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We Should Be Bailing out the People Instead of Nonessential Profligate Billionaires

This guy always came across as such a try-hard faggot who has low self-esteem and thus spends millions trying to project an identity of being a 70-year-old ladies’ man. It is a manufactured public image that would only ever appeal to the lowest common denominator, which tells you where his head is at: he uses his billions to dazzle stupid people into thinking he’s cool. 

Both America and Britain are talking about big time bailouts for mega-corporations.

We need to think hard about who we decide to bail out following the corona-crisis. A very obvious one that you don’t really even have to think about is commercial airlines – that should be a hard “no.”

When this is over, very few people are going to have work that they need to travel for and no one is going to be going on vacations. People will not even be traveling domestically to see their families. More likely than not, they will move to wherever it is their families live, for the network of support, which is going to become very old-fashioned.

If this guy gets a bailout, it is literally flushing money down the toilet.

The Guardian:

From his private island in the Caribbean, Sir Richard Branson is trying to convince the UK government to give his Virgin Atlantic airline a £500m bailout to help it survive the coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout of the lockdown.

The billionaire, who also wants £700m from the Australian government to bailout Virgin Australia, has the backing of bosses at Airbus, which makes Virgin’s planes, and Rolls-Royce, which makes its jet engines, who have warned ministers that if the airline collapsed it could drag them down too.

At the weekend, Manchester Airports Group chief, Charlie Cornish, added his name to the list of travel industry bosses desperate for Virgin to survive, saying in a letter to chancellor, Rishi Sunak, that Virgin flights “are directly benefiting the economies of Manchester and the surrounding region”.

He said: “Virgin Atlantic’s growth in capacity has been essential in allowing Manchester to become one of the best-connected European airports to the US.”

But Branson’s plea has prompted a substantial backlash, with many pointing out that the entrepreneur has paid the exchequer no personal income tax since moving to the tax free British Virgin Islands (BVI) 14 years ago.

Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Guardian it was unacceptable that “rich billionaires [were] milking the system” at a time of national crisis.

Yes, it is unacceptable.

It’s also unacceptable that we’re only seeing articles and government condemnations about the few random goyim billionaires, while the mob of Jew bankers goes unquestioned. But that is to be expected.

Another obvious thing we do not want to bail out is the movie theater industry.


Is AMC Theatres about to declare bankruptcy? AMC is reportedly in talks with Weil, Gotshal & Manges in an attempt to work through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. This would help the theater try and manage its massive debt load of $4.9 billion while trying to successfully reopen at the same time. Movie theaters across North America have been shut down since the middle of March and a reopening date has yet to be determined. Two weeks ago, AMC was optimistic about being able to open again in June, but it’s unclear if that will end up happening now.

It was reported last week that AMC Theatres had their credit downgraded, which meant they would probably have to shut down. AMC closed all of its 630 theaters on March 17th and furloughed 25,000 workers. Sources claim that the chain has ceased paying rent to landlords, which is why the Chapter 11 talks are currently happening. Sources also claim that AMC is “at risk of breaching its debt covenants as it burns through cash,” amid the world’s current state of affairs.

Theaters are dead forever, period, and not coming back, ever.

There are many such industries. Basically, all forms of recreation that require significant disposable income are going to go.

Things that we will need:

  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Electricity
  • Housing
  • Public transportation
  • Video games ($10-$60 apiece, potentially hundreds or thousands of hours of use)
  • Streaming services ($12 a month, unlimited hours of use)
  • Public parks (free, unlimited hours of use)
  • Gyms ($10-20 a month, unlimited hours of use)

So, those things should get money. Everything else is going to go.

It Would be Great If They Just Bailed Us Out Directly

I’ve been thinking about the concept of bailouts, particularly in America (my home country). I don’t think there should be any corporate bailouts at all. I think that it would be possible to keep the dollar from collapsing if you only bailed out individual people, using a UBI system. If you gave every person $2,500 a month, you could print that amount indefinitely. With 200 million adults in America, that would only be 500 million a month. You could then simply allow the people to rebuild the economy from the ground up.

Of course, it is stupid to talk about that, because our government is run by shills who are not going to do that. But it is interesting to think about, because I’m certain it would work. Of course, it would work a lot better if you sent home the tens of millions of immigrants, who are basically dead weight, and would not be involved in the rebuilding, but would be parasites or running scams.

Instead, the opposite of everything I just said is going to happen: useless banks and corporations will get bailed out, people will get little or nothing beyond government soup and drug-riddled homeless shelters, and immigrants and women will continue to get special privileges.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer