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Virtual Tour of Auschwitz Dismantles 'Death Camp' Hoax Brick by Brick (TDS Podcast)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

The guys at the TDS podcast take us on a comedic virtual tour of Auschwitz, and dismantle the "death camp" hoax brick by brick.

We've got a free sample of the video here. You can listen to all of the audio for free on their website, and if you like what you see, we highly recommend getting behind the paywall and checking out the whole thing on top of tons of other great content.

About the TDS Podcast:

TDS and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

TDS with Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb, (3X per week), is an excellent informal, Joe Rogan style radio talk show that wraps insightful political takes in politically incorrect humor.

Some of their episodes are free to the public, while others are behind a $10 monthly paywall, probably the best value in American journalism today because you get access to several excellent shows for that price.

We highly recommend the FTN podcast, which is more serious and hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative. Eric Striker's, (editor of the excellent National Justice website), and Mike Enoch's 'Strike and Mike' (1X per week) are also more hard news focused.

Every show is unique with its own flavor, personalities, and angle of political analysis. If you ever needed a dissident-right podcast source, TRS has got you covered.

Transcript: The following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors.

[00:00:00] Work has been. I just want to say we can. We're going to take a little virtual tour, Auschwitz. I can't I'm I'm going to take you on a tour. I know. I've learned a lot about it in virtual. So one thing. No, I've done stupid shit on the Holocaust before. I've made mistakes. I've said things that were wrong. I've said things where I don't know what I'm talking about. And I've given talking points to some of you where maybe things were spread. I was picking them up and then repeating them. So they were wrong. They were incomplete. And they are not. You can't defend them when the talking point comes back unless you know what you're talking about.

[00:00:34] So let's get it right with outfits. So one thing. What I want to say is if you're going to argue, if you're going to make fun of the Holocaust, just like, oh, God, my six million. Oh, my God, that's all fine. You can do that. But if you get down into it with somebody that knows and a lot of Jews that want to know, why did you you don't know all the details either. But those they do and they want to mix it up with you about it. Better make sure you know what you're talking about. Otherwise, they'll thunder strike you and they'll make you look dumb. Or sometimes they'll even make people feel like they've been lied to by the people that are saying it's false because you don't have the good argument against their comebacks and they have comebacks to a lot of the basic argument. So I'm just saying, like, I know the technicalities here are boring. If you don't want to do the technicality or you mean don't do it, but don't do it, then like just make fun of it. Like, don't start saying, well, they only had six ovens, how good they burned them all and six ovens. They had a lot more than six ovens. So you know that that's kind of my point. You got to know what it is and understand somebody was saying to me the other day, well, why didn't they just spread? Like, why do you spread hydrogen cyanide on the walls? And they can't you can't just do that. First of all, it's a lot of reasons. And he's like, well, yeah, but they have room only had, like, you know, his little room.

[00:01:47] I had six ovens. How could they have done it? I'm like, see, you only know about the gas chamber. Fake gas chamber at Auschwitz. One, you don't know what the shot is with the big ones in Auschwitz too. So I just want to take everybody on a little tour of Auschwitz, go through kind of the basics of the camp layout and what it's about. So if you can zoom out, if you do a little scrolling zoom out of this is the map we've spawned in spawned into game. Our characters spawn onto this map. This is the meta. This is the map. One level one, Auschwitz one. We're going to ask what's to. It's a much harder level. This is the easy level in terms of denial. This is the easy level to actually it's sort of funny. It's literally like Legend of Zelda. It's like Holocaust denial, level one measly easy takes. But I remember when we had Andy Whoriskey on the show years ago, couple years ago now. And we are talking about the soccer field and the pool now. The soccer field is not on. This is Auschwitz one. This is in the town of us. We come in Poland, Auschwitz in German, and it's it's in the town. The bigger camp is Burki now, which is a few miles away, is much larger. And we will see that in a second. But first of all, and that's where most of the bad stuff happened, this is Auschwitz one. And then we're looking at is to Bergen, our second our few faith features here I want to look at so you can see there's not that many bear.

[00:03:01] I see it as the water feature. Have a nice water feature. Sure. Look at the water feature. Actually want to go. Remember I showed you where the water is, the water features right here. So there is the water feature. That's the swimming, the beautiful water feature. If you dry you can look dry around midnight, you just dive right here. It's it's still God. Oh God it's. Oh God. It's like aeronautics. It's oh God. You pull the stick down to go up. Oh Lord. Oh.

[00:03:22] The whole thing about it is like on this, on this map you doesn't have lifetimes at the mass. You do the counterintuitive, you pull one way and you expect to do the opposite because you're as you scrolled counterintuitively for or counter directionally with mice for a long time.

[00:03:35] But it's literally like if you push always counter this way, you have the counter-intuitive thinking that, you know, it's basically no one died here. That's sort of the conc counter-intuitive. Yeah.

[00:03:44] But it's like the way I'm dragging it is like, OK, it's like if I was actually dragging these gestures there, there's gestures that Apple will sue you for. Apple will sue you for these gestures. So here's a swimming pool. Now look just like a sick jump for BMX bike.

[00:03:57] It's over here. Isn't sure what that is, so. Well, well, well, well. Now there are those you do see the barbed wire fences with those. Very, very, very.

[00:04:08] Yes. What we know tamers looking one one of the what did he counter arguments is that the swimming pool was for the SS. Yes. Yet the swimming pool appears to be inside the barbwire. It's inside the barbwire. But not only that, though, the point was they walk around out here as in other words, they just. Well, OK. Yeah, well, it makes let me explain. They they stick electrocution devices through the barbed wire and randomly incinerate people on the spot.

[00:04:29] Is that how it works? So the way it worked was this is now this is the first ASHers scam, much smaller. But the first the first thing is with this pool, when we were when we had Andy Whoriskey on and we told him about the pool and the soccer field, he was blown away because he didn't know that. And then somebody went and they made a video attacking us for lying to Andy, walking and tricking him and saying the pool was for the for the enjoyment of the SS officers. This is a very common lie. But if you go back and you look at the overall map, if you if you click on map so we can look at it again.

[00:05:01] I clicked on that.

[00:05:03] Yeah, so so you see those barrack buildings? Those are for the Jews. Those are Jewish barracks. Those are not the SS barracks. I think there is a there is an SS. Is the fence and the pool is right here. It's right there. But look at all of these. My mouse is being recorded. Yes. Here you can see your mouse. Actually, it's the pool. When I was trying to take screen caps, the show last week where he did this, I kept thinking your mouse was my mounts. Yeah. Anyway, or if those those that back row of barracks is all those big brown buildings are Jewish. But, you know, my mouse is on Alex. So why is that? Why if the pool was for the SS, would it be like so they have to walk through two rows of inmate barracks. Why would they want to swim there?

[00:05:48] Why would they swim right there where the inmates are like, I don't know what the wish where the ASX barracks are.

[00:05:54] I'd have to research it. LeBron, I'm guessing it's like that. That's I would guess that's there's barracks because that's outside. And in fact, they actually had a deal with the SS really would only enter into the camp in order to really restore order if things got crazy. It was mainly they had their Kappos and their Sonder commandos, their special Jews, the Jews. [00:06:14] It agreed to Coomber Commando. Yeah. Coomber commandos that we're like, oh, so if you give us some minor authority inside this camp, we can tell Jewish women to go naked into the woods. So we got me too. Right. So we got they actually had it they had an agreement with with the inmates about how that worked in the SS only would go in if they had to because there was some problem. They didn't they weren't always in there because their presence would create a problem. And they definitely were not going to go right behind that big row of inmate barracks, which is actually that whole row back. There is grass and there used to be benches and stuff. So it's a little park area for the biggest one. But, you know, it is a little park area where the inmates could enjoy themselves. In fact, there are photographs of Jews sitting around.

[00:06:59] It looks so nice. It doesn't look that bad. [00:07:04] Like what? Like there's trees. Like if there's green grass. If this were a housing project, like people in lower Westchester repairing themselves on the back, having built it, took look at the blacks get to live in now. It's so nice. Yeah. And it makes me look normal and regular on the property.

[00:07:18] Yeah. And so the thing about the pool is now when there's a video from now, you know, David called it his famous right, David Cole and ASHers video. He did another one where he went back in I think the 80s, later 80s with Ernie Zundel and the two of them went around outwits and eight, they stopped at the pool and sort of earned. Zongo was kind of like just asking questions, guy. And David Coles like answering all the questions. So I go back to the pool and David Cole was like, you know, this has been fixed up. They refurbish the pool. He said, I was worried because he said a few years ago is here and he showed a photograph he had taken a few years earlier where the pool area was totally destroyed. It was all messed up and it was like overgrown with grass. And there was stuff growing in it and, you know, the pool. So I park. And then he's and I saw him working on it. And I was worried that they were gonna destroy it, you say. But they didn't. They re restored it to its original condition. Now there's some, you know, algae growing in there, whatever that they're not chlorinating the water, I guess. But the point is that he was like I was surprised that they did this bit of truth telling. And I think that they do that because if they destroyed it, it would have been a thing.

[00:08:23] They would have made it a thing and really another lie about where swimming pool go. So before look, I don't think Freestore this place and rented out to tourists.

[00:08:32] Dude, they were talking about housing fucking migrants in this place. Aguy created a fucking shit storm because they're like, look at this beautiful look at this gorgeous brick buildings.

[00:08:44] Yeah. Look at that brickwork. You don't get brickwork like that pretty. It looks like a very nice retirement home.

[00:08:48] But look, you know that she was built solidly. You know, it's funny we got this beforehand, that it was built for this. It was built for this. Banaz, he's built this right up the Nazis. Yeah, well, you know, it's funny when Ernes until approached Fred later today, builds all this just to kill everyone. Apparently so. Yes. Now and when you see. Yes. Do you have for a little while like they built all of this fresh just to put dead people in it? Well, the argument, though, that literally these days it is a six million dead people going through the ceiling. Here's the included. Here's where the into intuition comes in. Right. Because the intuition is that this doesn't look like a thing where you're gonna kill people. Right. And it doesn't. And their thing is, well, they you're going to just dig a hole in the ground. Yes. Just dig a giant hole.

