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Trump's COVID Migrant Ban Is Complete BS Because He Has ZERO Intention of Doing ANYTHING About Migration (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

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Trump is doing what he has done since he was elected - talk a big game about doing something about migration, because a lot of his base fall for it and get excited, but then never DO anything, because his big Jewish donors won't let him. It's that simple - wake up Trump fans.

From the FTN Website:

--Falling for Trump's immigration goy gimmicks.

With the president in dire straits due to COVID-19 and the subsequent economic fallout, he ever so briefly returned to his hallmark immigration rhetoric from 2016 in a bid to shore up flagging support from his base with a TOTAL IMMIGRATION MORATORIUM. Conservatives whipped their followers up into a frenzy only to have their hopes BTFO just 6 hours later - a new record.

In this clip Jazz and James discuss the harsh realities of Trump's latest immigration EO and why the biggest pandemic this country faces is those on the right who still fall for these tricks. Full episode:

Here's the clip from the FTN YouTube channel. Transcript follows below.

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But yeah. Then Iowa and this is interesting and this is particularly schadenfreude filled. I love this. This is what I would like to call the John Mud effect in Iowa. Joni Ernst And one of the things one of the thing that I believe got me kicked off of Twitter was a, quote, tweet on a Joni Ernst tweet where I went ham on her for the John Budd scandal because she was not doing anything. She was actually she had like very bad rhetoric in the immediate aftermath of that, especially on immigration. And I was I kept calling her out. It's like it's in your state. Like, what are you doing about Republicans in your state that are hiring these illegals? And I forget exactly what the tweet was, but it got four or five hundred retweets. I mean, it was it was not insignificant. And boom, like just you're gone. Like Charlie, her boom is like suspended from Twitter forever.

Yeah. The Twitter G.P.A., you from Twitter is like, let's go.

Yeah. So this is particularly feel-good because according to Des Moines Register media come Iowa poll last month. Joni Ernst approval rating at 47 percent, down 10 points from a year ago. I call this the John Mud effect.

When you let illegals come into your state and you look the other way as GOP party chairman from Yarrabah, it was at Yabi Farms allows these people to live on a trailer and your fucking property in murder, a white girl whose parents don't give a shit. So if the parents don't give a shit, at least somebody should give a shit, right? Least the nominally white political party, right? But Joni Ernst in Dugit, she just championed more immigrant cause she's one of these. She's one of singers like Senate people like this is this is just one of the people that they have fielded for this seat. These are one of these. She is one of these senators from a red state where people would otherwise like people who would rather have a state that maybe a more, I don't know, an artful, graceful Steve King, somebody who's got some better, better rhetoric. But that's what they support. They like that. And instead, they get Joni Ernst. And so she is floundering out there. She is running against. Who is this boosting? Teresa Greenfield and Eddie Malraux or no.

And Mike Frankin. Jesus Christ. Wow. My God. Oh, my God. It's just like Trinity. The Holy Trinity. Yeah. So, yeah, that's that's pretty much it. And then you have Jeff Kaufmann. Oh no it's too. And so he's. Jeff. Sorry, Jeff. Not Jewish tunes. Kaufman He's a he's a German guy. The GOP chairman in Iowa attributed some of the party's losses to everything but the John Butt effect. He says Republicans won the governor's race, but Democrats flipped to congressional seats to a massive disparity in outside money. We'd be absolutely ridiculous not to recognize what's coming our way. It's like you want to do some of that illegal immigrants, John. Jeff, whatever the fuck your name is, Chuck. Chuck Yeah.

So now let's say this is this is m like shooting the flare up to Paul Singer. Yeah. And others write like, please, we'll do whatever the fuck you want. Just give us that bag.

