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Second Class Citizens And A Two-Tier Pandemic

There’s still technically a pandemic going on- though judging by the scenes in most American cities, you’d never know it.

Protesters and rioters, largely unmasked, have packed urban centers for weeks on end: looting stores, beating whites, torching cop cars, and, presumably, coughing and breathing and spitting and sweating all over each other. It’s the perfect vector for disease transmission- especially a highly contagious respiratory disease.

Surely, the disease control “experts” will swiftly condemn these protests and recommend the government wrangle the protesters back inside. The state governors that put millions out of work in counties with only a few hundred infections will be mobilizing their resources to shut this down- it’s for public health, after all.

Instead, the public health “experts” are endorsing the protests- because racism is the real pandemic. The state governors responsible for some of the most restrictive distancing regulations are endorsing Black Lives Matter protests. Millions of Americans remain out of work due to social distancing requirements as thugs and anarchists siege police precincts and assault whites- shoulder to shoulder.

If the system is trying to convince you that coronavirus is a fraud, they’re doing an incredible job.

Consider the special privileges and policy exemptions being offered to black and anarchist rioters- and compare them to the restrictions regular people are still living under.

These are all stories I have heard in the past week:

  • A personal friend, whose family member passed away at the beginning of the pandemic. They have still not been allowed to have a funeral.
  • Three personal friends, all in their early 20’s, whose weddings have had to be postponed.
  • Multiple stories about parents giving birth, being separated from their newborns, with only one parent being able to see the baby at a time.

Imagine you’re at the hospital, being kept from your newborn baby for “public health” reasons. You turn to the TV in the waiting room and see the streets of your city teeming with scores of thugs and anarchists. You would obviously conclude that there are two sets of rules: one for people like you, and one for people like them.

Here’s how this Two Tier Pandemic works: protected classes are exempt from the rules, while the rules regular people are forced to abide by become increasingly ridiculous. When blacks and anarchists inevitably start getting sick- as they now are– it can be blamed on racist white people just not caring about or giving enough to black communities.

Coronavirus is a real, infectious disease, but it’s easy to see why many people- especially whites- are starting to get suspicious. There is more than enough going on “under cover of corona” to make even the least conspiratorially minded start questioning.

White Americans know there’s something wrong with what the system is telling them. They see the same companies endorsing Black Lives Matter mass protests and prohibiting unmasked customers from entering their stores. Most importantly, the mass media they’re consuming is covering for these politicians and leaders. No one is being confronted for their role in the Two Tier Pandemic.

Those held hostage by this Two Tier Pandemic know how it’s wrong, but have a hard time putting their finger on exactly why it’s being done. People are justifiably angry, but they don’t know who to be angry at- Bill Gates? The government? TikTok nurses?

The Two Tier Pandemic cannot be understood as an isolated phenomenon. Instead, we have to look at the whole suite of societal reforms the elites and their disheveled hordes are forcing upon us:

  • The two-tier 911 standard, where blacks are allowed to commit crimes with impunity, and whites that report them to the police are harassed, fired, and ruined.
  • The two-tier community defense standard, where whites that defend themselves after making a legal citizen’s arrest are imprisoned.
  • The two-tier policing standard, where white police know that any use of force against a black person- even if you’re actively being shot at! – means the end of your career.
  • The two-tier rape standard, where blacks found guilty of raping white teenagers are turned into modern martyrs.

The same people that want to lynch Brock Turner think Albert Wilson is an innocent victim of whitey’s racist policing.

If you feel like the walls are closing in and no one with power has your back, you’re right. The changes over the last month have come with breakneck speed.

These two-tier standards are all in service of the same goal: criminalizing whiteness, and moving black and brown behavior to a realm where it cannot be questioned or governed by whites. In effect, these new rules- some written, some unwritten- relegate whites to second-class citizens, with all of the responsibility but very few of the privileges (safety, representation, justice, etc.) that citizenship should entail.

Every white person knows this, to varying degrees. Even those fortunate enough not to be plugged in to the media cycle are imparted with the sense that they need to be hyperfocused on not offending the sensibilities of members of protected classes- lest they face the consequences.

This feeling of powerlessness can manifest in weird ways. For instance, conservatives living vicariously through “based” Hasidic Jews that cut through locks on playgrounds placed by the New York Police Department. Or, the tried and true cope of sharing a video of a black person- get this- wearing a MAGA hat and- no, seriously! – DECIMATING/OWNING/TEARING INTO Black Lives Matter. Somebody’s fighting back, man!

These are political radiator caps, allowing white anger to boil over in a way the system finds non-threatening.

Debating the infection rates or microbiology of COVID-19 is the same.

The best way to understand the two-tier pandemic is as a manifestation of the parallel society being built within the West, where you’re a second class citizen but treated like the great oppressor.

Originally appeared at: Dissident Mag