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Trump’s Foreign Visa 'Ban' Will Have No Impact on Actual Immigration (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From Dissident-Mag:

For months, those on the right still trusting the plan demanded that Trump “expand the ban”, an expansion of an initial executive order to “halt” immigration due to COVID-19. The first “ban” actually *expanded* immigration for pay-to-play EB-5 visas, which FTN covered in detail here.

The subsequent “expansion” of the “ban” from early May is anything but, in fact, it is perfectly timed to have zero impact on immigration at all, which is why it has garnered no reaction whatsoever from the Indian lobby or media.

In this clip, Jazz and James tell you what to think about the latest mmmtotally mmmbased Trump immigration executive order.

Full Episode:

Transcript follows below.

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And another example of him, of him doing something that is just you can just roll your eyes at is this EO this immigration yo, that people were plash rustling up, people saying, great, great.

Jassi expanded the ban. Look, we told you he was going to expand the ban. Trump is serious. He met.

He met. And immigration. No, he didn't. Because you read the text. And the first thing that jumps out to me was in reading section two of the visas that are being suspended. It doesn't include even five visas. Right. We've talked at length about maybe five visas. These are the ones that allow foreigners to effectively buy a green card and buy chain migrants and buy their way into the country by investing in Jewish owned real estate schemes where no value is brought to Americans. In fact, they hire illegal Mexicans if they hire anyone at all. They get citizenship, you know, rinse, repeat. That is not not not a class of visa that is being excluded here by the CEO. And also which, you know, I was thinking about before we get on the record today. I looked into this, the H-1B visas that are being suspended here. That application window isn't even open. The application window for H-1B visas is open for 19 days in March and it's closed. So to say we're not taking any more H-1B applications. Yeah. And you haven't been since March. So literally nothing is being done here unless I'm missing something. I don't think this does not really enough.

Nothing is being done. And on top of that, there are all these carve outs and exemptions for national security and we can deem what's necessary and yada, yada, yada. But others also all of these come companies have hiring freezes in place. They're not right. They're not replacing. They're not backfilling. People who are leaving. They're not hiring new people. H1 B's are not coming in like they've gotten all the H-1B is that they could possibly want. And what you're going through now is actually corporate large corporations are getting rid of their footprint. They want to not just get rid of buildings that they've been leasing because people are working from home now, which means fewer employees overall anyway. They're gonna get rid of employees. And so they're going to shed the white weight in the company. They're going to use this Bolshevik Cultural Revolution that's going on now to promote brown bodies up through management chains, get them into the pipeline for management positions. And they have plenty of H1 BS to fill in the gaps and white people are going to be left without a job. This is a restructuring. This is about. This is what we're talking about with the economy. This is how they're doing it. And so this is an easy throw away that Trump can do to make it seem like, oh, based. I froze this. But they're not doing the process right now. And this will be unfrozen when, when and if they need to bring in more people, because eventually the is going to come back around probably under a different president, probably under the same same Jewish stewardship. And, yeah, they'll they'll turn this back on when they need to. And, you know, it really doesn't it doesn't do anything. There's no nobody's being deported. Nobody is not one H-1B is losing a job because of this. They are all in the pipeline. They have what they need. And at such time, when business makes it demand and, you know, squeaky wheel gets the grease, they're going to give Schlomo whatever the fuck he wants. So.

Right. Yeah. Yep. Quote, Any alien seeking to enter the U.S. to provide temporary labor. They're exempt. They can come on through. Yep.

Just temporary guy job that year. You're never getting back and that this guy is going to work in for 12 months. Yeah, it's only temporary, you know. So and then any alien who's entry would be in the national interest as determined by the secretary of state, homeland security or their respective designees. So, yeah, it's not happening. And so then you have SCOTUS ruling on fast track deportations. Well, that was a seven two decision. Brier and Ginsburg voted with the majority to allow fast track deportations. Allies say it is. It is something that we said was the correct decision from the very beginning where people who are coming into the country have no right in a U.S. court to mhere have their case heard. They have no right to file an appeal. They have no legal standing. And the Supreme Court basically said, yeah, that's true, like four years later.

But the idea that Donald Trump is going to like the turbans of deportation is going to start spooling up now at any moment. And, you know, people are going to go flying out the door and not happen.

That's why they ruled in this way, because it's just not going to happen now. It's positive in the sense that now an immigrant now in any new administration no longer has the excuse to say, like all the courts got. Me. I can't do anything about this. It's like, well, you can, and these people have no standing, so goodbye. But they're just. If the court system has made this decision, it's because they have another way of getting the job done. That's it, period.

And this also doesn't preclude these people from having court hearings in the future, if the Biden administration or, say some other future administration wanted to give these people the ability to have court hearings. They can have them. And it just it just means that according to the Constitution, this ruling means that according to the Constitution, they are not guaranteed their day in court. But that can be changed. That right. Can be extended to them very easily. So. Yes. Yeah. I was sort of surprised when I saw Ginsburg and Breyer vote for this. But then you look and do it and realize, oh, this this is just a measure that's really only going to be in effect probably for another six years or so.

Once you once you know what the shot is, then you don't. I mean, you can. Like they were saying on Tedious on Friday, you know, you read a news article and I immediately note the shot is like, I don't have to, like, look things up or think about what's going on. And you end up being right.

It's like when when when all of the the old light was doing let's go with it, which they're not doing this time with the last Trump immigration.

You know, it's like I bet you that this is going to actually increase immigration. And we're right. We're right 100 percent. So this is where this is going. And one more thing about the monuments before we go to break is that there were a lot of monuments that came down between 2016 and 2020, weren't there, James? Right. A lot of monuments that came down, a lot of plaques that went up around monuments that they couldn't take down, defiling the history of the monument that they could not take down and go look up. Has there been a single statement, a single tweet, a single murmur from Donald? I mean, there hasn't been only in an election year, only in an election year, you're going to see this stuff. And it's not even. I mean, I guess I'm glad I get like I said at the beginning, Klute going full circle here is I'm glad that this immigration EO is not something real. It's not something substantial, not because I don't love my country or because I want illegals to come in or because I'm MSNBC now. James, it's because. I don't want people to get fooled into believing that there is something to trust on with this. And so I would love Trump to do a 180 and give everybody everything that he promised them. It's never going to happen. So the fact that they're not even doing something slightly tangible, I think is a good thing because it makes it that much more easy to convince people that this is all a sham. It's not real. It's not going anywhere. And none of this is going to be stopped. And you got to get you got a divorce yourself from this political savior complex, which is what this is. No one's coming to save you, so have to save ourselves. And with that time to go to break you and say anything else.

I was just here to say that when you learn about some of the key players in the construction of the Trump presidency, all become even clearer.

Oh, yeah, absolutely an outsider. This guy was not with that. We were going to break. You're going to get.

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