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Dystopia in Action: UK Police Push Prosecution for 'AntiSemitic' Internet Posts

The Metropolitan Police have passed five cases of Labour Party antisemitism to prosecutors for a decision on whether to charge them with a crime, Commissioner Cressida Dick has revealed:

The accused, who are no longer in the party, include two men in their 50s and a woman in her 70s – who all were arrested in March last year.

The others are a man in his 40s who was arrested in May and a man in his 60s who was interviewed under caution in July.

They all face accusations of “publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred”.

Ms Dick revealed the news on Wednesday morning while appearing on LBC, which had first reported on the dossier of people accused of antisemitism while they were party members which the party had failed to act on.

“I think actually we’ve now arrested six people, and that was earlier in [2019]. We’ve submitted five files to the CPS in September… of last year,” she said.

She did not reveal which cases the files related to but the dossier included four that former Met commander Mak Chisty has said constituted hate crimes.

One of them was a post saying: “We shall rid the Jews who are a cancer on us all.

Another referred to “a Zionist extremist MP… who hates civilized people, about to get a good kicking”.

The Met confirmed inquiries were ongoing into a sixth person, a man in his 60s who was interviewed under caution in July.

LBC’s dossier was handed to Ms Dick live on air when she appeared on station in September 2018…

“And as you know we have a zero-tolerance approach to antisemitic crime. We are taking that investigation extremely seriously and it is progressing well I am pleased to say.”

As London Police are overwhelmed by unprecedented levels of migrant-related violent crime, luckily they still have abundant resources and manpower to investigate and prosecute even the most innocuous criticisms of Jews that elderly Brits are making online.

Yes, the police are now going door-to-door to interview average, law-abiding citizens who have posted ‘questionable’ comments in social media online.

The Jews truly believe the so-called “Holocaust” started when a single antisemitic comment went unchallenged and un-prosecuted.  And to make sure that another fake Holocaust doesn’t recur, they are going to crush all criticism of Jews with the full force of British law enforcement and court system.

And, no, this kind of brutal, Soviet-style draconian repression of the truth won’t create even higher levels of antisemitism.

After all, British Jews have kindly reassured us that they’ve done nothing to cause anyone to criticize them for any reason.

Originally appeared at: Christians For Truth