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MN State Senator & Physician Blows Whistle on Inflated Covid Death Tally: ‘Fear Is a Great Way to Control People’

Editor's note: The public is increasingly split as to whether people are exaggerating or underestimating the health threat of COVID, and it is becoming an increasingly emotional issue, which is understandable, considering what is at stake. Here at TTP we can honestly say that we don't know, and see compelling arguments from both camps. In that spirit, we will publish both sides if we think they shed some light. As the saying goes, "Truth is born in debate."

Minnesota State Senator and MD Scott Jensen, who is a practicing physician, told a local news program that he is completely baffled by how Covid-19 deaths are being recorded:

Last Friday I received a 7-page document that sort of told me that if I had an 86-year-old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for Covid-19, but sometime after she came down with pneumonia, we learn that she had been exposed to her son, who had no symptoms, but was later on identified with Covid-19, that it would be appropriate to diagnose, on the death certificate, Covid-19.

If someone has pneumonia, and it’s in the middle of a flu epidemic, and I don’t have a test on influenza, I don’t diagnose influenza on the death certificate. I will say this elderly patient died of pneumonia.

I went to the person in our office who does most of the death certificates over the last ten, twenty years and I said: ‘Does this sound right?’ And I had her look at the documents that I had printed off. And she said: ‘Well we’ve always been told that you always put down just facts. You don’t put down any probabilities. You don’t put any presumptions down. It’s just what you know.’ And so this is concerning.

When we start talking about the data that goes into the modeling, we have to ask ourselves a question: ‘Are we being forthright?’

The news anchor asked him why the CDC would issue such counter-intuitive protocols. His sobering answer:

Fear is a great way to control people. And I worry about that.

Here are the CDC guidelines that Dr. Jensen is referring to:

Watch the full exchange:

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