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Raw Riot Footage: Day 8

We’re into week two of protests and rioting over George Floyd’s death. By day, white liberals debased themselves:

White soldiers on duty in uniform did the same:

Whites in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, took a different approach:

Someone threw a bottle at a reporter — much to the glee of the black who posted the video:

A rioter in California got swift retribution:

Some looters used heavy machinery:

The National Guard lined the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Did it really need protection?

This is a photo from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway:

By night, some white “allies” learned that blacks didn’t think they were:

Police blocked some demonstrators from entering Manhattan:

NYC looters drove in style:

A rioter set a car on fire in what appears to be a tony D.C. neighborhood:

In St. Louis, a retired police captain was killed after he tried to stop looters:

Originally appeared at: American Renaissance