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Most Racial Discrimination Is Rational (Sorry Leftists)

LEFTIST VALUES have become so deeply embedded in our politics that we unthinkingly accept them as positive values. One of these values is that racial discrimination is a bad thing, an irrational thing, which must be extirpated from society. Getting rid of racial discrimination is supposed to be so obviously a good thing that we shouldn’t need to question it. But question everything, including this. Why does discrimination happen?

Discrimination is a pattern of behavior by which we try to keep ourselves safe. We discriminate in our food choices because we don’t want to eat poisonous matter. We discriminate in what we buy because we want our earned money to do us as much good as it can.

Likewise, we engage in racial discrimination for the same reasons. Even those of us who denounce it as an evil, “racist” practice do it when they choose to live in areas that are highly racially filtered. If we can, we send our children to schools in which students from races having conspicuous bad behavior problems are scarcely represented. We do this to keep ourselves and our families safe.

Although irrational discrimination, based upon hatred, might indeed be a bad thing, most discrimination is rational. And that kind of discrimination is very good, regardless of what leftists might say to the contrary. You lock your door at night, not because you hate those who are outside, but because you love those who are inside.

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Originally appeared at: National Vanguard