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Report: Kushner Was the One Who Pushed to Cancel Trump’s Immigration Ban

I cannot even describe to you the shock I felt when I found Amber Athey reporting that President Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner was opposed to the planned executive order blocking all immigration.

We can assume that he is the reason that the order will not go through.

Athey writes for Spectator US:

The White House is currently facing an internal battle over President Trump’s announcement Monday night that he will sign an executive order temporarily halting immigration amid the coronavirus outbreak. The details of the order had not been finalized as of Tuesday morning, causing frantic debate over which groups of immigrants will be exempt from the ban.

Immigration restrictionists have been trying to sell the president on the idea of a ban for at least a week, pointing to various polling that shows it is popular among voters due to fears of the spread of COVID-19 and the high unemployment numbers in the US. Twenty-two million people thus far have filed for unemployment as the economy has practically shut down because of social distancing measures. However, some members of the administration were angry that the president announced the ban on Twitter. They immediately began scrambling to take control over the details.

Sources familiar with the situation told The Spectator that the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is one of the loudest voices pushing back on a full ban and is seeking to carve out exemptions for refugees, temporary workers under the H1B visa program, and farmworkers under the H-2A visa program. These provisions, one source warned, would defeat the purpose of protecting Americans unemployed due to the COVID crisis. The New York Times, however, reported that the president intends to announce Tuesday evening that he will only temporarily halt the issuance of green cards, hardly the sweeping halt advocates were pushing for.

The policy of just outright banning all immigrants is exactly the policy that I’ve been pushing for for years, as it can’t be called racist. Boomers are extremely sensitive to being called racists. But if they have the easy response of “WHITES ARE BANNED TOO, LIBERAL!”, they’ll feel comfortable supporting it fanatically.

This policy is extremely popular. At time of writing, Trump’s tweet announcing the ban is sitting with nearly 400,000 likes.

That’s quite a thing, considering the extreme censorship on Twitter, and all the accounts that are banned.

Immigration is the single reason Donald Trump won the election. Everyone wants this. And right now, he has the ability to do it amidst this flu hoax.

The idea that the one Jew who has wormed his way into Trump’s confidence might be able to stop this from happening is simply incredible. You do have to give it to the Jews. They are very good at what they do.

Following the article going to print, Athey was contacted by an official who said Kushner actually supports the ban. But, it turns out, he only supports a version of it that allows for “refugees” and H1-Bs and other worker visas.

Just try to grasp the idea that we are facing a situation of at least 30% unemployment, and probably as high as 60% unemployment, and this Jew is going into the Oval Office and saying “Donald I take issue with this, because we’re going to need workers so we can rebuild the economy.”

Trump appeared at Tuesday’s press conference to back down from this completely, saying that the EO would only apply to people seeking green cards, and that everyone else would be allowed to continue to pour in like rats in a feeding frenzy.

It’s a damn shame. Once people realize what has happened to the economy as a result of this flu hoax, you can be sure that there won’t be anyone supporting opening the country up for immigration for the next four decades. We are facing a generation of poverty and no work, and all of this decadent moral grandstanding will disappear when people can barely keep themselves fed.

We might get another chance to do a total immigration ban – and we should also consider that it is unlikely many immigrants are going to want to enter the country in the future – but it would be so very good to get it done now, because once it’s done, no single person is going to be willing to come out and say “we need to start bringing in immigrants again” when we’ve got tens of millions of homeless people lying around on the streets strung out on fentanyl.

The Jews know this. And they have a plan to prioritize foreign workers in order to create a virtual 100% white unemployment rate in America as a means to kill us quicker.

Jared Kushner being allowed in the White House was history’s biggest mistake.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer