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'Tourists Go Home, Refugees Welcome' - Barcelona Gets Its Wish, Becomes Pickpocket Capital

BARCELONA likes to think of itself as The World’s Wokest City. And it has some claim to it. After all a former Mayor had herself filmed urinating in public. You can’t get woker than that. The city has experienced a staggering increase in tourism levels over the last decade or so. To the extent that it began losing its character. Citizens became increasingly restive, demanding tourists to go home and leave Barcelona to the Catalans. Signs blaring “Barcelona is not for sale” began to appear along with the universal “Tourists go home”.

But this exposed a hitherto secluded problem. Because in line with its woke status Barcelona has been a beacon for ‘refugees’. Some time ago around 150,000 people marched to demand that the Spanish government allow morerefugees into the country. Remember when that landing craft ‘rescue ship’ with over 600 Africans on-board wandered the Med looking for a berth? Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau was the one to offer them ‘safe haven’.  Today the city is swamped by Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis and Romany gypsies.  How could they demand the expulsion of Northern Europeans in the name of maintaining their identity while retaining the ‘migrants’?

Well revised signs began to appear proclaiming “Tourists go home, refugees welcome.” Marches and demonstrations followed. And you know what? They’ve been successful. The tourists are gone. And the migrants have stayed. The Covid scamdemic restrictions have been the final straw but the tourism decline had been evident well before Gates and Soros initiated the lockdown. And it wasn’t just the lack of welcome. Stray off the main tourist areas (like the side streets around the grossly overrated Las Ramblas) and you risked at best, relentless harassment from beggars and grifters, at worst violent robbery or even murder. Travel advisory company World Nomads recently asked “Is Barcelona the Pickpocket Capital of the World?”

So enjoy your woke status Barca. And don’t worry about the missing tourists. Just unleash the talents of those wonderful engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs you’ve invited in from the Third World and everything will be fine.

Originally appeared at: Irish Savant