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Whites Have a Duty to Rescue Western Civilization From Destruction


We feel a sense of duty to speak out.

We identify with Europe and Western civilization.

We see ourselves as being part of a greater whole with a past, present and future.

We have a strong sense of racial and cultural identity.

We want to preserve our civilization and pass it on to future generations and despise the people who are destroying it.

We are the survivors of a great catastrophe.

As I noted in the previous article, we are in an unprecedented situation. The problem is that we live in a peculiar society in which the present generation has lost its memory and identity. It was condemned as “racism” and systematically erased after World War II.

Why are these people so content to follow their leaders and march off the cliff? It is because they are nothing but a timid mob of deracinated, atomized consumers who get their morals from the mass media and universities. They don’t feel a sense of duty or shame because that presupposes having a traditional sense of identity and morals which have been lost under liberalism. It would require them to feel like being a part of something beyond themselves and willing to sacrifice for it when these natural instincts have been repressed for the past 70 years.

Most of these people are nothing. They don’t have a religion or a strong ethnic or cultural identity. Many of them don’t even have the desire to reproduce themselves and abort their own children. They are just here to work and to pleasure themselves and to consume to the end and go to their graves after dying from diabetes. It is a hypermodern problem. They are Neoliberal Man.

Note: As recently as the 1930s, very few people outside of extreme leftwing circles in Europe had heard of the term “racism.” Most people didn’t watch television or start going to college until after World War II. We are mostly wrestling with very recent problems. I say mostly because while there is nothing new about the Jewish Question the demise of Christianity and the rise of the mass media have made it much worse than it was in the past.

Originally appeared at: Occidental Dissent