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Pompeo Lied, a Chinese Ambassador Died (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From the FTN Website:

Mike Pompeo has had a busy month - traveling to Israel, escaping an IG investigation, protesting warming Israeli-China relations - and in the midst of it all, a Chinese ambassador ended up dead. In this clip, Jazz and James break down the week of intrigue originating out of Mike Pompeo's adventure in Israel.

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The reason why I'm saying that summer is going to be potentially lit is July 1st is when Israel can do the bit on the West Bank, Jordan Valley.

And this may be their shot.

This may be their last shot in the next election cycle for a while, maybe for a hopefully a long while before they get all the pieces on the board again. Right. Because they're not you know, people can say like, well, it doesn't matter who's going to be the president. They'll get what they want anyway. Well, we have a long track record of these things not happening, the world being against it. And that's one of the reasons why they worked so hard to put these people who are going to rubber stamp a lot of these GeoNet goals and strategies and run them through. So now you have a situation where some of the major pieces on the board, Donald Trump and the 5000 appointees that comprise the U.S. federal government under Donald Trump, you know, both scenario. You have all these people who are in danger now and maybe Netanyahu doesn't. What if he cut falls out of power? He's kind of the center of the whole thing. What continues it? And so what you're going to see is a lot of action on the ground in the Middle East to get these things done as quickly as possible because they don't want to wager what happens with the next president. What happens with the next set of appointees? Well, who do we have to bribe and grease and blackmail? We got we got what we want right where we want it. So I think they will do everything that they can to tip the election for Trump in 2020. But, you know, there's only there's only so much you can do to to meddle and collude in the election like they did.

But you'll see a lot of the same set of characters popping back up again that we've been talking about. But, yeah, I mean, this is why Pompeii's in Israel on Friday and then all of a sudden the Chinese ambassador winds up dead. How, James? Kind of funny how that happens.

Oh, yeah. Pretty pretty spooky, right guy. Yeah. No signs of no signs of violence. No, no. No forced entry.

Just dead. Wow.

Dead, dead of apparent cardiac arrest in the middle of the night. But given what we know about what Mossad is capable of. We just talked about this two weeks ago, right. When they were when they had that failed assassination attempt on the Palestinian leader, where they tried to shoot him with fentanyl. And it didn't succeed. You know, they have weapon Israelis. Mossad, they have weaponized fentanyl in in their various tactical strike operations.

In other words, assassinations of people that they don't like. And this is a quote from 1998. Israeli officials have indicated that Assad has used fentanyl in other tactical strike operations, which they declined to describe, noting that it has a 100 percent success rate, except in the case of Meshaal, where they didn't succeed at doing that.

But, you know, you just shoot a guy with Sentinel and you do it with a highly concentrated dose. And that guys knock the fuck out. And no questions asked. And you don't even know no shots fired, you know, because it's not a gun that you're shooting them with.

Right. No shots fired. And for the longest time, it was something they didn't even think to to try to identify. Right. I think now they can they can still do it in a manner which is which is hard to distinguish. Unless you have a reason to go into the forensics and actually look for, you know, what compounds are found in their body in that. But in the case of his service, Chinese ambassador China had indicated initially they were going to send a Chinese team into Israel to probe his death and conduct their own autopsy.

But they've backtracked on that everyday.

They they abandoned that plan, according to Weinert News. I'm not going to happen anymore. And his aides found him in his bed, not breathing. They said, yep. Cardiac arrest and case closed.

Well, only if if you had a guy as an ambassador on the ground in Israel, in your sovereign country like China, and your guy just goes up in smoke and you know a lot more than the public knows about what Israel is capable of.

I mean, one of the reasons. Well, we'll get to that in a second. But this you know what's going on. So what's the point of sending a team to stoke perhaps an international sort of rubbed them the wrong way and then lose more people? Because, you know, if they're if you have a team going into Israel to try to find out what the truth is, it's like you're going into the devil's den and, you know, you want your you want other people in your team to get shot with Sentinel and then bind up like, oh, we don't know what happened. I mean, this is right.

And this is the point that we made about China. People say, well, you know, but China is not cosigning. Every Israeli action in the Middle East, they must be based. Right. Well, no, you know, China has has not, you know, gone along with every U.S. Israeli decree and the United Nations. Sure. But they also haven't put up any meaningful resistance to that. And this is another example of that of China sort of going along to get along. And if you were to be an advocate of the position that China is really based and they're working against Jewish and Israeli power, well, then they're not going to investigate what is a very likely what is very likely to be an assassination of their own ambassador in Israel.

Why would they not? It's cost of doing business charges in the game. And we already talked in depth on a on a deep dive on a recent show about the Jewish history in China. And basically that the whole thing can be summarized as this is basically Mao's inner circle. Were Jews the only people that only Westerners that were allowed in the country after 1949 were Jews? You can look all this up. And the purpose of those Jews around Mao, and they were the only Westerners who were ever given citizens CCP citizenship either like it's like, wow, it's amazing how they're the ones to get citizenship. Their purpose was to make sure that Chinese communism didn't trend in a direction that was going to be bad for Jews. And they made sure that China would eventually become compatible with with capitalism. And sure enough, that's the direction that it's been trending. I mean, it's it's that's what happened with Russia. It's what happened with China. It's like magically these these countries are trending toward capitalism to make it so that they're plug and play with Blakroc. Because Larry Fink said over the next decade, 50 percent of our business is going to be done in China. And Larry, think is now sitting on top of the Federal Reserve. So, yeah, this this this idea that China is just is just on its way. Right. You can look at China relative to us and you can look at Russia relative to us and say, well, they're better than we are. So I'm going to hang my hat on that. Take note. Well, if they are really, as you point out, James, that they're really anti-Israel, they're really anti Israeli sentiment and in in their objectives in the.

At least then why are they operating the Haifa port in Israel? Why is Pompeo flying there not just to work on the West Bank annexation and make sure that it happens in 2020 when it benefits Trump the most? The other point of his visit was to to try to dissuade the Israelis from continuing to trade and invest with China. And then 48 hours later, the Chinese ambassador to Israel is found dead in his home. And you have China.

They they have been doing a lot of things for Israel. They have a one point five billion dollar deal to build a desalinate desalinization plant in Israel that would produce one quarter of the water that Israel consumes. And they're trying that the U.S. is in there trying to stop Israel from from doing this. But it's like, why is China there in the first place if they're really against these things? It's like, no, China. China is is trying to deepen its relationship with Israel, just as Israel is trying to deepen its relationship with China, just as American Jews are trying to sink their financial leverage into China. And they already have. We talked about the construction bank in China working a deal with BlackRock and amazingly, China. The thing that people will point to is, is China doesn't allow foreigners to have controlling stakes in their businesses. Well, not with banks. They're sliding those rules to the side so that they can partner with these big, massive financial services industries in America. And they're not even in America, just these international jury organizations. And they're gonna let him in and let them have controlling stakes. It's like a kiss of death, China. Good luck with all that.

So, yeah, you know, you look at the businesses slated to expand the most to be, quote, American businesses that are destined for the most expansion in China. And they are all, you know, one, two or three shareholder, BlackRock and Vanguard. So these are yes, these are the people next in line to profit the most from Chinese economic expansion. And also this desalination plant. This is especially in cities when you when you understand the situation with water rights and water access in Israel and Palestine, this is definitely this desalination plant. The purpose of this is to facilitate increased Israeli expansion in Gaza and the West Bank. Right. That is that is one of their biggest struggles when they're when they're building settlements. And, you know, one of the areas, one of the ways they're able to choke Palestinians out of their own land, spy damming up rivers and springs and making, you know, essentially Palestinians forcing them to move because there's no more water. And that's the purpose of this plant. So China is not only aiding and participating in assisting Israel economically, they're assisting them with with the creation of greater Israel and the displacement of Palestinians.

You can't build that third temple without lots of water. And yeah, it's like if there was any ideological sort of opposition to that from the Chinese, then they would be like, yeah, we're not you. The Chinese are really desperate for one point five billion dollars a come on. I mean, it's like, you know, they're building this desalination. They're just doing out of the goodness of their hearts. But it's it's really based. Right. So the Chinese can control the water supply to Israel. Yeah.

And I'm going to shut it off one day and and then. Yeah, they're going to starve. Tel Aviv, bro. You trust the plan.

But listen to this hutzpah from Pompeo warned during his visit. We do not want. This is when the US gets up on the high horse is what Mike talks about, like when the U.S. gets up on its high horse about China and it just looks so fucking stupid. Pompeo during the visit. We do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure. Israeli communication systems, all of the things that put Israeli citizens at risk and in turn put the capacity for America to work alongside Israel. Unimportant projects at risk as well. And that's not even I don't even know I'm doing that impression. That was like way too masculine of an impression of Mike Pompeo. But yeah, it's like the hutzpah of this. We don't want the CCP to be having access to all of its infrastructure and all these systems that we're all, like, really deeply intertwined with because it's really no difference. You know, China having access to Israel, it's like China having access to America. And we don't want that at all. So. Yeah. Yeah.

So who can imagine who can imagine a relationship between two countries that consists of one country having a parasitic relationship, owning all of the other countries sensitive communications and encryption technology. Yeah, yeah. It's unfathomable.

It's amazing all the things coming out of this trip that Pompeii was just there for a couple hours. And look at this. Israel backs international push for independent probe of covert nineteens origin. So Chinese ambassador dead. Now they're pushing for the probe of covert nineteens origin, which is basically like where are the weapons of mass destruction? We will create them if they do not exist. And it was China who did it, right? China and. Ballroom with the Purple Deringer. I don't even know Cloo the game, I don't even remember the characters and all the fucking things in it.

But bro, I can't wait for this, like satellite, the grainy satellite truck, images of the truck, the semi truck driving from North Korea to China to Iran just to like square the circle and like, look, the axis of evil. Yeah. They must all be declared war upon.

Boomers are doing this in the early days of Kovik, 19, when they're like, did you notice how fast Corona virus spread from China to Israel or into Iran? They were like, what does that tell you about the relationship between the Iranians and the Chinese? Just tells me that people are traveling to different places. So what does that tell you about Italy? Because it's like as bad as Iran is, they're like a is there like a deep conspiracy between the northern Italians and the Chinese and the Iranians do that we should be concerned about?

It's like Bearup don't know what they're talking about, but yeah, it's like Pompeii goes.

He raises a big stink about this to salination desalinisation, desalination, desalination plant. It's what it is. Yeah. Jesus. Oh, it's like. Well, so what is the US going to build it for them. I mean, you know, why not? If this is going to expand the expand the settlements, why doesn't the U.S. do this? Probably because if the U.S. offered to do this, it would cost, I don't know, 10 trillion dollars or something. But it's our money anyway. Right. Like we're paying for this desalinisation plant.

Yeah. The Israelis are probably like, look, American, we appreciate the gesture. We really don't have time for you to send over your, like, one quarter black, one quarter transgender, one quarter gay architecture team to build this thing and get this fixed and get this turned on by July. So, yeah. Yeah. Well, just let the Chinese take this one.

Yeah. We need the pipes flowing. And then, of course, back in the United States, you have what happened on Friday night. Trump fired the IJI Linnik Irish who had been investigating Pompeo for Pompeo approving this arms deal with Saudi Arabia. And that, I guess Pompeo must be nice to be in in government. Right. Mike Pompeo had one of his staff members like walking his dog and like doing laundry for him and his wife and, you know, whatever it's like. Yeah, it's like, I don't know, like Mike. Mike Pompeii's slick shirts that he wears are probably like the size of a fucking parachute. But I mean, it's like that laundry could be probably pretty difficult, too. Did you see him at the fucking American flag mask on the ground in Israel? Oh, yeah. It just yeah. It's like, yeah, that thing is probably about 15 sizes too small for Mike, but he should have just gone, you know, gone whole hog and is put on the Israeli flag mask and just left it on.

I mean, boomers want to talk about masks being symbolic. That's one case where I would agree with you. The star of David or Star David Respirator there on Mike Pompeo. Yeah, he's great image.

These colors here don't run except when it's the blue and white. Right. Then they run.

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