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Struggling Middle Class vs. Filthy Rich Billionaires - TRUNEWS Daily NewsCast w. Pastor Rick Wiles (Video)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From the TruNews website:

Today we discuss the bailouts and bankruptcies looming across America’s largest industries, and the revolution brewing in the camps of law-abiding patriots, such as in Lansing, Michigan, which saw the first push back from tyrannical government mandates amid the pandemic.

We also detail the calls for third world neocolonialism disguised as a global debt jubilee, and the AI-biometrics company Onfido that has won the monopoly contract to build Bill Gates’ “Immunity Passport” beast system for the Federal Government. 

About TruNews:

TruNews is a breath of fresh air in the media world. They have a daily 2 hour newscast from their state-of-the-art studios (done from their homes during the lockdown) in Vero Beach, Florida, in which they discuss the day's political events from a conservative Christian perspective.

The show is hosted by Rick Wiles, who is pastor of Flowing Streams Church, also in Vero Beach. He is joined by regulars Doc Burkhart, Ed Szall, and they all do a great job pointing out things most people in the media won't talk about. They have a large and devoted audience.

Starting in mid 2019 they began openly criticizing Jewish influence in US politics, which led to them getting permanently banned from YouTube in February 2020. Wiles and his team are true American heroes who refuse to allow Jewish pressure groups muzzle them. The ADL and the SPLC hate them, a sure sign that they are on the right path.

As honest Christians they are outspoken critics of Christian Zionism which has infected large swathes of American Evangelicals. Christian Zionism is the false belief that the Bible teaches that Christians have to be loyal to Israel first and foremost. It was started and promoted by Jewish Zionists in the late 19th century, and is kept alive today by unscrupulous pastors like John Hagee who benefit financially from Jewish organizations.

You can watch TruNews on their website, on Bitchute, and the have a ROKU channel.