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Sorry Goyim, Only Shlomo Gets Any Serious Amounts of Free Money

Remember when you delusional miscreants thought you were going to get a huge chunk of bailout money and that sweet, sweet healthcare you keep hearing all about since our government cares so much about us? Sorry goyim, only Shlomo gets any serious amounts of free money; the rest of us will just have to go back to work if we need shekels for food, water, shelter, medicine, or diapers. Grandma is old any way, she had a good life.

Notice how any talk about providing help to the average American is always coupled with how much money Wall St. must receive first? Boy, capitalism is so great.

For all those people who rail against any system other than the American version of this greedy histrionic corporate technocratic plutocracy, or as many like to call “the free market,” I find it amazing how much “free money,” subsidized by the hard-working American taxpayer, Wall St. receives yet people still call this system capitalism. I wonder how rich I could be if I could just put a one with as many zeroes after it as I decided onto a computer screen, loan that to people, and then sit back and reap the rewards. If those poor saps could not pay it back, I would seize their assets, garnish their wages, and write off any losses on my tax returns. Seems fair to me because that’s capitalism. USA!! ‘Murica!!!

Where does all that money come from, you ask? You think they have this big vault where they keep all this fabulous money? Absolutely not, there is no vault; it’s a computer screen and keyboard underwritten by the guns of the US military and the backs of the American taxpayer.

Shlomo gets to make as many bad business decisions as he wants, and then the rest of us are supposed to happily bail him out.

“Fuck you, pay me”-Shlomo

“Well, we do support capitalism. Ok, Shlomo!”-Americans

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent