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'Truth to Power' Goes on Summer Vacation, Running a Reduced Service - We'll Be Back

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

In our humble opinion, the Truth to Power team has done an great job launching an impressive news aggregator from scratch this Spring, work on which started months before that.

As good socialists, we know that men perform better when they have fair and necessary vacation, and summer is the time to kick back and enjoy nature, especially if mobs of looting blacks egged on by Jews happen to be looting the cities you live in.

We don't live in any of those places, luckily, we're just kicking back for the fun of it. Also this long lockdown has taken its toll on us - we need to get outside a little.

Some of our fans have asked us how we can go on vacation during what looks like it might be the biggest story since the Resurrection, and we thought of that, but we also know that a man can't work if he doesn't rest, (and interestingly can't find peace if he doesn't work), and we suspect that this crisis we have entered will be long and miserable, especially as we head into November, so better to store up our strength now.

We have a feeling things will get even more interesting as the year progresses.

We will continue to publish a few articles here and there, especially the excellent material from the FTN, Strike & Mike, and TDS podcasts, from National Justice, and others. We're not going anywhere, and we'll be back before you know it.

Finally, some advice for all you truth lovers out there - reading the news can become an addiction, one finds oneself longing for that hit of dopamine one gets when one finds a gem of truth that helps explain our world. Trust us on this, as hopeless addicts we can assure you its true. So with any addiction, it is important to drop for a while, to step back.

So take a break from the madness scrolling down your phone, look up from that screen and play with your children, turn off the zombie box and talk with your wife more than you usually do, take a walk in the woods, lie back in a meadow and watch the clouds overhead, go to church, and think about the important things.

For most of us, summer is the most realistic time to do this.

Live honorably and always speak the truth.

Team TTP