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Russia Gate Failed, Now Obama Is Desperately Trying to Blame Putin for COVID

Some government is definitely running Twitter accounts.

The Russian hacking hoax never really took hold.

They really, really tried to push that narrative. They investigated Trump for three years. They published all kinds of hysterical nonsense. But it eventually just collapsed in on itself.

Now the media has an invisible enemy that people legitimately believe in in the corona flu virus. Maybe, say the Jews, this enemy that people believe in can be linked back to the one they didn’t believe in before, and they can be pressured into believing in that as well.

The New York Times published an article this week saying that Vladimir Putin is trying to spread viruses in the United States, an op-ed by science journalist William Broad entitled “Putin’s Long War Against American Science.”

The Times formulates yet another bizarre conspiracy involving Russia and Twitter bots, and yet again, bizarrely presents no evidence for their outrageous and ridiculous wide-ranging claims.

It’s 2500 words of just the dumbest stuff you can even think of, without any attempt to justify any of it.

Obama, who is not a big tweeter, went ahead and promoted this on Twitter.

This is a sign of the shape of things to come.

We are now under a permanent virus regime, and this invisible enemy that the people genuinely believe in will be linked to other real life enemies that the government wishes to turn the people against as it pushes its weird agenda.

Henninger: The Obamaian Universe

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer