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Pro-White Lawyer Unfairly Jailed by Jewish Legal Trickery Released Thanks to COVID (Invictus)

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus admits LSD ...

The great attorney and politician Augustus Sol Invictus will be released today after months of cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of the American legal (un-justice) system. He has been one of the very few lawyers or politicians recently of any prominence who have been staunch advocates for White people and pro-White causes. The case against him was frivolous at best and lacked any concrete evidence, yet he was denied bail most likely due to his WrongThink political beliefs. Due to the devastation caused by the pandemic plague known as Coronavirus and the fact that his charges are all just one big attempt at political oppression of dissidents, Invictus was finally granted bail yesterday.

The Jews are definitely not happy:

A South Carolina judge granted white nationalist Augustus Invictus’ $10,000 bond on Tuesday after he reportedly sought bail due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Invictus is facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated domestic violence. According to court documents, Judge Daniel Hall also set forth conditions for Invictus’ release, including that he stay away from his wife—who he allegedly threatened, choked, and held at gunpoint to travel from South Carolina late last year. Invictus, a speaker at the 2017 Unite the Right rally, was permitted to leave the state, and was ordered to stay out of York and Mecklenberg counties except to attend court proceedings. Measures like ankle monitoring or law enforcement check-ins were not outlined in the judge’s order. At the bail hearing last week, prosectors said Invictus had been publishing information online from jail and his wife was living in fear. A public defender lawyer, who said he asked for the hearing due to coronavirus concerns at York County jail, said Invictus had been updating his “alt-right news site” from jail. Last month, the same judge denied Invictus bail after his wife claimed she was afraid he would kill her if he was released.

Creepy Antifa troll and porn addict Darryle Lamont Jenkins is also a tad upset:

It’s great to see our lads granted their freedom after the numerous times people on our side have been railroaded by the U.S. un-justice system. If the system had its way, most of us would be in prison for good for merely having the wrong opinions. Hopefully, things will go back to normal for Invictus soon, and he can return to being a champion for our people. The importance and success of Augustus Sol Invictus for our cause cannot be understated.

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent