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Respiratory Specialist Reveals Anyone Who Enters Hospital With Breathing Problems Labeled COVID

A respiratory therapist with 21 years of professional experience who works in a hospital in Georgia has posted a video on YouTube in which he explains all the problems, contradictions, and inconsistencies with the official narrative of the alleged COVID-19 ‘pandemic’.

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One of the take-aways from his comments is that the so-called ‘deaths’ being reported in the media and by the CDC are from a multitude of causes, not merely an alleged new strain of flu virus, and given how they’ve lumped all the deaths together, it’s virtually impossible to discern who the actual COVID-19 patients are — if there are any that can actually be confirmed:

-He shows the ventilator storage room is full of unused ventilators

-Hospital is using fewer ventilators than they normally use

-Any patient who came in with respiratory problem was presumed to be a COVID-19 patient

-Patients with heart disease and stage 4 lung cancer were presumed to have  COVID-19

-Patients who were never tested for virus and died presumed to be COVID-19

-Results of COVID-19 tests take up to two weeks to come back (no in-house testing)

-COVID-19 ‘death’ statistics are cooked to scare the public

-Non-invasive ventilators are NOT allowed to be used on any presumed COVID-19 patients

-All patients admitted are labeled “COVID Under Investigation”

-COVID tests do NOT test for a flu virus, but rather only a specific RNA genetic sequence from a presumed reaction to the virus

-None of the COVID tests actually test for a flu virus

-All are run through a PCR Test that exaggerates the presence of the RNA sequence

-No proof that the virus is as infectious as the media is claiming

-There is no ventilator shortage

-Virtually no health care workers are testing positive or show symptoms

-All sick patients have co-morbidities and are old-age

-H1N1 far more ‘scary’ than COVID

-You cannot vaccinate for a sinus infection — it won’t work

-If this truly is a viral infection, we will see a spike and then a drop — and mortality rate will drop

-No evidence the shutdown is not warranted, not even close

-Doctors are just as fooled and unquestioning as the public

[This video should be backed up on Bitchute or some other independent site, as YouTube has been purging any videos that contradict the ‘official’ narrative.]

Originally appeared at: Christians For Truth

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