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On Juneteenth, 1953, the US Executed Jewish Spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg - a Reason to Celebrate (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From Dissident-Mag:

For some, the Juneteenth holiday can be an electrifying experience. That was never more true than for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who, after being convicted of espionage against the U.S. jignat government, were sentenced to death on June 19th, 1953.

In this clip, Jazz and James correct the record on red scare politics of the McCarthy era.

Full Episode:

Transcript follows below.

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The thing that kind of made this pression was the fact that June 19th is June 19th, Juneteenth. I don't know when June 28th it is. I think it's a span of June 13th through the 19th, because we don't really know what black people mean when they say Juneteenth. It's just one of the teens. So is it June 19th? So it. It is. It is. Oh, interesting. Well, that's the date that Eisenhower and the US federal government executed Jew communist Jews Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on June 19th, 1953. So 67 years ago is when that happened.

And in a very timely release, a guy by the name of Ivy Mirro poll, who is what is he? The grandson of Julius and Ethel Rose Rosenberg is is releasing a documentary, a biopic, a biopic, biopic, let's just say biopic. I like that better of Trump mentor Roy Cohn, bully, coward, victim. Of course, he's a victim, always a victim. Right, these fucking Jews. The last thing, it's always a victim. The story of Roy Cohn by Ivy Meeropol explores the friendship between President Trump and political fixer Roy Cohn. Of course, Ivy Meeropol, being a Jew and being the grandson of communist Jews is only telling. I'm going to tell you one side of the story. He's going to just tell you, you know, the things that he thinks damage Trump without, you know, sort of telling you too much in you start to figure out how the whole system is constructed. Don't want to do that, Ivy. Don't go down that road. But it will be released on the sixty seventh anniversary of their deaths at Sing Sing Prison up there on the Hudson River. The movie is essentially a Jew Bowl takedown of jig nets. Roy Cohn, Donald Trump and Roger Stone. It explains how Trump fell in love with Cohn's belief that you should never admit that you're wrong. Oh, wow. Never apologize. It's like, yeah, a white guy does it. Jews have been doing it for millennia.

It does delves into KONE's closeted sexuality despite him being a rabid anti homosexuality activists just like Arthur Finkelstein. Oh, by the way, they knew each other. They knew each other very well. Right. Roy Cohn and Arthur Finkelstein, Volgin and all that. Intimate relation. Intimate relationships. But this is this is the length and breadth of the movie. And they're going to talk about how, you know, Senator Joe McCarthy was the grand inquisitor. He's brought back this inquisition of of Jews bringing back painful memories in Spain 500 years prior, prior.

And so it's going to center around while just wowing Roy Cohn.

And, you know, him, him being a gay while also advocating for anti-gay things. And, oh, Donald Trump, bad and racist. And oh, by the way, this Jew, you know, led to the execution of my grandparents.

And this is what happens when bad. That's what it's going to be. But let's tell you what all this stuff is about. Are you gonna watch the documentary, James? I might I might actually watch it just to see if I might.

I don't know. Yeah. Biopics. I don't know what something is described as a biopic. It's like. All right. That's already a little bit too pretentious. It's called. It's a movie.

I think I'm gonna watch it just to see the length and breadth of the Jewish life. So that comes out on June 18th. Well, Apple TV. Well, Apple TV will be giving away Selma for free on June 18th. I'll be watching Bulik Coward. The question that story, Verka.

The question will be whether you can find it through the like when you go on Amazon Prime, you have to wade through the banner about Black Lives Matter and black suffering, pain and hope. And it's like, no, I don't want to watch Selma.

No, I don't want to watch these other films. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, you can fight it. Sure. You good watch. Yeah.

So just so people understand who Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were, and now we're not doing a deep dive on them, but we're sort of explaining why this this became such a big deal. So they were convicted of. For those of you out there, Rhinelander. They were convicted of espionage against the U.S. in 1951. Convicted co-conspirators were sentenced to prison, including Ethel's brother, David Greenglass, who made a plea agreement and testified against her own, his own sister, Harry Gold.

Morton Snowbell.

And then one guy who wasn't Jewish, but he might as well have been Clough's fucks. Fuchs, I know it's few explorers going to say Chuck Fuks. This is just Chuck Bucks. Wasn't Jewish.

Was raised in a Lutheran family who actually quit the Lutheran Church in 1933 because it supported the NSDAP and he became a Quaker instead and went on to help smuggle Jews out of Germany during the war. Right. Nice. Enormous efforts were undertaken by Jews to stop these executions. There was a big clamp campaign for clemency. A campaign was started to prevent the couple's execution. Of course, there was Jewish America, 1951. I mean, all these Jewish refugees, they were there to make sure there was a campaign to stop this execution.

Between the trial and the executions, there were widespread protests and claims of anti-Semitism. Oh, God.