Yeah, yeah, please help. But Jews may have an interest in getting some some of these other people in their democratic business people, local business people that are Jews. I mean, that's better than Joni Ernst, the woman. Some of these women just haven't panned out the way that they want. But, um. So speaking of immigration and speaking of the John Budd effect and said at the beginning, we talked a lot about Trump and Trump's chances and in sort of the meta about what that could portend. But, you know, people have been betting there've been people with some big money bets on which way this could go. And and it's really tough because, I mean, prior to coronavirus, it was big economy, economy up. Donald shirked all of his other promises. I mean, just from a practical strategic standpoint, it's something he believes in. Any of these things is not like he made some sort of a a barter or a compromise that he was going to do these things anyway. But he got out of having to even do them nominally by having a quote unquote, good economy. And he's lost that. And so even before, people were kind of like, it's way too early. First of all, people that can't really make predictions this far out. But we can say we can say, you know, that the situation has gotten worse. It's gotten more difficult. And so you could say, well, demographics have gotten worse.

There have been, however, many million people who have come of voting age. However, many illegals have flooded into the country who are gonna be able to vote. All these, you know, factors that are not so good for Donald. And, you know, he's going to try to link Biden to China. He's gonna try a lot of this arm flailing. You know, he's in dire straits because of the way that he's lashed out at Matt Drudge. He's lashed out at Chris Wallace. He's last. How did Bret Bear. He says that Fox News this week is on a bad path. On our times. It's our times. Yeah, well, but in this case, it probably it may be. Well, no, actually, if Trump loses, Fox News is going to have like just a windfall. It's going to be so good. The same phenomenon applies to Fox. By the way, that applies to a minority party in the House of Representatives or in the Senate, like that's a heyday for them. Usually when they raise all their money, like we're gonna stop those Democrats. And Fox News was had great ratings under under Obama because they're the opposite. They're the fake opposition. But Trump is lashing out at them because they're not saying exactly what he wants and lashing out at Mitt Romney, lashing at the FBI. But the fight with Drudge is particularly interesting because he goes after Drudge and he says that Drudge is web traffic is way down. But according to Drudge and according to people who look at these things like it's it's up, isn't it, like 700 million. Is the typical like views in the last month, the last 30 days, it's up to like 1.3 billion. So, I mean, the web traffic.

Why would you expect that in the middle of a time where people have more time to browse the Internet than ever before, that Web traffic anywhere would be down?

Yeah, the people I never understood this even like, you know, when I look at Drudge, I look at it.

I consume a lot of different sites. But Drudge is one place that I have always looked at. And you can't look at only Drudge like that's a key. Like if you only look at Drudge, you only looking through one lens. And that's ultimately bad. But the thing that I never got, even as a normy would people would criticize the Drudge Report as as this place that like they are the ones forming the news, like they are the ones who make the headlines like they're lying to you. It's like, no, they're just collecting headlines from other places who may or may not be lying to you. But Drudge isn't himself. He's just arranging these things on a screen with pithy headlines. And you click on them and it takes you to some other place, like he's not a journalist, like he calls himself a journalist, but he's not writing anything. There are no articles by Matt Drudge on the site. He's you've written any and I feel like he has from time to time, not at his own site, but from time to time. There are Matt Drudge articles like maybe once a year or something, but he's not a journalist. And so he you know, Trump is attacking him for essentially arranging the news in a way that isn't flattering for Trump. If Drudge, you know, arranged it in a way that was flattering for Trump, he'd have no problem. But, you know, he's lashing out because Drudge is arranging things. And you could argue maybe they're arranging them in a way that hurts Trump because he's a Jew, doesn't want Trump in. I don't know. But it's just like he's just arranging the news. Donald, I mean, I don't know. I don't know. But he's he's lashing out. It's not good.

He's got the economy under water and hemorrhaging jobs every Thursday. And it's and it's bad. And so what does Trump do when it's bad? What did Trump do in the run up to 2018 when they had access to internal polling? And they saw that things were a lot closer than they felt like they should be. As he goes out there and, you know, plays that game with the OEO on birthright citizenship. And now he comes out here and does the EOE to suspend all immigration. And, you know, I knew immediately as soon as I saw this and I saw this on the weekend show, it's so nice to not have to, like, hang on these things anymore. Remember what it was like to hang on these things and. No. Yeah.

And then I remember it just getting that the announcement about the birthright citizenship, you know, and, you know, jumping on TV, we did tedious together that like the next day and we're breaking down how this could happen and where where Trump derives the authority to do this. And yeah, it's it's nice not to be like caught up in that frenzy anymore, that's for sure.

Yeah, it's nice. Not because you just. And it's not because it's not because I'm like, oh yeah, I know this is gonna fail. It's not you know, because it used to say like predicting failure is like the easiest thing to do. That's true. Like you can you can do that about anything and it's easy to do. But we can show you and demonstrate to you in a matter of twelve hours, six hours that this is not going to come to pass.

Now, Trump could do this if he wanted to. Trump has complete powers to do this in Section 2 12. The IAEA, he can do this. He. The Supreme Court has upheld his ability to do this. Twenty eighteen. The Supreme Court upheld all of this presidential authority, stating that it exudes the deference to the president in every clause. It entrusts the president to the decisions, whether and when to suspend entry, whose entry to suspend for how long and on what conditions in the debates about this at the time with the IAEA were about pandemics and mass unemployment. So it in it and it really doesn't it doesn't say that explicitly in the IAEA either in either Section 2, 12 or 215. It says for any reason, it's not subject to any limitations. He can do it whenever he wants. And the Supreme Court said, yes, you can do that. And so there's literally nothing stopping him from doing that. And the chair at the whole Jared Kushner is sort of behind the scenes pulling the puppet strings. It's really not puppet strings. It's really like Jared Kushner knows what the shot is. Just like Donald Trump knows that the shot is just like Stephen Miller knows what the shot is, just like everybody knows what the shot is. Everybody knows this.

But I guess the people that fall for this and it's like, let's go. It's nuts. No. You're not going anywhere. You're stuck.

Right. Right. And the people who are saying, look, there's reason to. You can look at the news and read. Yes. Jared Kushner is helping craft this EO in your immediate anger is directed towards Kushner. And that's fine. That's understandable. And there are plenty of reasons why Kushner should not be in the White House. We're not disputing that. But when you keep getting this experience, when you keep seeing Trump say the base thing, and then by the time Trump does whatever the thing is, if he ever does it, which is, of course, rare, it's been meddled with. It's not even meddled with. What you get is a bad product. This is the equivalent of the like the wife or the spouse that keeps being beaten and then keep searching for reasons why. Well, they didn't actually want to beat me. Right.

Had their hand was forced. It is a battered wife syndrome. It really is. Yeah. Their son in law battered me because like, you know, you know that you feel bad, like, you know, like right there, unless you're brand new, unless you've never like you're born at night. And it was last night and you woke up and you saw this and you just joined Twitter and you got excited for this and you think it's coming. Everybody else. Everybody else who we know was around in 2016. Everybody who was with us in the ME, more veterans of the ME, more of 2016. We know, you know that you feel bad. You have to feel bad unless you're a sociopath, unless you are just totally disingenuous. But but I think when you saw this happen, like you when you're like rallying your troops to support this and get excited, it's like you have to know that Trump is just like tossed a hand grenade in your lap and it's going to blow up in like six hours, four hours. It's like, so what why would you even do that? Wouldn't you want to have the integrity of being like, not not not just a simple hand-wave like yet not guy. This is gay. This gay as fuck. It's like, no, here, here's what's gonna happen with this. And what they've given what they've given you instead is all too predictable. They've given you what was gonna happen anyway. They're giving you what was gonna happen anyway. That was gonna happen as the result of coronavirus. And I would actually say if there are people desperate enough to come into the United States, what this really does because there is no wall ballade fencing is not a wall replacement. Fencing is not new wall.

You don't have people on the border. You don't have any sort of deployment. Any sort of meaningful way to stop these people from coming in? What this really is, I think is a bailout for the microfinance loan industry, because to the extent that it maybe even puts these people temporarily on hold, maybe some of them will try to come in illegally and people that we're gonna try to come in legally. I mean, those are people who usually have their ducks in a row, but if they're gonna stop people from coming in. I mean, what's the pathway for coming into your native estate now? Illegal, right? You've got to pay a coyote. You had to get in somehow. And as we said before, these microfinance loan places down in Central America and like wherever, they're having a tough time, like they're not just down there, they're up here. They're everywhere. They're having a tough time like they got to make loans. You've seen those apprehension numbers have gone way down because we're in the middle of a pandemic. We're in the middle of job hemorrhaging. This is when it's popular to do stuff on immigration like this. I mean, the looks on boomers faces who who think that Trump has deported more people than Obama. And you tell them, like, go ahead, guy, pick a year, pick any year and find a year that Trump has deported more people than Barack Obama. Like in every single year, Obama has deported not just a little bit more. Hundreds of thousands more. Oh, yeah. Than Trump.

And it's not it's not just deportations either. I mean, when you look at I actually looked into the numbers from DHS last night. So I was curious about what what would be the substantive effect, what could be the substantive effect of this order? And we know that it's really not very much because H1Bs H is all exempted. They are not being banned. They are still being allowed to come in as they would. But you look at Obama's second year, for example, versus Trump's second year. And the reason you look at the second year is these were the last years we have complete yearly stats for Obama 2010. Trump twenty eighteen. The number of immediate relatives. This is chain migration that we're allowed in the country. Two hundred fifteen thousand. It ballooned up to two hundred thirty six thousand. Under Trump special immigrants which cut. Who knows what that is? Three thousand up to nine point 4000 total immigrant visas or up from four hundred eighty two thousand. All the way up to five hundred thirty three thousand. So. Oh yeah. Yeah.

About 10 percent increase from Obama to Trump in the deportation numbers for Trump for like one hundred under fifty thousand two hundred thousand quarter-million Obama's were like half a million four hundred thirty six thousand in one year. I mean just like blowing Trump out and I'm not saying that. So you know, look, I understand that people may not be exactly where we are. And I don't want to shut the door behind people because they're not where we are. But. I'm not saying that Obama good Trump bad bill, but vote Democrat because you get more deportation. That's I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying is now you can make the argument that Obama did that because it was a bad economic situation and he had to. Well, by every metric. This this economy that we're in now has fallen further. We've already talked about this. More jobs have been lost in a matter of 30 days than the entirety of the 18 month recession, 2008 2009. You've lost more more money out of people's forro and cays and everything else. By every measure. Does it matter? And Obama was able to do this. And he had you know, he had. I can't remember the guy's name. Who's who. Democrats blame for all this and like whatever. But it doesn't matter. It's like if Trump was supposed to be the guy, like, oh, go, like, why isn't he even coming close to Obama's numbers? Right. Wouldn't you think that if if he was supposed to be orgo that he would have gotten to just even in parity with with with with Obama? No. Doesn't even come close with these like, you know, sort of magic show like ice raids. And I remember falling for these. I think they were great. Like there's some funny one of the funniest ones I can still remember.

It's like some of these memories are still like vibrantly stuck in your mind about that ice raid in in New York City where the ICE agents went into the the the hipster restaurant for breakfast, the restaurant and sat down and ordered some history. You know, some avocado toast and some some hot, soft boiled eggs or whatever the fuck hipsters eat. And they let these illegals serve them, cook their breakfasts and, you know, pay their bill.

And then they went back into the kitchen and raided the fucking place and took him out. Took him out. The front door is great. Lots of schadenfreude. But that was that was a fucking jerkoff flick puppet show. That was a shit puppet show. Like that's that was just there was nothing real about that. I mean, it was real. It really happened. But when you actually look at the data, it didn't bear anything out. And so this won't either. And so what this will do. It doesn't change. It doesn't change anything. It doesn't change the number of people coming in. And, in fact, it may encourage more people to come in illegally, because do you think the Corona virus and lack of PPE and, you know, whatever is going to prevent illegals from coming in? Like, no.

