Gavin Newsome and and others have caused people to leave. I mean, look at the look at Boise, Idaho.

Go look at the property. The mean property values for a place like Boise, Idaho, the last decade. People are leaving. What that's doing is it's reshuffling people with bad opinions and people with sort of race anti-racist views and whatever who just don't like high taxes. Now moving into these places and engaging up places like, well, that's been gate up for a while. Boulder, Colorado, BUTLIN, new you talking about like Grand Junction, Colorado. You talk about these places. You know, it's almost like the Jewish media tells people were to go to. How many articles have you seen? The top one hundred places. The idea like places to live in America. It's like here, here's a list of 100 white towns that that will go with low taxes that would love for you to come. Gave them up, like have added.

So, yeah, yeah, that's the reason to get anti-racism marchers and Courtland, Idaho, which. Which happened last week. Yeah. And it the other effect there is, of course, driving whites that are from those areas that that are lower income into debt, slavery and and renting and not being able to buy a house. But yeah, absolutely. So I think, you know, with these these officers. Yeah. They're going to start asking themselves the question, like, is this even worth it? And they're going to conclude no. And you saw this in Buffalo with the hundred riot cops quitting in protest over the treatment of their their comrade there. And you saw it in Florida, too, just yesterday, 10 their entire. I think it was their entire SWAT team resigned and said we're not going to do this anymore because, like, we're it's just not worth the risk. And one of these things they want to change, one of these protections they want to remove from officers is qualified immunity. Now, qualified immunity doesn't just apply to cops. This is applies to EMT firefighters, really a variety of public service and governmental employees. And qualified immunity is what protects a government employee, in this case, a law enforcement officer from civil litigation. If they believe they were doing the right thing, if they were acting in the course of their duty, they were following orders. They believe they were doing the proper thing.

Turns out they weren't. They're protected from from a civil suit. And the point is, of course, to not have officers, not have EMT is constantly second guessing themselves and and making these legalistic calculations in their mind that every second, which would just be stressful and and prevent them from really doing the jobs. So this enhances an EMT. This enhances your Good Samaritan protections. Basically qualified in this context. Qualified immunity obviously means not absolute. There are a few standards that have been been established in Supreme Court case law that have to be met for a party and a lawsuit to claim qualified immunity. They have to show that their positions responsibilities had a sensitive function that requires absolute immunity in this case. And the official must demonstrate he was doing his protected function when performing the act in question. So it's not only a protection from like having to pay damages. This is a protection from from being sued at all. You enter this is your defense. And often, more often than not, the case will be dismissed. This has been granted in hundreds of appeals cases in the last few years. But I don't know jazz protecting good, decent public servants doing their jobs in good faith from malicious litigation. Sounds like an example of virulent anti-Semitism and Jewish exclusion needs to be smashed.

Yeah, this is something that they've done for a while now in a in a community in a world where we don't have Jewish lawyers around every corner in a world where we don't have a Jewish tort system that we have to tango with in every situation. Then you'd I mean, if you have a white community, high trust white community, then you don't even need qualified immunity. But they're removing it to make these people susceptible to what is coming, which is massive amounts of litigation. And so, yeah, it's like we're not going to get rid of the police and we're going to look like were we're standing strong on law and order, but we're really doing is just going to open those people up to all kinds of financial pain.

And, you know, this is one of the reasons why they went to bust up these these police unions. And it's like, all right, well, we can have these inner cities go back to the way they were in the 1960s and 70s. I mean, you didn't walk around, you know, Q Street in D.C. in the 1970s.

You talking definitely didn't. You definitely weren't north of the park in the 1970s in New York. I mean, you just did not do that. Probably not. Nor much the inner north of the park today. But back then, as these are noka like very, very much no go zones. So, you know, that's that's where they want to go with this. And of course, always in every case, it's like, how can we look like we're delivering something that is for the public good? Well, running the knife through the public hundreds of thousands of times. And that's when this is really all about. And you'll get people.

Well, what if the policeman does do something that I don't like? I want to I want the right to sue them for all they're worth.

It's like, OK, all right. Yeah. And you get you get the atomized Americans who who think that, you know, I deserve to to stand up and have my voice heard, if I feel like one little hair on my head has been touched. And it's going to be nonwhites who do it right. Fill in. Imagine, you know, with coupled with I forget where where they were talking about this. Somebody was talking about this. But essentially you can no longer make arguments in the court on this than on the basis if it's if your argument is deemed racist, I forget where this was. But this is coming to. So they're going to remove qualified immunity. Tell White officer that he did something to a black guy. That black guy totally made up and never happened because they can't have body cameras. And then the defense of that police officer can't make any arguments that involve, you know, that may be construed as involving race. So if you say, yeah, that that black person is lying, it's like, all right, you're racist. Goodbye. You're done. You're finished. Or hundred year prison sentence. So.

Oh, and that's the other thing they're trying to do, too, with this. This and they're they're ceding all of these ideas. And you can tell, of course, public polling in this on issues like this is a is an exit survey for Jewish media manipulation. That's all it is. It's a it's a weather vane of how well they have done at brainwashing people, essentially. And this is one of the ideas they're seeding is is an early warning system for problematic officers. And due to that early warning system is going to be that Peter Griffin paint sample like, oh, you're a white guy. OK, that's a that's a problem now. I mean, unless it's easy, it's either that like you take the knee if you're like, I got to take the knee or you're gone, you got to do BLM or you're gone. So, yeah, these are the things they're trying to to introduce here. And rest assured, though, the Senate Republicans are on the case, quote, Most in our conference don't want to go as far as an unqualified immunity. But I'm not ruling it out. I want to see if we can get a few others interested in looking at that as well, because I think he'd be the one thing that would show that in our conference we mean business, that we're not where we're serious guys. We're not racist. Said Senator Mike Braun from North Dakota. Oh, yeah, I'm sure there's there's a clamor in and we'll see kohta.

Was he in? Was he. Because Mike Brown is the senator from Indiana. Was he in North Dakota when he said this or something?

No, I must have mixed him up.

But not one of these red state guys.

Yeah, it's another one, Red Ciccolo, because the other ones in North Dakota and South Dakota and Iowa, it's always the same thing. And remember, like we were told that Mike Brown was based like Mike Barone, you know, and I think as I recall, it was like Mike Brown is the best of the worst in the primary. It's like, well, why in the state of Indiana that has no danger of ever becoming blue anytime in the next 40 years. Why? Why is this the best? Well, because Jews run. Politics in the system is immune to subversion, and this is what you get. And so, of course, Mike Braun in a state where almost everybody in that state, unanimously outside of Indianapolis, would be in full support of rocket and rid of qualified immunity, fuck you. The senator could say that and people would be people be happy about. He had a lot of pushback, but people would love that.

But instead, Mike Bronczek, man, I'm not ruling out that we might actually have to get rid of this, you know, because all my Jewish donors, you know, they definitely want to be able to sue for whatever reason and get a big payday. And, you know, that in turn becomes a big payday for me. And I want to run for re-election in four years from now when he's up again.

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