The charges of anti-Semitism were widely believed abroad, but not among the majority in the United States. You know, so Americans you know, this is why 1965 was only a decade and a half away. This had to be a problem that they got resolved at a time when American fears about communism were high. The Rosenbergs did not receive support from mainstream mainstream Jewish organizations.

The American Civil Liberties Union didn't even acknowledge any violations of civil or civil liberties in the case yet because they didn't want to get wrapped up in this whole thing. You had people that were playing both sides and they didn't want to be seen defending people and in connect jewelry to this in any more ways than it already was across the world, especially in Western European capitals.

There were numerous protests with picketing and demonstrations in favor of the Rosenbergs, along with editorials in otherwise pro American newspapers in a plea for clemency from Pope Pius.

Now Pope Pius this is the same pope who is accused of collaborating with the Nazis during the during World War Two.

And so now he is here to make good and a plea for first President Truman. Very Jewish president.

We're going to do a deep dive on him at some point. I mean, he's not like ethnically Jewish, but he gave Jews a lot of what they wanted. And, you know, they pleaded with Truman throughout the end of his his presidency to pardon the Rosenbergs, including Albert Einstein, pleading with Truman to pardon them and all black labor union. The Gollum's just go back and back and back down that James all black labor union, International Short Longshoreman's Association stopped working for a day in protest of this.

It's just them.

Yeah, I'm sure if you would act ask to those Akst, I suppose if you'd ax those blacks, they would've been really concerned about anti-Semitism and was really, really indignant about the civil rights infringement on behalf of the Rosenbergs.

Yeah, they would. Oh, yeah, I'm sure. And it's just it's it's always the same thing over and over again. And so then you have Pope Pius again appealing to Dwight Eisenhower when he took office in January of 1953. And by February, Eisenhower had refused. He said, you know, I'm no, I'm just we're not going to we're not going to give in to this bullshit. And so because it was it was jig that time back then. Jick, that's where we're sending back then. The execution was scheduled for 11 p.m. on June 19th during the Jewish Sabbath.

Oh God. Which begins and ends around Sunset. Rosenberg attorney Emmanuel Hirsch Block asked for more time. Filing a complaint that execution on the Sabbath offended the defendant's Jewish heritage. Rhoda lacks an attorney on the Rosenbergs defense team also made this argument. Well, that defense strategy backfired because Judge Kaufman, German Judge Kaufman, this is back when America was, you know, doing things the way that things should be done.

Who also stated his concerns about executing the Rosenbergs on the Jewish Sabbath rescheduled the execution for three hours earlier before sunset and the Sabbath and the regular execution times at SingSing. So they end by complaining about the Sabbath. They actually shaved three hours off their lives. It's funny.

But, yeah, that's that's almost a relic of like medieval law and order. That's something you would hear out of Eastern Europe. Yeah. And I don't know. I didn't know that getting. Do you have to have then a Shabbos goy to, like, throw the light switch or throw the execution switch in this case, like they do for turning on their electronics and and their light weights during Sabbath? Yeah, I get a good way to do it. I guess so.

I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know how that works. I mean, everything I know about the electric chair I take from the Green Mile, which is just too horrifically antiwhite pot. Tom Hanks movie Chilliest died after the first electric shock, although Ethel's execution did not go so smoothly. In fact, it was more of a show after she was given the normal course of at three electric shocks. Attendance removed the strapping and other equipment, only to have doctors determine that Ethel's heart was still bleeding and her head was still smoking. So, yeah. Not not so. Not so good. Not a nice way to end. Funeral services were held in Brooklyn on June 21st. They were buried at the cemetery in Pine Lawn, New York. The Times reported that 500 people attended and some 10000 people stood outside Mr. Block. The same guy who was arguing for the Jewish Sabbath bit delivered one of the main orations, bitterly exclaiming that America was, quote, living under the heel of a military dictator garbed in civilian attire. The Rosenbergs were a sweet, tender, intelligent, and the course they took was one of courage and heroism. This is what Jews think about you and your country. Now, that's as far as I'll go in diving into the kosher dialectic, because that's what people did back then. But they did the good Jews versus bad Jews. Bit as we're about to find out, because people know there, I'm sure there are some people that, you know, genuinely believe communism was a Jewish issue, but they were ignoring or maybe didn't see because of the lack of available information.

What was pushing a lot of this from the other side? I mean, this is this is the whole crux of the cold weather, isn't it, James?

And this is almost like not having the four more updated. Right in terms of identifying communism as exclusively Jewish and Jews being exclusively communist. They either didn't realize or were complicit in some cases, but regular people, of course, this information would be very hard to find for them. But the political actors that were involved in this process were either unaware or covering it up or going along with it willingly in in the shift and in the Jewish power structure, not just being communist because they weren't exclusively communist, they weren't exclusively Bolshevik. No, this was the this was when they were realizing that wasn't going to work. They needed to be playing both sides. Well, they realized that much earlier, but this was when they were really, really advancing their power within within the capitalist side of it in the United States.

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