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UK Re-Education Camp (University) Cartel May Thankfully Collapse Due to COVID

Everything you care about is going to burn up. You’re just going to have to accept that.

However, the good news is that there are more things that you hate than that you love, and all the things you hate are going to burn up as well. So if we do a math equation, everything being destroyed by an economic collapse will actually increase your overall happiness.

The Guardian:

Some universities are already expecting to lose more than £100m as foreign students cancel their studies, with warnings that the impact of coronavirus will be “like a tsunami hitting the sector”.

Several organisations are now planning for a 80-100% reduction in their foreign student numbers this year, with prestigious names said to be among those most affected. The sector is already making a plea to the government for a cash injection amounting to billions of pounds to help it through the crisis, as it is hit by a drop in international student numbers, accommodation deals and conference income.

Universities are already lining up online courses for the start of the next year, but academics are concerned about the impact on first-year students new to university life. Many institutions have recently borrowed heavily to pay for attractive new faculties, often designed to attract overseas students. It comes against a backdrop of declining numbers of university-age students in the UK and the previous uncertainty around Brexit.

Andrew Connors, head of higher education at Lloyds Banking Group, said the crisis has felt “less like a perfect storm and more like a tsunami hitting the sector”. Banks have not had urgent requests from universities, as big financial hits are expected later in the year. However, he said that “while the immediate impact we are seeing in the sector is slower, the overall impact of Covid-19 is potentially deeper and longer”.

We’re going as deep and long as deep and long goes, mate.

Universities are never coming back. Sending people in their late teens and twenties to an extra 4+ years of school, for no apparent reason other than to enrich the university system and the banking system that is its benefactor, is a decadence which will not be possible in the burned out shells of nations we are going to wake up to when this virus hysteria starts to wane.

Right now however it must be noted that the strategy is to never let the virus hysteria wane, so they can tell you everything is shut down because of the virus, instead of because of the economic collapse that was created by a stupid and insane response to a flu virus.

So they’ll tell you university is canceled because you aren’t allowed to sit next to each other because you’ll get viruses and die.

For that matter, I doubt the children are going back to school either. There just isn’t going to be money to do such things.

Children’s school was just a babysitting and brainwashing program anyway. Parents who don’t work because the economy collapsed – or “because of a virus” – don’t need a babysitter.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer