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Watch the COVID Documentary Charged With 'Antisemitism' for Pointing out 'Gang That Controls State Medicine'

Launching ERTV International Video Channel

Not anti-Semitism, but “Fear of the Jewish Power Cabal” is the political neurosis of the US, as George Mackenzie has correctly diagnosed:

“No other group comes close at provoking as much fear in almost the entirety of the population as Jews. Even the slightest suggestion that anyone is saying anything mildly questionable about Jews causes cold sweats, shortness of breath, hair to stand on end, muscles to clench, and all the other physical reactions that reveals the triggering of a psycho-social taboo. It’s actually a suppressed terror that amounts to a kind of paralysis.”

The disease is just as severe in Western Europe, and France in particular. Courageous men who are not paralyzed by fear of Jewish Power, and who are willing to pay the full price for denouncing it, are very rare. Alain Soral is such a rare man. As a successful novelist, essayist and film-director, he used to be regularly invited on prime talk shows, where he outshone everyone with his sharp and clear political-incorrectness, on anti-racism and feminism for example. But when he started defending his humorist friend Dieudonné, accused of “anti-Semitism” for a pro-Palestinian sketch, Soral was progressively banned from all mainstream media. Dieudonné and Soral soon became the rallying symbols of a new resistance. In 2007, with a team of like-minded dissidents, Soral created the webzine Égalité & Réconciliation, which now ranks as France’s first political site.

No one has done more in France for exposing the destructive and exploitive power of Jewish elites—whom he never confuses with Jews in general. Each of his videos reaches half a million views in a few days, much to the discontent of the CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, the equivalent of the ADL in France). Denouncing Soral as an anti-Semite has now become a password for being invited on any mainstream talk show. The accusation functions like stoning in biblical days: everyone is summoned to throw his stone, lest he be stoned himself. For supporting Soral publicly, I have myself been suspended from my teaching job.

Yet Soral’s popularity grows in proportion of his persecution, and although mentioning him favorably is considered career-suicide, the French young generation has been educated by Soral. I have often thought that John 7:12-13 applies very well to him: “There was a great deal of talk about him in the crowds. Some said, ‘He is a good man’; others, ‘No, he is leading the people astray.’ Yet no one spoke about him openly, for fear of the Jews.” And I have also pondered that, if being a Christian means imitating Jesus in challenging Jewish Power to the point of getting crucified, then Soral is a better Christian than most Bible-worshippers.

I also once compared Alain Soral to an exorcist, because, as the story goes, the exorcist forces the demons to show their ugly faces and reveal their names, and he receives in return the full power of their hatred. For exposing the corrupting and the corrupted elites who are destroying the social, moral and economic fabric of our nation, Soral has faced approximately 75 lawsuits, and lives under the constant threat of being arrested and sent to jail.

I got to know Soral and started following his videos in 2014, around the time when he helped me publish the French version of my JFK-9/11 (the English version has now the honor of featuring in Ron Unz’s catalog of “books banned by Amazon”). I owe him both the initial inspiration for my quest into the origin and essence of Jewish Power (check my new book, Essays on Jewish Power), and the courage to publish it. I am not by nature a courageous man, but I have found Soral’s courage to be contagious. Isn’t it what true leadership is about?

From now on, Soral’s videos will be regularly subtitled in English and posted on the YouTube Channel ERTV International, which will also feature other documentaries. Here is, for a start, the first part of Soral’s latest video on “The Great Corona Hustle”, which has already caused the Bureau national de vigilance contre l’antisémitisme to file a complaint for anti-Semitism, because they object to Soral pointing out that Professor Didier Raoult, France’s foremost microbiologist who advocates chloroquine for fighting Covid-19, is opposed by “the gang in charge of state medicine: Buzyn, Lévy, Bauer, Hirsch, Jacob, Guedj, Solomon (it sounds like Schindler’s list).”

Soral on “The great Corona hustle”:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Do not miss also his earlier video on “environmentalism & New World Order”

Originally appeared at: Unz Review