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It's Only a Matter of Time Before Markle Stiffs the Royals for a Few Million


As predicted by anyone with a functioning brain the royal union between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been a car crash. They have now left/been turfed out of the Royal Family and ended up in Canada. Where it seems they're not wanted either. It's only a matter of time before Markle stiffs the Royals for a few million and heads for the hills. Equally predictable was assigning racism as the cause of the problems. Vox referred to the “wave of abuse and harassment” Markle had already been subjected to. That included “the racial undertones of comment pieces” and “the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”  Which apparently was all too much for this delicate shrinking violet.

Let me offer an alternative take. 'The Firm' (Royal Family Inc,) viewed Harry's bout of jungle fever with alarm from the outset, an alarm that grew dramatically as they experienced her up close and personal. So they ousted her and him.

Item: She was brought (dragged) up in Compton, one of the worst ghettos in America, to the sound of gunfire and exploding crack dens.

Item: They feared that her friends and relatives from the 'hood would rob the Royal Cutlery or cause Windsor Castle to go up in flames

Item: They saw the risk of her becoming 'nigger-rich' - a well-studied phenomenon which could result in Buckingham Palace being painted a fetching shade of orange or the ordering of a personal fleet of solid gold limousines for the 'Duchess'

Item: Due her despotic behaviour there was a mass exodus of her staff within a short time of her taking over.

Item: She had broken Royal Protocol no fewer than 67 times in just 18 months on the job and showed no sign of stopping

Item: They worried about her stepbrother's letter to Harry imploring him: “Whatever you do, don’t marry her.” 

Item: The Duchess of Sex, sorry, Sussex, had had her ass pounded by an endless array of basketball players, pro footballers, golfers, porn stars, marines and Z-list actors from her early teens up to the time she met the Prince. (They were introduced by a Jewess). She appeared on film simulating oral sex in a car and half-naked pictures of her still circulate on the internet.

Item: Rumours that she drove Kate Middleton to tears with her rudeness and aggression. Such rumours were confirmed by the following simple announcement from the Palace Press Office: "Rumours of disagreements between the two Duchesses are absolutely unfounded."

Item: The changes in Prince Harry: "I haven’t seen him look really happy for a long time. To go from being the most popular member of the Royal Family to where people barely care about you, something has to have gone seriously wrong."

So what do you think? Was it racism....or other things?

Originally appeared at: Irish Savant