And the idea that that these the lot of these people that were applying for visas or doing visa overstays or like whatever it's going to it's going to stop them. But this is, you know, sort of tongue in cheek. This is a bailout for the microfinance loan industry. This is forcing more people to come in any way that they can and get in the United States as quickly as possible. And, you know, they're gonna pay a coyote to do that now. They're not going to go through an immigration lawyer, which is why. Which is why the people that are kvetching most about this, this, quote unquote, immigration moratorium are Jewish immigration attorneys. Like if you read these kvetch kvetch quotes from them, it's amazing. They're very upset because they're not that they deal. They try to get these people in, quote unquote, legally, but just like rubber stamping paperwork and whatever way the government creates enough loopholes for them to get in, basically creating a Jewish cottage industry for bringing in people who would otherwise be considered illegal. They should all just be illegal. Like it's like you're not native born American, like you don't belong here, illegal goodbye... And that's that's the rhetoric that that Democrats and shit libs hate the most. Is. Is that so?

Well, and that's the rhetoric. But also that's the rhetoric that was popular, right? That's the rhetoric that that 70 percent I mean, we've looked we've talked ad nauseum about the numbers that we get from the Harvard Harris Poll and other places. This is something that has been popular, actually. This executive order is not popular because this executive order allows for some of the most destructive forms of immigration to continue unabated, H1B, J-1, L-1, H2B, all of these visas that allow people to come in and take what used to be good upper middle class jobs that should be going to Americans. That spigot is still on and it is not being turned off. And Trump and and this administration is allowing that process to continue unabated. But but what's popular is ending immigration. We have polls so showing 80 percent of Americans wanting to end immigration, at least temporarily during this time. And you know what? If you were to end immigration for real and people started to live in a in a country where immigration had been ended, that position would become even more popular because people would like the experience they're getting.

They would like the changes that are taking place. So what Trump is doing here, this this stroke job is not popular. It's not going to be pot. But the idea of it is right. And that is what makes this especially especially bad and annoying and counterproductive, is that there are now people who think and this cuts across the age bracket, young, old, low information. What at people who want to believe, who desperately want to believe, people who will now think. All right. Immigration is over. Done deal. That's the end. And they might not know about 60 days. They probably don't know about the special visa exemptions, but they think something has been done. And you get the placebo effect of thinking Trump is or your guy in office. And things are being done for you when in reality they won't. And that won't change whether or not you get Trump in office again or Josh HAWLEY in twenty twenty four. Nothing is going to change this. No amount of electoral politics. GOP stimulus is going to do that for you.

Yeah, I think this is so badly done. That's the problem, though, with Trump and just his mannerisms and the way that he behaves is that is that I think that a more formidable administration, somebody who would be who would be better at playing the game, they're not very good at playing the game that they would they would actually fool more people. I actually don't think that this is going to fool that many people for a very long time. I mean, sure, you can go out there and find somebody who thinks the wall is being built. Sure you think that.

But like to find somebody out there who thinks that Trump has ended Dacca, you're gonna find people that then cope and say, oh, it was the Democrats fault. And the numbers aren't the numbers aren't going to bear this out. Like just like the deportation numbers don't bear it out. Just like new wall going up doesn't bear it out over time. Like these people inherently know that the promises haven't been kept and then they fall back on their hope that the Democrats stop them. But I will say this. I will say this. And it's one of the reasons why Jews want this guy gone and one of the reasons why a faction of Jews don't have wanted Trump gone for a while. Why? It was attempted. And everything else you can say, that's a dog and pony show. Fine. Maybe there's an argument for that. But I will just say that one of the things and I think everybody widely agrees on this is one of the things they do not like about Trump and they wanted him out immediately. Was this sort of rhetoric over a more prolonged period of time, because I will say actually, yeah. This is popular. Eight in 10 Americans support an immigration freeze. People support these kind of ideas, but it ebbs and flows. It's not 80 percent of Americans always support something like this. That isn't borne out by the data. It happens in circumstances like this. And it's better if they think from their perspective it would be better. The reason why they don't like Trump for this is to ignore this, to make it go away. Figure out some distraction. Don't do this at all. And so I actually think if Trump isn't doing this on purpose, he's doing it unwittingly.

So this is not part of some design. It's just it's just a flub. It's a big it's a it's a gap in his strategy, which is that if you give people just the tip on this stuff, they're going to think that it's possible. And this in that all it would take is just the stroke of a pen. And that's true. It is true. The better thing for Jews in the long run is never to even get close to this. Like this is not a thing that's on the table. It was in fact, it wasn't on the table until immigration moratorium hashtag was started out. That was actually, ironically, something that Jeff Sessions was doing. Trump saw that it was popular and saw that he saw. I'm sure that he saw that on on Twitter and then went out and did this tweet. And then they came up with some policy to make it gay. Now it's up because Trump had something. He he had. He was had some based motivation. No, he was just reacting to what he saw as popular is in dire straits. And he's going back to the well on immigration moratoria. And it's just it's just taken gay. And they came up with a thing that he can sell just like the wall to people. And this will be short lived because it's better for them just not to even approach this at all because they can't actually deliver on it. They can't actually make this happen and it's not going to work out. And meanwhile, you have every other Republican in the country wanting to talk about bringing in more immigrants, more H-1Bs, more H-2 BS, more farm labor like they like this is going against the grain.

They don't even want the rhetoric. They want this to go away. They want to act like in some of them did some not Republicans, but liberals from quote unquote, non-partisan think tanks. Talk about a moratorium on immigration, even in dire circumstances like a pandemic. As the most like asinine, backwards, upside down thinking, it's like all we can talk about a lot of things. We can talk about putting people in their homes and locking them up and doing quarantine around the country, but just pausing immigration for just one minute. It's just it's like another holocaust. It's so like they go down this road with this and and it's like, yeah, they don't they don't even want this card in the deck. And again, I'm not saying the Trump is doing this on purpose to like, you know, make people based or whatever. But I hope people learn their lesson that this is not something that is going to happen for you. It should in a real country. This is what they would do if. America cared about you the way that the Israeli government, Carol, cares about its Jewish citizens. This would be like this would be like a news bite that you probably wouldn't even pay attention to. It's a get. They're shutting down immigration yet because the government cares about us. And that's that next. What are we doing now? But no. Like, we have to, like, get all of our hopes up for something just within our reach. A table scraps that tumble tumbling off of the table and just out of reach.

And it's like no guy. It's never happening. It's an illusion. It's a mirage. Rush, it's over.

Yeah, and there are still people that are are keeping people in this, and it's understandable, right? You want to feel the urge is obviously understandable. You want to feel like you live in a country and you have a president that is looking out for you. And this is why I think a lot of people are drawn to figures like we mentioned earlier, people that have been around for a little while who know better. These are people who who were commentators and they experienced Trump ending Dacca and deporting recipients on day one, a program that stayed open for years, ending the diversity visa lottery. LETTERTO is coming in. Still open ending chain migration didn't happen. Ending birthright sit ins citizenship didn't happen. All of these promises coming either on the heels of a crisis or just a few months before an election. This time it's both. And these are not these are not strongmen we're setting up here. Right? These are people like Nick Twenty's, people like Scott Greer, people like Michelle Malkin saying the groper war got us to this moment. Total groper victory credit for the Trump immigration moratorium goes to immigration patriots. God bless. It's like all of this is is keeping you plugged in to this dopamine cycle where you think that because of action X, you got result Y from Trump, therefore more action, X will result in better result Y, when in reality result Y is fake.

You didn't get result Y, you got the rhetoric of result Y without actually getting result Y and to that chain, there is no link there. You know, Trump is in the middle of that chain seeing what is popular and then repeating it. On the other side rhetorically and not actually putting it into action. And the idea that Trump was was, you know, he's getting stymied at every turn. You can't. That just doesn't bear out. Right. Trump ran on an immigration moratorium. In 2016, he had Newt has known this would be popular since then. And yet throughout the entirety of his presidency, we haven't received it. Why is that? Because of Jared Kushner? No, it's because he never wanted to do it. And he has no intention of doing it. He has the ability with the stroke of a pen, single line of text and an executive order. This could be done. So why isn't it happening? Because he doesn't want to do it.

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