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Pandemic of False Dialectics (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

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From the FTN Website:

With fake left vs. right dialectics being propped up to reign in the coronavirus lockdown debate, Jazz and James revisit the constructed dialectic around environmentalism- on one side, it's carbon credit schemes and destroying American industry for dubious benefit, and on the other, it's drill-baby-drill coal-rolling "patriotism." Is there a third way? Also, a blow by blow analysis of the usurpation and perversion of America's last decent environmentalist organization, the Sierra Club.

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Often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only Fash, the nation. Your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Welcome back to Tien Rio seven, proudly brought to you by the world's most persistently vindicated right wing podcast. Since he feels you've heard it somewhere, chances are that someone was here. That includes taking naming the Jew firmly into the mainstream. James, how the hell are you doing?

Well. Doing very well. It's been a great week. A lot of happenings. But I'm looking forward to doing what we're going to be doing on this show. I talk pulling back the, you know, diving back into some history on movements and and dialectics and all of the above and should be a pretty good time.

So, yeah, we had a lot to talk about. A lot of dialectics to unpack and more importantly, to try to figure out what are these dialectics concealing because they're not just done for the fuck of it. They're not just done, you know, to keep people busy for no reason. They're done because they don't want people noticing what's really going on. It keeps people divided, so on and so forth. People are pretty familiar with how these work. But you need to understand how long they've been going on and what what has been going on today as well as within our own political lifetimes. I said on the midweek FTN, the single biggest threat that we face is not from coronavirus. The virus is real. It is killing a lot of people. It's highly contagious. And this thing is really just getting rolling. But that's not hysteria. Don't mistake that for hysteria. It is a kosher dialectic. Right. We don't need to get bogged down and trying to extrapolate predictions from models or trying to analyze the genetic structure of the virus. But there are just two actionable things. And Alex has talked a lot about this, keeping these things very actionable to actionable things that you should do to protect your family or to use common sense where people eat when you go out.

And maybe even more importantly, if you qualify for obtaining a bag from the government. Go get that bag. But hysteria isn't going to help you any more than signing up for Tea Party 2.0 is going to. So they're mad at things that we say. Chances are it's because you've somehow become too invested in one side of this kosher dialectic or the other to stop it. We're not going to be the weather vane for popular lights, which brings sediment. And you should stop allowing yourself to be blown around in the fucking wind. But like I said, the coronavirus is really not our biggest threat. In fact, the most dangerous threat we face today is a pandemic of a totally different kind. This is a disease that is much older by thousands of years. It's one that is far more insidious and has killed far more people in the past two millennia than all diseases, natural disasters and accidents combined.

Here's your paycheck. You probably know what I'm going to say. Already the biggest global pandemic we face today are people who fall prey and succumb to Jewish tricks. And the best PPE for Jewish tricks is understanding how they work. Learning to recognize them and not keep falling for them. Have a couple choice quotes here. Just to set the tone for some of the stuff we're going to talk about. But this is from British historian Lord Macaulay. He says Your republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the 20th century as the Roman Empire was in the 5th. But this difference, your Huns and Vandals, will have been engendered within your own country by your Zionist institutions. Amen to that. You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are survivors. We have taken your natural world. Your ideals, your destiny. And played havoc with them. This from Marcus, Eli Ravage, Jewish author. Quote From the January 19, 28 issue of Century magazine, we move on the 19th. Good old 1965. James Weegee seminal year. The founding of the country, in fact, founding of the new United States of America. We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands will be unto us if they Gentiles see the futility of it.

Lay down the pen and take up the sword. We will be deposed by words. We will not be deposed by words, only by force. That was from Harold Wallace Rosen Thall assistant to Jewish Senator Jacob Javits, who spearheaded the open immigration policy in 1965. Among other things, speaking of Jacob Javits, though, remember the Jacob Javits Center on election night in 2016? All those delicious tears that seem like such a distant memory at this point? Well, old Hillary Clinton, the role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel, said Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton at the meeting for Jewish leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities. On March 18th, 2008, and Lewis is sister to congressman, former Congressman Barney Frank. So it just never ceases to amaze me. Right. James, like this is what these people say, and we fall for this stuff again and again and again and in it. And it looks like the goal is to, like, not fall for it. It's to see that this is being done right.

Yeah, and to help other people who have not yet been able to see what is being done and to see that these these different variations of the kosher dialectic are being setup on purpose to distract you. And, you know, you can understand why people are very susceptible to these. Right now, people haven't been paid in weeks. People have not been to work in months. People are finding it very, very difficult to get the assistance they are entitled to from this government, from this system. A vast minority of business owners have qualified and obtained their their paycheck protection loans, their ideal grants. Very few people have yet received their direct stimulus that they were supposed to receive already by now. And people are angry. People are hurting. People are desperate. And that is not their fault. It is not because of their irresponsibility or through some fault of their own. This is being done to them. And people are rightfully angry. The unfortunate thing is and what we are trying to do on this program is to help people, help you, help everybody to break free from these. It's almost like two magnets on either side of each other. Try pulling people either to this side of the dialectic or that side. On one side, you have the people who are dressing up as health care workers and and getting really, really angry at the people in pickup trucks and and who just want to go back to work. And on the other side, you have the people who really, really want to go back to work and are saying they're willing to lay their lives on the line, sacrifice their families for the sake of the GDP. Both of these responses are being engineered. Neither of these responses are natural. We look at what people actually want when they are asked. Neither side of this is popular, nor does it reflect what what the actual needs and demands of people are. These are two engineered responses. And what we're going to do today, I think, is very important because we are going to blow the lid on that and expose how exactly this has been done to people.

And it's not just knowing how it's been done. It's knowing how it's been done. It's like half the battle. It's like, OK. And, well, then you have to see why they're doing it, which is to conceal sort of geopolitical motives. That's been going on for quite a while. But, you know, we've seen this before in our own political lifetimes. And it would be kind of fun, actually, to go back and look at all the times that this has happened. But even in our own political lifetimes, and maybe this maybe you weren't involved in politics, maybe weren't around or interested at this time. But I remember this I remember this vividly. And, you know, we've made the comparison to some of these protests as as Tea Party 2.0. Now, we're gonna get into this later. But just like the Tea Party 1.0, the original version, it was born out of genuine populist frustrations. And so. Right. But when you when you hear her say, oh, yeah, the people on these capital steps are being Astroturf, they are being Astroturf. Those people may have genuine populist frustrations. Those people may be upset at job loss and they may be led into supporting something that really isn't something if they were told what it was that they would support. But the Tea Party itself was a Jewish trick. And it was originally it started out of a reaction. And most people don't know this. Most most people that got involved in the Tea Party and swept up in it thought that it was about the national debt, which is the way that it became kosher, certified, actually, not kosher certified. That's what happened with it. And it was really a reaction to the GOP attempt at amnesty late in George W.

Bush's administration. Now, they've made a lot of attempts at these grand amnesty bills, but this is one of the absolute worst. And you can see at this time, I didn't I wasn't jaywalk woke like I didn't recognize the kosher dialectic. I didn't understand what was going on other than why is this party that I support feeding me this shit sandwich? And why are why are people so upset about this? Why is the president United States and I wasn't a big fan of Bush, but I was a member of the GOP. I was I was I was a supporter of the Republican Party, as many, many people were at this time in the in the early and mid Ott's. And this is when you first started to get a dose of this sort of medicine. And it's incredible when you go back and revisit the history because so much of this stuff is being retread today. A lot of things that back then I wasn't really that aware of. I just knew that it was bad and I didn't like what they were proposing. But these things have keep kept being brought up again and again. And it's almost as if, James, there is a certain group of people, certain group of donors who want these very specific things to happen. And they keep making several runs at this and they haven't been able to get what they've wanted. Except then you see how these things get rammed through at different phases in other ways. But, yeah, I mean, were you do you recall of the Gang of 12 and all this stuff with the. And. 2007. Yeah, I mean, I remember I remember listening to talk radio and people flipping out about this.

