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Nazi Memorabilia Knives Are a Hit With Kids in Montana - Leftists Made a Fuss, Making them Way More Popular


A radical Leftist group that goes by the name of Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN), along with Love Lives Here, another radical pro-LGBT advocacy group, announced on Facebook that they have successfully used public shaming to force a small Army-Navy store in Montana to stop selling folding pocket knives with ‘dangerous’ swastikas on the handles:


Yesterday, Love Lives Here and the Montana Human Rights Network received several reports including photos showing that the Montana Army Navy store in Evergreen/Kalispell was knowingly selling knives that featured a swastika and the Hitler Youth motto on them.

One report was from a family with a 9-year-old son who was hoping to get a new knife. We know that at least one person reported the knife to employees and was then asked to leave the store.

Here’s the good news! After a social media post about the incident made the rounds last night, the store posted that it would locate all knives with Nazi symbols and destroy them (See photo below of their post). If you do leave a message for the store, please thank the employees for realizing that these symbols are dangerous and for removing them from their store….

Will Randall, chair of the Montana Human Rights Network, said, “Military service and outdoor recreation are important to my family, and I’ve been a customer at Army-Navy for years. I’m deeply disappointed that the store ever carried items with Nazi symbols, but I’m glad that they’re doing the right thing in response to community concerns.”

…If you see white supremacist literature, graffiti, or other incidents that promote white supremacy or discrimination, please fill out this form with the details. You can make the report anonymously.

We also caution other stores to be aware that imported merchandise may have Nazi symbols on it because manufacturers aren’t always aware of the symbol’s connection with Nazis and the Holocaust.

Egad!  Imagine what could happen if a 9 year old boy were to unwittingly buy one of these ‘dangerous’ knives and grow up thinking that the swastika is ‘cool’….

If you really want to make sure that kids want these knives even more, tell them that they are ‘evil’ and can’t have one.  Psychology 101, folks.

When those kids are curious and rebellious teenagers, they will inevitably find out that the ‘Nazis’ may not have been as ‘evil’ as they were told in school, and they may even find out from Jews themselves that the Holocaust was merely anti-German wartime propaganda that is now mistaken for real history.

What are these kids going to think when they eventually find out that the Israeli Mossad orchestrated the 9-11 attacks?

This kind of hysterical censorship and snitch culture, which was first created by the Bolshevik Jews who invaded and destroyed Russia in 1917, leaving 60 million White Christians dead, is now rearing its ugly head even in small town America where no one seems safe from these demons.

It was like-minded Liberal radicals in Weimar Germany whose degenerate advocacy of personal ‘freedom’ all but ensured the rise of the National Socialists.

And if they want a repeat of that experience, just keep pushing this radical agenda, which is truly far more ‘dangerous’ than a tiny swastika emblem on a pocket knife.

Originally appeared at: Christians For Truth