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The Science is Settled, Blacks Will Never Create Societies Like White People

OUR ELITES are just hell bent on conducting social experiments on us. I for one am sick of it. The science is settled. The experiments have been done over and over always yielding the same results. Why must they keep repeating the same experiments expecting different results?

874 AD: Let’s try putting a handful of White people on a volcanic island in the North Atlantic almost to the Arctic Circle. Result: a pleasant happy First World Nation.

The 17th Century: Let’s send a bunch of White religious nuts and people looking to make their fortune to a land where the indigenous people have been unable to advance past the Stone Age. Result: the United States of America landed on the moon. That says it all.

Also in the 17th Century: Send another bunch of White religious nuts to the bottom of Africa. No one lives there but the San people, Hottentots and Zulus who are moving in and wiping out the Hottentots. The place is infested with unknown diseases and dangerous wild animals. Result: a First World nation where the first heart transplant was performed.

18th Century: Ok, these White people are doing pretty well, but let’s try this. We gather up all the worst people in Great Britain, the murderers, thieves, con-men, prostitutes and other riffraff and put them on this big island with no infrastructure. The place is full of venomous snakes, poisonous spiders and insects, and Tasmanian devils. And get this, the place is mostly desert. This should be an epic fail. The result: the First World nation of Australia.

Early 19th Century: Ok, ok I got it. Let’s try the opposite. We kill off all the White people on a beautiful, rich and productive tropical island and we let Black people take over. They have been doing all the work. They have all the infrastructure already in place. Let’s try it. Result: the Third World ____hole of Haiti..

Mid-20th Century: Ok, Haiti didn’t work out so well, but let’s try it again. We have this great new economic theory, Marxism, they can use to help them along. So let’s try the Haiti thing on Rhodesia. The place is the bread basket of Africa. It can’t fail there. Result: Zimbabwe. Third World Nation and mass starvation. Crap.

1980s: Ok, Zimbabwe didn’t work out so well, but what if we try this. We do the same thing in South Africa, but this time we leave the White people there to keep things going while the Blacks get the hang of running things. Result: experiment still in progress but failing. The home of the fist heart transplant is now using garlic and lemon to “cure” AIDS.

21st Century: How about we introduce not just Black people, but all races into all White countries, slowly at first then an overwhelming flood….

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Originally appeared at: The Anatomically Correct Banana