Yeah, I mean, I was fairly young, relatively young at the time. So I, I don't remember with the same clarity that people who were more political at the time probably do. But this is what we're gonna get to hear in 07. This is a a almost like a snowballing, slowly building sentiment that had been building really since the 80s. And we talked about this on the midweek show, people who had been very excited for Ronald Reagan and expected Reagan to be something totally different than what he turned out to be. There were people who at that time were starting to become political people who at the time maybe were in their 20s or late teens or 30s who were very disappointed by Reagan and by what happened specifically in immigration with the Simpson Mazola amnesty. And since then, over a 20 year or so period, they had seen the GOP continuing over and over whenever they were in power or adjacent to power, attempting to pass further amnesties. And this really came boiling over with the Gang of Eight Gang of 12 in the mid to mid to late aughts.

Yeah. And Gang of Twelve was the one that happened in 2007. It was this bill called the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, a.k.a. secure. And they always have these these names that mean literally the opposite. Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007. This is a bill sponsored by Harry Reid, but it was really a kosher panini of three separate bills. One of those was the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, was a bill proposed by Ted Kennedy and John McCain in 2005. Then you had the Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005. This was proposed by John Cornyn and John Kyl. Then you had another bill in 2006 that was sponsored by Arlen Specter and passed, which actually passed the Senate in 2006 but never passed the House. So toward the end of Bush's second term, you had this hankering for, you know, president is going to be headed out the door, doesn't really give a fuck much about what comes next, doesn't have to worry about another election. A lot of these senators, in fact, almost all of these senators are no longer all around. With the exception for John Cornyn. Kennedy is dead. McCain's dead is I don't know if Specter's dead, but he's not in office anymore. John Kyl stood in temporarily. I think they dusted him off, dusted off his corpse and put him back in. I think he was appointed until Maquette McSorley's seat got filled, if I recall correctly.

But most of these people are gone. And if this had passed, it would hit. Nobody would. I mean, do you think people would have been answering for this? But it caught a lot of people by surprise when this happened because there were deportations going on under Bush, just like there were under Clinton. The country was in a much more sort of formative state than it is today.

And so they sort of had to keep up with this. I mean, everybody we've listened to the what is it, the State of Union speech with Bill Clinton where he sounds like Trump in 1994 with some of his rhetoric, because that's what they had to do. People didn't want to put up with this. So this is one of one of the attempts at making because this this would have made Simpson Mazola seem like almost a nothing burger when you look at what was actually proposed in this bill, Z visas. This is a brand new category of visa that they wanted to give to everyone.

No questions asked who had been in the country since won one of 2010, and it would give them the right to remain in the country for the rest of their lives and apply for a green card in eight years.

So blanket amnesty for anyone in this bullshit about like, oh, yeah, you got a you have to say that you're in the country as of January 1st, 2010. Yeah. Like, imagine me doing the jerk off hand motion. Like we knew that that was going to be the case with Dacca, the proposal of like, oh, you have to have been here since. It's again. Do dreamers or like 40 year old 50 year old men from Mexico, like, let's just let's just be honest.

Anybody who can swing a sledge hammer is a dreamer. Right? And these. This whole thing was blanket amnesty. And at that time, we don't know how many illegals are in the country today. Maybe it's 40 million, up from 30 million. When Trump came into office, a lot of people came in last summer. Let's be honest. But back then, in 2007, 20 million would have gotten amnesty and this would have created a surge at the border. They also wanted to create a Y visa for temporary guest workers to the tune of 400000 per year, which is kind of it doesn't really make much sense. It's like if you can get a Z visa for no reason, like for no reason, no questions asked, you can just get a Z visa. Why the fuck would you. Why, for a why visa. Right.

Like these and these would be the lowest agency of the lowest. These are the people who could not could not even get themselves over the border and then claim they've lived here for years. These would be people who. Yeah. Yeah. This would be essentially parallel to what the H-1B H2 be program is today.

Yeah. And then you have the DREAM Act, which I did not know. I did not recall this in the discussion, but the DREAM Act, which is something that keeps coming up again and again and then was ultimately done via executive order under Obama in this 2007 bill. They had the entirety of the DREAM Act, which had been attempted several times in the House and Senate that would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegals brought to this country through no fault of their own trademark.

Right. Remember, we remember all that and it would give them in-state tuition and all this other stuff. And the only thing in the bill that that they sort of threw in there is is, is this like half hearted attempts, failed attempt to appease people on the right. Immigration restrictionists and the like. They claimed that this bill would have ended chain migration and employment sponsored migration and would have switched to a merit based system. My God, where have we heard this before, James?

Yeah. It just so happens that you're married is determined by several factors, including how many relatives you have in the country and how brown you are and whether or not you can get a job lined up.

So, yeah, a total overhaul of the system. Right. Flipping it on its head. Yeah, flipping on its head. And it's the same exact bullshit that Trump is promoting today. It's almost as though there is a certain Cordray of people behind the scenes who want these specific things for the economy.

Basically unlimited Gless guest workers, blanket amnesty every couple decades or so in this Zevi. So basically would have would have put an end to the need to do amnesty. Deservedly so. Would have been the final solution for. Well, yeah.

Well, just when Steven Miller says to trust the plan because there's some broader plan in place here and the people are seething because they didn't trust that plan, I suppose this probably is that plan, isn't it?

Yeah, it has to be so. So when people accuse me of being too black pilled or they accuse Mike of of of being too negative on this sort of stuff, it's because we have seen all this shit before.

We've seen we've been through this before. Now, Trump talked about this in a different sort of way. And so we were willing to give that a chance. It's over. It's not happening. So when you you have to learn like like I said, the biggest pandemic in this country is not the corona virus. It's not avian flu. It's not heart attacks. It's not heart disease. Those are bad things. It's people who fall for Jewish tricks. It's the most hazardous thing for your health, for the political health, for your family, sell for everything.

You fall for this stuff over and over again because you let them get this over. And you. Now, this was so egregious that this led to the create. This led to the reaction from the Tea Party. And we're going to get to that in a second. So, Bill, sole sponsor of this whole thing was Harry Reid. But it was crafted with Kennedy, McCain, Kyl, Lindsey Graham and President George W. Bush, who strongly supported the bill. This was a huge kosher sandwich and it was a huge pivot as well. And you have to remember what else was going on in 2007.

We were at the the height of the housing market bubble, like they needed to give these people amnesty. They had to get these people into the country at that moment because they were worried if they didn't get a huge influx of of people at the bottom at bottom end of the economic strata, that this thing, they couldn't keep the Ponzi scheme going.

And this bill failed.

And they and they certainly they knew they couldn't get it after the bottom fell out of the economy either because people would be increasingly nativist, people would be very hostile, much more so than they were during these good times. These nominally good times. Seven. Yeah. You go to people who are living through a depression, through the worst recession. At that point in their lifetimes, they're not going to be open to opening the borders. So there was a there was an expiration date on this piece of legislation. And they didn't get it through in time.

They didn't get the bill actually failed cloture votes, which is a move to end discussion for those of you unaware. Rhinelander was effectively killed. It was killed. This is amazing. Was killed in June of 2007. And then Dubea tried to resuscitate it a few weeks later, like, I mean, the DOE.

I'm sure his phone was ringing off the hook from all the same usual suspects that are. Calling Donald Trump to this very day saying you have to get that bill back, you have to get things going again.

And, you know, we've felt like at that time that people, you know, because social media existed and you had talk radio was boiling over, Limbaugh's savage Hannity, so on and so forth, raging about this. We felt like we achieved a victory, that we had stopped this dead in its tracks and had prevented it from going forward. And we did like we did in that moment. And it felt like, you know, this. But but at the same time. And this is this is the Catalyst's moment for the Tea Party is that we thought, yeah, this is this is bad. No, I wasn't I wasn't a founding member of the Tea Party, but this is something I got caught up in. At that time, because we saw what they were trying to do and the Tea Party originally was in opposition to the GOP itself. It was an opposition to to all of this stuff. And they wanted something different. They couldn't believe that this had been done to them or attempted to be done to them. And it was stopped. Now, what is what is what happens in a kosher dielectric when you get these nominal victories like this? Right. They shift their support to the left right.

They put up John McCain as the presidential nominee. And then out of nowhere, you get Obama very well-funded. And you have this new entirely new kosher dialectic. And they threw their support behind the left. We see this again and again. And what does Obama do as soon as he gets in office?

Is he does the DREAM Act and which basically served as an amnesty bill for for all these people to come in. So this is this is always the same old thing. So even if you feel like you've gotten a victory and this victory, arguably call it a victory, call it just a temporary postponement of of the inevitable, which is something you also have to learn over time, is that this is far bigger than anything that was achieved under under Trump. Nobody has six of the Trump people. Stone, the Trump train have not succeeded at stopping any of this stuff. They just sort of glue go along, go along with it or whatever. But the origins of the Tea Party had to do with nativism. It had to do with not wanting brown people in the country. It had to do with whether it was conscious or unconscious, whatever. It doesn't matter. These are popular ideas. People didn't want this in there.

And within six to 12 months, you end up having it be about like the federal debt and all kinds of other shit. And immigration was not part of it at all. And the whole thing got turned on its head.

You had Glenn Beck rallying on the National Mall with Martin Luther King. Sister, you get Mitt Romney for president. You get Ron Paul snubbed. And ultimately, the alt right was born out of out of all of this. They saw the Tea Party's gay. They saw Republicanism is gay. Like, this whole thing sucks. Look what they did. It combined libertarians together because Ron Paul got screwed by the GOP as well.

So, yeah, it's just the whole thing got turned on its side and it became about national debt and Obama, the Muslim communist. It's like, where have we seen this before?

Yeah. And that NAVCENT nationals and people felt in 07, 08 it had no longer had an outlet because the presidential nominee. Well, if you look back at the crop of crop of potential candidates, it was not a very good one. I mean, what you're going to get either either John McCain or Sam Brownback or Fred Thompson, I mean, what are you gonna do here? But but or Romney, which, you know, he's found himself back back in the mix. So that was that was no longer. Yeah. That just was made untenable. And you're right. I mean, you had at the time we've talked about this before. You had at the time, Glenn Beck going on his show with his chalkboard, talking about Cass Sunstein and Saul Alinsky in the shadowy in the front yard, racial and cultural Marxism and these shadowy cabals of people that were trying to fundamentally change your country. And look how quickly that was reined in and turned into, you know, Glenn Beck show. I think he had like a debt clock. Right. That became the new feature on the show was like in the bottom. There's a CIA on with the national debt. And and that was what Hannity and others were doing. And that was the new focus. Right. And that, of course, became redirected into opposition to any social welfare programs. And through 07, 08, 09, if issuing road stamps and things like this.

Like really.

And this was a and this was a time and anti-union stuff, too, because unions were driving, driving cost of labor up. And this was a time in these late aughts when a lot of white working class people were losing their livelihoods. Communities that had existed for decades, if not centuries, were being hollowed out and being left with nothing. And at the same time. This right wing populism had been redirected towards opposing the very social programs that would have given these people the lifeline they needed.

Of course. Yeah, and I'm laughing about the union stuff because it's just it's the same old shit again and again and again. And of course, I could not see this at that time. Very few people could. I mean, I wasn't aware they outright didn't exist back in 2007.

And I don't know what existed back at that time. I mean, there are certainly more people talking about immigration restriction. And I'm sure that there were people if you go back and look at the record, I'm sure that there were people saying that the Tea Party is fake and gay. And after a while, I was just like, yeah, this is like this somehow. We're not talking about immigration anymore for some reason. And like what? Why are all the. Yeah, it just it became it became off right there.

Yeah. And you're dressing up like Uncle Sam and Lady doing. Yeah. And like we're riding a Harley and. Yeah. And so people started to get into. People got further into the economics and the opposition to national debt as a proxy for immigration. Right. As a proxy for being against diversity. Because to oppose you couldn't come out or you felt like you couldn't come out and say, look, we don't want diversity, we don't want immigration. You felt like you had to oppose that by way of opposition to social programs because of the disproportionate use of social programs by people of different races. And so that is that is how that was redirected. Of course, the end result of that opposition to social programs doesn't actually harm the migrants. You don't end up with less immigration or less diversity. You end up being a vehement opponent of things like community food banks and things like like unemployment insurance or for factory workers that have lost their jobs. And no one is served by that except except those setting up that dialect before you.

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