[00:09:32] It just keep like march them through it. Remember remaining. They have a shot. They have to be center right there.

[00:09:40] Like the Betty White. Yeah. That's an administration building of some kind. And you can look at that where you go to like sign up you might with the sports league. You know where the gas chamber. Yeah. Nowhere because it doesn't exist. Well, right. It's nowhere. Didn't go over. If you go to this, see where my I'm I am right here. I see remine right there. See where the smokestack is. That little smokestack. I see the smokestack that. Click there you go into the building.

[00:10:03] Ok, I know you want to be on this. I don't know how to get out. Why is there an oven if this is this is the gas. Well. Let me out of the game room. I go in here. No, I will explain. OK.

[00:10:13] So this is the crematorium now through that. Now turn around more. Turn round like turn. OK. All the way I can. So here's the ovens. Here's four. You see four ovens. I think if I keep going as two more men go in there. All over here. I don't want. Okay, so there's four. Now originally there was two more of those. If you go back seat six now and start seeing it again, I don't. All right. So where you just were before, where there was an empty kind of place, where there was those bars and it was empty. If you go all the way around, that's where the gas chambers. But keep going. Just keep going back. You got. So right there in this room or no, right there. Yeah, in those metal bars, there was two other ovens there, Origi. They're gone. So there were six. OK. And if you go back to that doorway, if you swing back around, everybody is going to want to get the video for this business.

[00:11:00] You're not going to say this is the gas chamber right here in through that door of this era.

[00:11:04] But I don't know if he'll talk you in and take me in. No, it does. No, I'm just. So I'm just in front of more ovens. It takes you back to be in front of it like it was. OK.

[00:11:14] And you go inside, Arrow says to go that way. Yes, there is this chamber. We're going to our and now we're in what was the guest room. But in fact, here's here's where the wooden door meme comes from.

[00:11:23] Or one of the wood. There's many wood, indoor meat. Here's a woman who comes to the door between the gas chamber and the crematorium. The idea was they brought people in, they gassed them, then they dragged their bodies out. The crematorium is right there. They burn them up. Right. That's the idea. I think we should keep the map up because that was a bulletproof wood door. What I was trying to get. And so the if you go back to that opening the door where it's just empty, there's a reason the door is not there. And the reason the door is not there is because, in fact, that was a door. It was a swinging door. Help, I'm lost and show it. Yeah. Yeah. OK.

[00:12:02] Just turn again right there. Is there a way. Oh, God. Where am I?

[00:12:11] I'm lost. I see the way. No way to do this. OK. All right. That's it. This is a different door that has no wood. There's no door there. [00:12:18] We can't serving here. You walk past the crematorium to get in the gas chamber, right?

[00:12:23] Yup. That's a big deal. And I'm gonna explain that later and a second later in a second.

[00:12:28] First of all, I mean, the water I wanted to go in. So want me to go back out there? No, I want to just stay where you are. Look at the door. All right. We're looking at the door. Isn't this where there's no door? This is the reason the door isn't there is because the door.

[00:12:39] Now, there's a lot of talk about gas, tight doors. That door isn't there because it's a swinging door. The mechanism that door is to swing. Why? Because that room isn't a gas chamber. It's a morgue. There are dead bodies in the room. And if you take them and you cremate them and you're taking your body, it's heavy. So you need a swinging door. You don't want to deal with the door. You just want to push it. And then you push and you drag into the into the crematorium. You burn the dead body. That's how it goes. Yes. This was a morgue. OK, and here's another thing. These are the scratches on the wall from people's fingernails. I don't even know. Obviously, we see no Prussian blue on this wall. But. This is Auschwitz, one gas chamber. This is a fake. They've actually almost willing to concede that this is fake. They're like, oh, this is Bill, this guy. This is billed as a gas chamber, even though it's clearly not. It's clearly not a guest. Here are the holes, Anderson. Oh, that's a hole. That's new. They cut that themselves. Look at how inexactly that's cut. You think the Nazis would have done that work? They obviously but they obviously had concrete there and they broke through it later. There's another. Yes. So that's the idea. Those are the gas introduction holes were entire at that in a second. But I want to, um, basically, those were supposed to be the gas production holes. Yes. But again, rats. Yes. And I'm going to explain how they tell you how they introduce the gas, which is a fake. And we'll explain that in a second. So the point there is the fingernail scratches. Please let us out. OK. They're on so we can go back. These are fake, too, right? This is like, well, who knows where they came from. There's no evidence. They can't prove when those came from. So they don't even try. Shit. [00:14:06] Got stuff like that in my basement. Well, no. I got the gas and Jews in my city is sucking moulders. I've seen this before.