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Tucker Carlson Tiptoes Closer to Naming the Jew, Complains About 'Foreign Agents Influencing Policy'



Tucker took the first step towards naming them...

Nunes looked shocked speechless.

"This city is brimming with agents of foreign governments, and they're influencing policy. Just not Russia. It's unbelievable."

— jazzurd👌🏼 (@jazzurd)
January 24, 2020

Tucker Carlson is tiptoeing closer to saying the actual problem we’re facing.

In an interview with Devin Nunes, wherein Nunes was talking about the absurdity of the Democrat Party and the media accusing everyone of being a Russian agent, Tucker said:

“This city is brimming with agents of foreign governments, and they’re influencing policy. Just not Russia. It’s unbelievable.”

Everyone who knows anything about anything knows that all Jews are effectively agents of the Israeli government. But even if you don’t go that far, both AIPAC and the ADL are openly foreign agents, and they work directly with our government to make policies – both foreign and domestic – that are favorable to Israel.

The issue is that no one who watches Fox News knows anything about anything. Plus, he would probably get fired before his show ended if he went up there and said “the real problem is these Jewish spies everywhere.” So it isn’t really viable for him to tell it straight.

But he is walking up to the line.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer