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Migrant Invader Gets it Right: Spits on Fags in Amsterdam - 'Faggots! Gays Not Normal! You are Cancer Homos!' (Video)

A gay couple walking hand-in-hand in Amsterdam were harassed, attacked, and spit on by a group of foreigners on Monday. Photos and video footage of the incident have surfaced on social media.

During the ordeal, the two victims contacted the police and recorded video from their mobile phones. Although the hoodlums fled the scene when police officers arrived, two of them came back later and spat on the couple, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports

“Faggots! Gays not normal! You are cancer homos,” one of the immigrants can be heard saying while he proudly films himself harassing the two men.

The migrant youth can also be heard repeatedly shouting that in Amsterdam gays are not normal. The same migrant, together with one of his pals, is reported to have spat on the couple

The Amsterdam police are now investigating the incident.

“We have also seen the images ourselves and take it very seriously,” said a spokeswoman for the police. “Normally it takes a while before you can report a so-called ‘complaint offense’. The declaration process has now been accelerated. This means that a declaration can already be made this afternoon.”

The virulent anti-gay sentiment that’s now widespread throughout Europe is something that has been imported into the continent by so-called ‘elites’. The problem is particularly bad in multicultural France.

Last spring, a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant was arrested after he attacked a homosexual man, stabbing him to death and disemboweling his friend outside of Paris.

In the same month, two teenagers were brought in front of a French court after they were accused of using the gay dating app Grindr to lure gay men to an area where they would then beat and rob them.

In another case that happened only just a few months prior, two radical Islamic extremists were arrested for planning to carry out terror attacks against homosexuals using the same dating app, Le Parisien reported.

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Originally appeared at: Voice of Europe