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The Overwhelming Evidence Alexander Hamilton Was a Secret Jew - Part 2 (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

In addition to their 'Week in Review' coverage of political news, the FTN team does an amazing job with their so-called 'Deep Dives', in-depth investigations on varied subjects, from historical revisionism to how are dirt poor Latinos getting the money for the expensive journey to the US (you guessed it, 'money-lenders', charging 50% per year.) - and many, many more. It is a hugely valuable archive, available to subscribers.

FTN recently made this episode available to the general public, (it was behind their pay-wall). You can fine the whole thing on their YouTube Channel or at the website.

This episode is one of their most earth-shattering, and sure to be a big draw for anyone interested in US history. Highly recommended. Truth to Power will be bringing you excerpts from this important episode over the coming days.

From the FTN Website:

Jazz, James, and Borzoi dive deep into the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s most astro-turfed founding fathers. Little is known about Hamilton’s early life, which is odd considering his prominent role as a framer of the U.S. Constitution, first Secretary of the Treasury, creator of the nation’s first national bank, the architect of the inherently corrupt system of debt-financed capitalism we are saddled with today, chief author of The Federalist Papers, master of media manipulation, election meddler, and almost but never actually President of the United States.

Rest assured, we thoroughly smash that early life in order to fully understand the identity of the man himself; who he is, where he comes from, what shaped his worldview, and ultimately, in turn, how he shaped the world itself.

Only once one fully understands Hamilton from those perspectives, do the trajectory and context of subsequent historical events, from war to immigration, finance to foreign policy, and from consumerism to vulture capitalism, become crystal clear.

We've included a clip about Hamilton's little known Jewish education in childhood, but we highly recommend you check out the full epdisode. The full episode is now on FTN's YouTube channel, embedded below, and on the FTN website.

Transcript follows below.

The full episode:

About the FTN and TRS podcasts:

FTN and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

The FTN podcast in particular is hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative.

Some of their episodes are free to the public, while others are behind a $10 monthly paywall, probably the best value in American journalism today because you get access to several excellent shows for that price. We highly recommend Eric Striker's, (editor of the excellent National Justice website), and Mike Enoch's 'Strike and Mike' (1X per week) which are also more hard news focused. The Daily Shoah with Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb, (3X per week), which is a less formal, Joe Rogan style radio talk show, is also excellent.

Transcript: The following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors but it is surprisingly accurate.

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Per the Talmud, if Rachel converted to Judaism, her children, all of them are in fact Jewish, if not genetically, but just by the fact that by virtue of the fact that she's the mother. Therefore, if Rachel did convert to Judaism prior to her marriage, that would mean Alexander Hamilton was born a Jew according to Jewish law. Just stay with the Jewish laws, right? I mean, that's what it is.

Rachel kept the name Levine until her death. She is not buried in a Christian cemetery, but instead at her sister's home. Then you have Alexander Hamilton is not listed in the baptismal records on the island and attended a Jewish day school. So Hamilton, not only Peter, but Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton is not baptized. It is unlikely that a Jewish day school would take in a Christian child, as it is a just as it is a Christian school would take in a child who was not baptized. So as a point of fact, Nevis' Christian. Schools refused to educate Alexander Hamilton. So he's not in the baptismal records of people want to argue he's baptized in private for some dumb reason. Well, if that were true, the Christian schools would educate him and they did not.

Also, it's often argued that it that it was because he was an illegitimate child, that he could not have been baptized and does not attend a Christian school. But parish records from Nevis, which record the baptism of several babies, explicitly noted as illegitimate, indicating that Hamilton's out-of-wedlock status would not have prevented the performance of this.

Right. So, again, if if if he could have been baptized, there was nothing stopping him from being baptized as a Christian. And, you know, even that in and of itself would be enough in some ways.

But then you have this fact that he went to the Jewish school. He learned about Judaism and even learned to speak Hebrew. Education at a Jewish school takes a second place to cultivation of Jewish identity. That's the purpose of a Jewish school. That's why he was there.

Hamilton maintained strict silence about his childhood, which is strange given the fact that if he were a Christian, it would be easy to advance socially and politically if he just told the truth. But instead, he didn't talk about it at all. Hamilton's son later explained of his father rarely as he alluded to his personal history.

He mentioned with a smile his having been taught to repeat the Decalogue in Hebrew at the school of a Jewess, when so small that he was placed standing by her side. Upon a table, in light of the fact that Hamilton didn't even come to the United. This is the biggest one of the big. There's so many red pills in here like that. We'd have just jammed in here..

I think I thought it made you and I woke with this this little little tidbit right here.

Yeah. He didn't even come to the United States until 1772. Hamilton is the pre-eminent outsider like he is the outsider. Like he didn't even come to the US until the 1772 and then all of a sudden starts advocating for all this stuff and injecting himself into the middle of everything. And it's really kind of funny.

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