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Neo-Marxist Professors Fear Their Anti-White Lectures Will Be Exposed Online

Neo-marxist professors are having to post their classes online due to the Chink Virus lockdown, and they’re worried that “right wing websites” will get ahold of their anti-white material and expose them.

Reclaim The Net:

As more lectures go online because of the coronavirus pandemic, some professors are worried that what they’re teaching could be exposed to “right wing sites” and are discussing ways to limit the distribution of what they teach online.

These discussions started when Texas Christian University Associate Professor of Political Science Emily Farris tweeted: “If you are recording a lecture on anything controversial, be prepared for right wing sites to ask students to share it.”

Dr. Rachel Michelle Gunter, a Professor of History at a community college in North Texas, responded by tweeting that she’s “taking steps to limit this but nothing is foolproof.”

n a follow-up tweet, Gunter added: “Instead of posting videos direct to LMS [Learning Management System] (which would then own them) I’m posting links to the videos on youtube. The videos themselves are “unlisted” meaning you can’t find them in a search or if you go to my page-only if you have the direct link. Doesn’t stop link sharing though.”

Columbia University Political Science Professor Jeffrey Lax also replied to Gunter’s tweet and added that he’d been “thinking about” his lectures being shared and wrote, “even if not recording, can’t student’s record?”

Farris, Gunter, and Lax didn’t share which lecture topics they were trying to prevent from being shared online but some of the other replies on Twitter pointed to lectures on “elections,” “gun safety,” “politicization of immigration,” “women’s health,” and “white nationalism.”

The leftist takeover of academia is directly linked to the rapid decline of our civilization. Leftism has permeated all aspects of academia and is brainwashing hordes of students to become raging social justice warriors hellbent on exterminating the white race and establishing global matriarchy.

The gay, tranny, fat acceptance, sex positive and women’s movements all come out of academia, run by these neo-marxists. All SJW roads lead to the modern college campus. Every social ill that we can tie inextricably to our downfall was first spawned on a Western college campus by one of these neo-marxist, white-hating professors.

Hating whites, heterosexual males, Christians and Western civilization is the by-product of neo-marxist dyke professors who want to turn the whole world gay, tranny and non-white.

Originally appeared at: Reconquista Europa