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WATCH: Heartbreaking Video of Man Dying from COVID in Hospital in Milan, Italy

From the Trenches, Pt. 4: An Italian Perspective on the Fight to Contain COVID-19, Continued

[This post is the fourth part of contributor Luca Volonté‘s ongoing series of reports “From the Trenches” in Italy amidst the fight against Covid-19. – Ed.]

Dear readers, this week from the Italian trenches, I have only some brief news to share:

  • The government has imposed mandatory masks for each personal movement;
  • Some families are experiencing tensions, after almost 50 days of forced coexistence;
  • Europe is becoming increasingly divided and Italy’s central government seems increasingly ‘unsuitable’ in facing this crisis.

Primarily today, I share with you the above video (subtitled in English). It is a dramatic and realistic view of what it is like, living and working in a Covid-19 hospital. It was shared with me by a friend who is working at this hospiral, the Policlinico in Milan. I hope it will show how important it is to follow your Government’s suggestions and orders.

I remain in solidarity with you, in prayer and in hope of Easter, and will write again soon.

Originally appeared at: Ifamnews