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Sessions Loses Bid for Old Senate Seat to Trump Favored Tommy Zioshill


After a half-hearted bid to reclaim his old Senate seat in Alabama, beleaguered former Attorney General Jeff Sessions lost to former Auburn University football coach and avowed Zionist Tommy Tuberville by double digits.

Tuberville is the guy who stands up at his local GOP townhall meeting and starts talking about Israel, the absolute last thing on voter’s minds.

Alabama voters want what they were promised in 2016 but are never going to get. Tuberville is nothing more than a reliable pro-Israel vote in the Senate, not unlike Jeff Sessions. Except that Sessions is more useful as convenient foil for Trump, forcing his dwindling supporters to pick sides and ultimately divest from the old Trumpism of 2016, which Sessions invariably represents. If Trump loses his own bid for the White House in 2020, Sessions’ loss will be a chapter in the post-mortem of Trump’s Bigoted White Nationalist Presidency™ that went down in flames because Trump dared, in a very Finkelstein-esque way, to appeal to white voters even though it was for all the wrong reasons. The GOP will be free to replank its platform even more fakely and gayly than it is today, without Jeff Sessions in the Senate as knob upon which the most fervent plan-trusting AmNat copes can be hung.

If Trump wins, Sessions still becomes the part of legacy 2016 rhetorical Trumpism from which Trump has “moved on”, going HAMⓊ in his second term for the glory of Greater Israel. As always, it’s a win-win-win (for them).


Originally appeared at: Dissident Mag