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Stop Your Narcissism — COVID-19 Has Nothing to Do With You, It’s an Old People Illness

Instead of cowering at home like the coward that you are you should be out for the sake of those who are really under threat

Editor's note: The public is increasingly split as to whether people are exaggerating or underestimating the health threat of COVID, and it is becoming an increasingly emotional issue, which is understandable, considering what is at stake. Here at TTP we can honestly say that we don't know, and see compelling arguments from both camps. In that spirit, we will publish both sides if we think they shed some light. As the saying goes, "Truth is born in debate."

According to a survey by Italy’s official National Institute of Health 53% of the 20 thousand COVID-positive deaths in Italy were nursing home residents. This is all the more stunning when you consider that Italy has a total population of 60 million but just 300 thousand nursing home residents.

In other words, 0.5 percent of the population contributed over 50 percent of the deaths. To put it differently, an Italian nursing home resident was 100 times as likely to perish while COVID-positive as an Italian living outside of them.

Covid mind virus or how the Facebook generations made a senior-killer all about themselves

In Italy’s northern region of Lombardy, where the outbreak and the associated panic was the worst, nursing homes actually lost 13 percent of all of their residents (albeit not all of them were COVID-positive).

That strikes me as a very high figure that raises some questions.

Firstly, how does that figure compare to other flu seasons? Is a region losing 13 percent of all their nursing homes residents unheard of? And if it is unheard of, did the unprecedented panic surrounding COVID contribute to the tally?

There are some reasons to believe that it did:

There are also numerous examples from those countries of care homes becoming unviable as not enough staff is available due to sickness and self-isolation measures.

The impact of COVID-19 on residents and staff has become apparent in two ways: distressing news reports of care homes becoming overwhelmed due to large number of deaths in a short amount of time and too many staff members being either sick or self-isolating, and, increasingly, estimates of deaths of care home residents.

Not to jump to conclusions, but this sounds like in some nursing homes residents were partly left to fend for themselves as staff contracted the infection, or perhaps in some cases, falsely reported symptoms to get off duty where they were more likely to eventually contract it.

Media talking about Covid-19 as basically anthrax certainly did not help there.

A response by a society which had remained rational and which actually was aiming to save as many lives as possible would have been different:

Firstly, there would have been thousands of volunteers to go in and replace the staff which had contracted the infection so that nursing home residents would continue to be cared for.

Secondly, those in not-at-risk groups and not having a senior in their household would continue with their lives as normal and becoming infected with the for-them harmless virus to quickly build up herd immunity that would protect the elderly.

Thirdly, those not at risk would continue with their lives as normal to keep the civilization the now-elderly had built for them, and to maintain and further develop our capital, economic relations, and division of labor so as to allow us to tackle not just the 2020 flu season but all the flu seasons yet to come.

This is not what our society did. Faced with a threat that was killing 0.5 percent of the population at 100 times the normal rate the narcissist social media generation decided this was all about them.

As an influenza-like illness virus cut through northern Italian nursing homes, 20-something and 30-somethings across the world decided they had as much to fear as an Italian 80-year old in a Lombardy nursing home.

In the face of all the evidence that this was not a general threat, but a threat to the elderly, especially those in care institutions, the social media narcissists clamored for lockdowns that would make it illegal for them to even leave the house.

In a more traditional age young adults might find themselves recruited for national service in the military or substitute civilian service (including in nursing homes), or in the old Eastern Bloc also for physical labor, activism or teaching in the countryside.

While that was not without its pitfalls, what a difference that makes from the young today. Instead of stepping forth and proclaiming themselves ready to serve wherever they might be needed this young generation has begged the powers that be to do the opposite and order them to stay at home.

Anything so that they might be spared sacrifice other than staying safely indoors and congratulating themselves for being good followers of the cowardly and harmful #StayAtHome self-preservation cult masquerading as civic virtue.

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster elderly people volunteered for cleaning up operations to spare younger people exposure to radiation. Imagine asking the Instagram-Facebook brigades (almost completely shielded from COVID by their youth) to return the favor and organize a detachment to go into northern Italian nursing home. Yeah, didn’t think so — they’re too busy shivering in fear of a disease that has nothing to do with them.

Originally appeared at: Anti-Empire