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Mossad Trained Nelson Mandela, Worked to Destroy White South Africa (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

From Dissident-Mag:

In the midst of the 2020 Bolshevist cultural revolution, it’s important to add the context of recent African history in which Israel’s Mossad is confirmed to have given paramilitary training to a young Nelson Mandela, mounting an international campaign against apartheid while simultaneously shoring up apartheid at home, and extracting 450 tons of yellowcake uranium from the still-white South African government.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss the golems of the recent past and how they were used to destroy European nations on the African continent.

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Transcript follows below.

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This idea of a black golomb is something that has been going on for quite some time, and we're now going to dive into the whole history. But I want to pull back this article that is newer than Dacca, this flashback to 2013 that Nelson Mandela was trained by Mussad. And this has been a thing that has been going on all the time. And so when Mike talks about what we're seeing right now being a cultural revolution, this is Jewish Bolshevism rearing its head.

Yeah, that is what this is.

I mean, you see you see gymnast's standing down in the midst of all of this and returning to what was there before. And you have this advance, this burning and tearing down of all of the cultural icons of white Western civilization. But they've done this before. They did this in South Africa. They did this in Rhodesia. And Nelson Mandela was trained by moussab.

This was part of this release from Israel's state archives back in 2013. They published a 50 year old letter from the Mossad spy agency claiming it unknowingly, often unknowingly offered paramilitary training to young Nelson Mandela, along with documents illustrating the Jewish state sympathy for the anti-apartheid struggle in the 1960s. The newly published Israeli documents released weeks after Mandela's death is so that he can't say anything about them because that's the thing is like Israel wants to be able to say that they had no idea that they were helping out Mandela. But they wait until he dies so that he can't say, you know, who I was, you know who exactly who I was, which.

So this is what all this is going on. A lovable highlight. Israeli officials voices against apartheid and their attempts to rally. This is about political. This is about sort of PR, too. And you'll see why. The documents highlight Israeli officials voices against apartheid and their attempts to rally international pressure on South African government to stop the 1964 Rivonia trial in which Mandela would be sentenced to life in prison. But perhaps most startling is that the memo, first reported by Haaretz, claims Mandela received to paramilitary training from Israeli handlers in Ethiopia in 1962 without them realizing who he was. They knew exactly the fucking words, so they realized that the release of the documents on the Archives website appears to be. This is the Israeli archives Web site appears to be aimed at blunting criticism of those of the close reliance Israel later developed with South Africa's apartheid rulers. Ari, explain what was going on there and you'll see how Jewish this is.

So after the 1973 Mideast war, when dozens of African countries broke diplomatic ties with Israel, the Jewish state formed close military ties with South Africa's apartheid government. This is this has to do with Israel obtaining nuclear weapons and they get all these all this stolen from the United States. Well, they need a lot of yellow cake, right. And so after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel was short of uranium, of which South Africa had large reserves. Israel also needed hard currency. It got both by selling conventional weapons and by sharing Nuclear Know-How with South Africa and converting some of its yellowcake into weapons grade plutonium. It's funny, you know, in back to the future, we have who is it? The Libyans. Maybe it should have been the Israeli terrorists in their little Volkswagen van. But now we can't do that. Spellberg, Kenya. So the Israeli South Africa alliance was close and strategic. In 1987, Israel adopted its own version of sanctions against South Africa, but it didn't let those affect the existing arms contracts with South Africa that were the hundreds of millions of dollars. So in a secret deal, South Africa lifted safeguards on 450 tons of yellowcake sold to Israel. Israel, in return for Israel, tried tiem to be used as a nuclear weapons booster. Israel also bailed out South African politician whose bankruptcy would have scuppered the deal. Israeli relations in post apartheid South Africa remain cool. The South African government is a fervent supporter of the Palestinian cause. Now it is. But earlier this month, Netanyahu was conspicuously absent from Mandela's funeral now. So the whole year, he was attending Bolson Hours in Nigeria. This visit down there with ya. And people can Bert butcher my pronunciation of that if they want.

But, yeah, this this whole thing is kind of funny. We'll talk about Mandela here in a second, which is the point of me bringing this up. But they released that. They'll admit that they trained Mandela in order to put the narrative out there that they weren't working directly with the apartheid government to obtain all this yellow cake for their nuclear program and in turn helping out South Africa during the apartheid. So they can play both. So they admit that they're playing both sides. But then they're also like, yeah, we train Mandela, though. So we were really trying to help out the good guys, but we didn't know who he was. So this gives this this gives blacks in South Africa who are anti-Israel, who are pro Palestinian, they're against all of this stuff. This gives them a little bit of clearance, because if they find out that Mandela and all these other black leaders across America, they're all Jewish puppets. These people are already, you know, getting you with Ice Cube in his tweets and everything. It's like they're they're teetering on the edge of of sort of realizing this. And blacks have known this for years.

Blacks have done this stuff for years and it's working with apartheid. South Africa is yet another reason for them not to trust Israelis. But that's what they did. But according to the top secret Mandela memo, a man named David Demob, sorry, who came from Rhodesia, met with officials several months later at the Israeli embassy in Ethiopia, expressing interest in the tactics of the Hagana, the pre Israel Jewish resistance movement against British rulers. Haaretz quoted the letters saying, As you may recall, three months ago we discussed the case of a trainee who arrived at the Israeli embassy in Ethiopia by the name. He just knew to go there for the training. He was interested in all this stuff, right. The aforementioned received training from Ethiopians, a codename for Mossad agents, according to Haaretz. So Ethiopians are the real Mossad now in judo, sabotage in weaponry. And it added that the man had shown interest in the methods of Hagana. Yeah, we talked about that. It went on. This is this is hilarious.

He greeted our men with Shalom, was familiar with the problems of jury and of Israel and gave the impression of being an intellectual. Gave the impression. Not actually the staff tried to make him a Zionist in conversations with him, he expressed socialist world views and at times create the impression that he leaned toward communism. So it's like, yeah, they were trying to. Yeah, it's like they act as though. Mandela showed up at their doorstep begging for help, and they obliged and gave him up and they tried to steer him toward Zionism, it's like now. It's like the whole thing is just so fucking obvious when you see it.

And it's like, yeah, they're gonna train Mandela unbeknownst to South African apartheid government who never probably would have worked with them if they knew what was actually going on. Unless the same sort of pedo ring methods of control were in place back then, we don't really know. It's probably worthwhile for another deep dive to figure this out. I mean, suffice it to say, if they're using this method of control in America, they're using it all over the place. But but yeah. I mean, you have this.

Yeah. And I'm sure that like any any African could, it could have just walked into the Ethiopian embassy. And so, yes, I would look the training on weaponry and judo and they were just like, sign up for it. Right. All right. Well, that's what we do here. You know, time to get you suited up for the for the guns class. Well, yeah, I think yeah.

It's just silly. I mean, they they went out, they found someone who could be a revolutionary leader, someone that they could prop up, someone that they could give training to, someone that they could use as a bludgeon against South African government while they're extracting four hundred and fifty tons of yellowcake uranium from that government. And then what, 50 years later? Now they released documents that show like, oh, yeah, we were really helping the black guy. And, you know, nobody's gonna question our duplicity on the uranium stuff because, like, you know, that that would be anti Semitism. And if you do, that's a problem. But, you know, we totally didn't know who this guy was. So, you know, blacks can't get too upset. And Bubba Mumba. But it's just like the same old story over and over and over again. Right. Like.

Yeah. But you can go really. Israel. Why did you help Mandela? Like, no, no, no. We got to South Africans. Yeah. Then you're like Israel. Why did you help South Africa. Like not how we helped Mandela. Yes.

Yeah. And according. So the documents also include some other interesting stuff. So Israel maintained a strong interest in Mandela's well-being after his arrest. Of course they did. And throughout the Rivonia trial where he was convicted of sabotage and sentenced to life in prison, should should've gotten the death penalty. And according to the archives, Israel also had an interest in the case because about one third of the defendants in that trial were Jewish. And Israel feared the case would spread anti-Semitism in South Africa. One letter dated April 21st, 1964, written by as Real Hero, an Israeli diplomat in South Africa at the time, called for rallying international opinion to prevent the Rivonia defendants from seeing receiving death sentences. And this is this would have been exactly, what, 10 years after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. So, yeah, they do want to see this. They don't want to see part two, part two of this thing. So he also suggested that an economic boycott of South Africa be considered. Of course he did. Perhaps the economic value of the boycott is little, but it's psychological. A publicity value is high, which is why they have A.D.s legislation.

The you could say the same thing about that.

