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Video: Greek Farmer on Tractor Uses Water Cannon to Repel Migrants

Migrants in the splash zone

Video out of Greece shows a farmer on a tractor using a water cannon to repel migrants who are trying to break through the border.

Migrants are attempting to set fires under metal border fencing so they can weaken it.

However, as part of the wider people’s revolt against yet another incursion on the border, one Greek farmer fought back by dousing the migrants with water, driving the migrants away from the fence.

The water also wets the ground, making it harder for migrants to start fires.

Last month, President Erdogan announced that Turkey would be re-opening its border and encouraging millions of migrants to invade Europe.

Thanks to a strong response from Greek security forces and a massive revolt by the Greek people, there has been no repeat of 2015, when up to 2 million migrants eventually reached Europe.

Originally appeared at: Summit News