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Migrant Men Spit on Random Mother and Infant for Fun in Holland

A mother and her infant child are now in complete quarantine after being spat on by a pair of foreign men while cycling down the street in De Gouw toward the Dutch municipality of Enkhuizen.

The woman and her one-year-old son were spat on at around 5:30pm on Saturday by two fighting-age foreigners who were riding scooters. The victim and her infant child will both stay in quarantine for two weeks, per the order of the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports.

As a result of the fourteen day quarantine, the victim – who works at a school taking care of the children of healthcare workers – will not be able to work.

On Saturday evening, the victim’s brother took to social media to inform the public about the attack.

 “My sister and 1 year old nephew were spat on this afternoon by 2 dark-skinned boys aged 20/21 on a scooter, they were not wearing helmets. Both dark hair. This happened on the Gouw, near the flower bulbs of Karel. The boys drive towards you and then spit. ”

The mother of the victim, Cobi Blommestein, also told the Dutch regional news channel NH Nieuws that her daughter was “very upset” because of the attack.

“She was completely covered and it also affected her child,” Blommestein said.

The two foreigners are also said to have spat on another woman who was cycling in front of Blommestein’s daughter.

On Monday, a gay couple walking hand-in-hand in Amsterdam were harassed, attacked, and spit on by a group of foreigners, Voice of Europe reported. “Faggots! Gays not normal! You are cancer homos,” one of the immigrants can be heard saying while he proudly films himself harassing the two men.

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Originally appeared at: Voice of Europe

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