The economic value of a boycott of Israel will be little. But the psychological and publicity value of a boycott of Israel will be high, which is why it is a felony, one that strongly affects public opinion. And that is that is the way that maybe should be continued in addition to all the rest of the means to force South Africa to retreat from its racist policy. This Jew wrote a Foreign Ministry document dated May 18th, 1964.

It discusses efforts to recruit Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, Bubar Buber, whatever Bealer and Israeli author Haim huzzahs. I am huzzahs to sign a declaration in support of the Rivonia defendants. So they're only interested in this because they're Jewish defendants who are participating in the sabotage with Mandela. But we don't totally, totally don't know who Mandela is. Right. Ailun Leel, who served as the Israel ambassador to South Africa in the early 1990s after Mandela's release from prison, said Israel's courtship of African leaders in the 60s is well known.

He said the young Jewish state was in search of allies. Also, there was a policy that Israel will be the light of nations. No. Very important lighting the way of the world well, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, though, denies all of this. They have to maintain credibility. Right. While blacks are still anti Semitic. This is another project of the Jews is to make blacks very Zionist.

They want them to be Zionist in official organs and they'll fall for the routine that as we're gonna find out in part two of this program, that Hasni and others try where it's like, no, cool. You can be nationalists, too. Let me show you exactly how to be nationalist, because then there's no duplicity. It's like they're going to do that. Blacks, they're going to make blacks think they're getting their own sort of like black Zionism. But it's really just gonna be in support of Israel. And a lot of them are going to fall for it because they're going to silence the other voices like Farrakhan and everybody else. So Nelson Mandela Foundation questions the account. Big questions while confirming that Mandela tour to African countries that year and even received military training in Ethiopia. It said there was no evidence that he had any contact with Israelis whatsoever. Senior researcher at the Mandela Foundation said that he traveled Ethiopia, interviewed the surviving men who assisted in Mandela's training. No evidence emerged of an Israeli connection, it said.

Yeah, they have to play this game because if if black power around the world found out that all of its powerful were just Jewish puppets, this whole thing would just fall apart. And that's why they have such stringent controls on on the speech.

Yeah, I'm sure he just received training from Ethiopians only at the Israeli embassy. It was contact list, military training. Yeah.

Well, but see, that's the thing is because Ethiopian was a code name for Mossad. These people aren't are lying. So, yeah, he got training from Ethiopians.

Right. Not Mossad. Ethiopians take with the Ethiopians are. But by fellow Ethiopian. But yeah. You see how this works. You know, going back to the 1960s, you see how this stuff works. We've had all the stuff that we that we learned with Roy Cohn last weekend. It's a is it is it not painfully obvious yet? What's going on? Have people see what's happening? And in all of the things that are going on in this country right now, the things that we're watching our cities burn, all that truth is gonna come out. We don't know. We have an idea. We have a vague idea of what it is. I mean, we can say that it's this cause, but we're gonna find out we're gonna know exactly the origin of all of this stuff. It's you know, they did green revolutions in the Middle East and now they're doing brown revolutions in America. That's exactly what this is.

And, you know, we don't we don't know what the what the ultimate end is, we don't know where it's going to be drawing to a close, but they seem to be pushing this very hard.

They want this is another realignment that they're pushing. And now 10 or 15 years from now, they're going to look back at this and say, oh, look, this is a revolution from the people. The people demanded this and white people capitulated. And then we had social change, as if those things just grew out of nothing. And this is up from nothing grassroots, as if Nelson Mandela grew up from nothing and which is grassroots. And then apartheid fell. Right. Just this was just an uprising from blacks and nothing more. And blacks took back their freedom and wave magic wand and. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, and they're already seeding this idea in the media. I've seen some statements from people and CEOs and others saying that the country it's just changed. Things are just so different now. Yeah. We can't do things the way we used to do. It is just addressing this very nebulous idea that there's been a social change and and people are just different. And and that is why things need to be different. That is why these statues need to come down.

That's why we need to do lynch and burn and literally lynch and topple every statue in America and and replace whites with blacks and fire any white person that doesn't love what's going on because it's just different. It's just get with the times, man. Things have changed, man. And they're never going to. Yeah.

They don't want to talk very much about about why this is being led, how this is being led, the mechanics of how this is being led and and this social change is being fomented and being enforced, really.

I mean, they also don't want to talk about the fact that that this change is backstopped by the power of the state because that that reveals it to be to be a lie. It reveals it just to be a work. If the power of the state is on your side.

Right. Then, then what white supremacist government is there to fight against, just like Tariq Shiki, Mugsy MADEC, whatever his name is. Yeah, like this. I told you. I mean, we said this we said this a while ago that when the Justice Department put out these, these guys sort of looked like quasi military, more like militia. They look indistinguishable from the protesters that were on the cat, the steps of the Michigan capital. And then he tweets that there are going to be a bunch of deputized white supremacists who will be working with law enforcement. This is all part of the this is all part of the meme. They want you to believe the government is actually white supremacist.

And that is it's it's resisting this.

And it as it gives way, it sort of synthesizes this victory as these white political pundits who have been implicitly, at least at a minimum, pro white for decades now all of a sudden are giving way.

It lends this fake and gay, Bolshevik, Jewish, black golomb revolution some credence, like, oh, look, the revolution is achieving its goals when in reality, blacks, you're just pawns for Jewish power. And it's going to be a matter of time. But like blacks, certain convenience for Jews just as much as whites are. And so, you know, when we're gone, if it assuming it gets to that point, your next they're gonna do the same shit to you. They're gonna build you up and they're going they're gonna fucking destroy you and they're gonna use they're gonna use a lot of the same arguments to I mean, because if you if you remove this if you remove this sort of like cone of context, denial, I mean, you yeah. This is sort of a basic pitch argument that the things that blacks are demanding compared to the poverty that is in the rest of the world, usually self-imposed poverty, but poverty in the rest of the world. I mean, the rest of the world looks at these except in white other white European countries. The rest of the world looks at what blacks are doing. An American be like, bro, like, why would you fuck up with all this good stuff that you have there? Like, why would you act like a fool with the police? Like you get free shit from the government. Like why would you fuck that up like he's stupid.

I'm living on like five dollars a month down here and whatever fucking shithole rice paddy that I live in. And these people, you know, it's like but but that context is totally denied in order to pretend like this is some sort of an idea. People in these other countries probably are like not knowing much about the political situation or just like, man, why are these white people like fuckin why are these white Pipo fucking all these people up? And it's like. Because Jews. That's why because we're not actually in charge of anything. This is all this is all hyper real. It is. It really is hyperreal. The people think that they're getting a revolution and they're not they're just being used as pawns to deliver a more more significant stranglehold on the power structure that Jews have. So it's not static. People that think that already have everything, it's like, no, they don't. They wouldn't be pushing for more. They already had it had everything. They're gonna have more after this, just like they had more. Nineteen sixty five, just like they had more after nineteen forty five, just like they had more after the Balfour Declaration. I mean it just never ends. Like it's always going to be a push until it's stopped and it has to be stopped.

So speaking of style, in the fact that the fact that. Well, just one quick thing is the fact that you and I and everybody out there listening are still alive and not in a prison camp is is evidence. They don't have everything they want, don't you, Michael? We know what they want. Don't get muddy as well. Yeah. Yeah. But we know what the ultimate we know we know what their shot is here. And so it's everywhere.

It's everything that they say has been done to them is what they plan to do to you.

And that and everything they are doing now to these statues, the lynchings, hanging them from utility poles, burning them alive, you think? Do you think they're going to stop with the symbols of whiteness? Or is that going to continue on to those that embody it?

Yeah, yeah.

And I would say that it's too soon for them to do that right now. I think if you actually if they hung a police officer, in reality a white police officer, I think this would this this this tinder box would probably implode. They're going to have to wait a little bit longer to do something like that. But there will be a time when you look back on this time and say, oh, yeah, all of that stuff down in effigy that was just practice round. Because they're going to want to do it for real. In the these revolutionaries, these black wrote, these black faux revolutionaries because blacks can't do anything without the Jews. Like, let's be honest, I know this is Mike. Mike has made this point. I know it's an older Mike Enock talking point, but it checks out like that. No, none of what blacks are doing right now burning now, like we said, like if it wasn't for state power and all of this would be put to bed in 24 hours.

Dunn finished over, but they can't do anything without Jews. And so think about that. Blacks, when Jews decide to abandon you, just remember, you know, it's like you're riding a bicycle.

Like with training wheels right now. And someday the training wheels are going to fall. And then you're you know, you're gonna try to blame Whitey for sticking the pipe in the front spokes. But it's you know, that's not how it's going to work. So anyway, we're going to break.

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