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10 Reasons Why Watching Pro Football is for Losers!

Paying to watch it or betting on it is even more stupid!


Here are my ten reasons why Pro Football is for losers.

  1. Whether or not your team wins is of no importance. It has no impact on your life, your people, your society, your government, your freedom, your education, your career, your family, your health your present and future, all of which are of overwhelming importance.
  2. In fact, chronically watching sports has a negative impact on all healthy things in a variety of ways.
  3. It’s media and commercially promoted addiction that steals your precious time and attention away from things vitally more important to both your personal life and in society at large.
  4. It promotes sedentary slothfulness that leads to laziness, obesity and consumption of unhealthy junk food and drinks while watching other people engage in physical activity. Chronically watching sports promotes the opposite of healthy behavior in addicted TV spectators.
  5. It promotes massive consumption of alcoholic beverages leading to behavioral and physical issues that last far longer than the games watched. Over time, it can lead to a lifetime of negative consequences, not least of contributing to destructive sickness of alcoholism and all the attendant damage associated with it.
  6. Chronically watching your team is a sum losing game for you. There are 32 pro football teams and only one can be the champion, the other 31 teams and spectators are destined to lose every year. It has a psychologically damaging and depressing impact on millions of people by engaging them in an emotional process that often leads them to depression and negativity that in turn results in destructive self behaviors.
  7. It makes the billionaire owners and the mass media, and junk food and drink companies richer and you poorer. If you spend thousands on season tickets its even worse for you. It’s big money you can much better spend on the fundamental well-being of yourself and your family. If you gamble on games, you are even dumber. It is the worst bet possible, with a 10 percent house take on every single game.
  8. It is presented as a way to bring the family together, but in reality, it is far better to spend time with your family actually doing something together and truly communicating with each other than watching other people do things. Take walk with your family in the forest or the desert or the mountains or the parks or the beach, go to a museum, or any of thousands of positive activities!
  9. Spending time and money on pro football is nothing more than supporting the very establishment and values that are destroying our nation. The kneeling disrespect to our flag, destruction of our 2nd amendment rights and our values is like supporting a foreign invader taking over your country.

I grew up in New Orleans as a Saints fan, the clearest breaking point was when the multimillion dollar paid (with fans money) coach, Sean Peyton, used his money and fame to become a spokesman for saying we had no right to have guns.  It is crazy to think that 85 percent of the fans in the Superdome want to keep their gun rights, but are patronizing those who want to take them away.

  1. It is the biggest promoter of gambling in the United States and around the world. Gambling addiction has destroyed millions of lives and families!

Like most red-blooded Americans I grew watching pro sports beginning in the very early days of TV broadcasting.

Like for the vast majority of Americans, it was something we rarely watched, and when seen it was usually a game or so on weekends. Most Americans never attended a pro football game, baseball or football game.

It was more likely for Americans to attend a local high school or college football or basketball game during their seasons, than the pro sports of today.

For instance, television transformed both football, basketball and baseball from a pastime watched by a small fraction of people to something dramatically affecting tens of millions of Americans.

Cable TV and the Internet brought pro sports to non-stop 24 hour – seven days a week access to millions.

Anyone who looks unbiasedly at the pro sports phenomenon knows that its impact damages millions of people and society at large.

It not only wastes precious time from more valuable and positive activities, but it directly leads to behavior and mentality that is harmful to yourself and your family.

And its not just football. It’s basketball and baseball and all the spectator sports that rob us of so much time and energy.

It even includes the sport of golf. Which can take hours and hours of time that could be used for better things.

If you want to watch golf, watch the four majors or even just the most exciting part of the tournaments the last round.

You would be far better off going and walking the course and playing a round that sitting on your duff each estrogen creating junk foods that make you fat and rob you of your manhood.

Forget watching sports. Make your major sport making your body healthy, powerful and energetic. Let yourself feel the sun on your skin or the sting of cold or snow on your face, feel your muscles strain against the mountain or the force of water as you swim to exhaustion.

Make your sport the game of life and true living!

You will be better for it and happy for your effort.

You will conquer yourself and conquer the game of life for yourself and for your people and nation!

Originally appeared at: DavidDuke.Com