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Merchants of Destruction Set Their Sights on NASCAR (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

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From the FTN Website:

As the anti-white leviathan turns its attention to NASCAR, banning Confederate flags and using serial loser Bubba Wallace as its agent of destruction, the organization has deftly managed to somehow appeal to people who hate NASCAR while simultaneously shaming those who don't.

In this clip Jazz and James discuss how NASCAR's 16 year old "Drive for Diversity" program has failed and why it took a nation on fire to muster the political chutzpah to impose sweeping changes.

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They are going to go for the crown jewel of white sporting events and NASCAR is on the chopping block. But you know what? When you look at the history of NASCAR, it's been on the chopping block for a while. And in case you weren't aware, they do have a black driver. That's at least in the NASCAR level. I mean, for those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, I mean, people who follow racing, you know, you have all these different types of tiers in the sport. And so there are nonwhites throughout the sport, but there is only one black NASCAR driver and his name is Bubba Wallace. And I guess, you know, in a sport that that became popular based on people running from the police, this this is really a good sport for blacks to really get into. Right. I mean, you know, for people who don't. Yeah, I don't know. NASCAR was created from from booze running. Right. Like that. This is really how this started. And a lot of the guys that were very famous in the very early days of the sport were guys who literally ran booze during prohibition. You know, and so then, you know, it makes sense, you know, blacks who want to resist arrest, it's just people who want to flee the cops. Why not have them come drive in NASCAR?

Well, it's it's especially remarkable he's able to compete at this high level when he has to hotwire the car show before each race as well.

Is somebody else? Probably does that for him. But yeah, Bubba Wallace, just jam that screws. Right, exactly. Yeah.

Well, he has come out as one of the voices to ban the Confederate flag from flying at NASCAR rallies in the infield. It's always been there. It's been there for a long time. And all the guys who the guys who became very famous early on in the sport were all southern. I mean, it's been very Southern sport. Nothing wrong with that.

And Bubba Wallace is becoming very outspoken in their telling people that they need to ban the flag and sure enough, not to be newscast.

But just one hour ago. We record the show late on Wednesday night, just one hour ago. NASCAR has announced they have banned the Confederate flag from all NASCAR venues permanently, forever. So it's done. So I'm going to give you a little bit of the lead up to this, because it's there's some Jews. Surprise, surprise. There's some Jews involved. But you have this bubble all speaking, this black avatar of NASCAR standing up and saying, you know, we've got to get rid of the flag. This is bad, blah, blah, blah. You had a black NASCAR official who took a knee during Sunday's race in Atlanta, which may have been, as far as we know, the first time ever at NASCAR.

You had Wallace, who wore a black T-shirt with the words I can't breathe at Sunday's race, and said that his next step after they interviewed him after the race on Saturday, Sunday was my next step would be to get rid of all Confederate flags. And sure enough, they did. He said there should be no individual that is uncomfortable showing up to our events except for white people to have a good time with their family that feels some type of way about something. They have seen an object that they have seen flying the flag. I mean, these black quotes, I mean, it's funny that the media doesn't clean them up, otherwise it would just be it would just be like a sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, like throughout the whole thing. But they don't even bother to clean up. He says no one should feel comfortable when they come to a NASCAR race. I already said that, Bubba. So it starts with Confederate flags. Where does it end? Bubba, get them out of here. They have no place for them here. So Wallace says it and it was done just like that.

Yeah. And, you know, when you look at all of these NASCAR races, this is not you know, this is not the NFL. This is not the NBA is you know, they pack a hundred thousand people into these stadiums. Vast majority, vast majority. These people are white and even the blacks. And not to get too deep into this, they don't really care about black people. But the blacks that go to NASCAR races, they don't give a fuck about Confederate flags. They're oftentimes you'll see them flying them. Right. These are people that that are steeped in this. These are the people that would do the heritage, not hate it. Right. And any but any black person that that cares enough to go to a NASCAR race, they're bothered by this. So who does this really appease? This is really done to appease Chuck.

Chuck what? Make Glugs truck happy or in the case of NASCAR. I forget her name. Jill Gregory. Yeah. Make Joe Gregory happy to Gregory's Jewish. She's also the marketing executive for NASCAR. And so. Yeah. Oh yeah. No, this is all this is all been part of the plan for a long time. Wallace is just but you know, the guy that stands up and says it's time for this to happen.

And this is my great idea and we need to do it. Even though Wallace has never run or Bubba Wallace has never won a race in NASCAR. He's like, oh, for oh like this truly is not a sport for black people. And they shoehorn them into it. This is Wallace is he came out of this. What is this called the Drive for Diversity Program. So in 2010, Wallace was just like a rookie on NASCAR's CNN pro series East. You know, those CNN filters that Mexicans will put on their black Honda Civic one point six liter and meaning they needed to really go fast and. Yeah, I guess like 15 more horsepower. Yeah, that's what that's who sponsors NASCAR Regional Developmental Series. Wallace drove the rev racing as part of blah, blah, blah.

So the Drive for Diversity Program was something that was stood up in 2004 by NASCAR marketing executives, who is then Ken Brink, replaced by Jill Gregory.

And of course, Jill has a bunch of, you know, good old white boys working for her in the NASCAR marketing executive department.

But it's a very small operation. And for at least the last two decades, it's been run by two fucking female Jews. And so Joe Gibbs Racing, which is one of the racing outfits within NASCAR, along with Reggie White and Magic Johnson. So literally, this is the this is the branch, the Drive for diversity program. How do we black brown up NASCAR, NASCAR's to white. We got to fix this problem. Too many Confederate flags. Got to fix this problem. Yeah. We're going to have a female Jew and an AIDS infected gay black basketball player like be the guiding lights for this for this program to start getting more nonwhites into NASCAR. And they started with a bunch of Mexicans. Who is Carlos Montoya? There's about there's a couple in there. But what's funny about all this is that Kyle Larson, if we remember the guy who who who said the game word on the I drive livestream. Yeah, I felt like I was white. Apparently he's like one slice of something. And he was one of the people who were a beneficiary of the Drive for Diversity program.

So the Drive for Diversity Program recipient Kyle Larson is the guy who's at the game award on the stream and he got kicked the fuck out. But it's funny. Bubble is forgives him, doesn't forgive anybody else. Like he apologized above and but was like, oh, OK. That's fine, Kyle, because you're gonna you're going to be you're going to be out of a job. And sure enough, Kyle is calling race anymore. But yeah.

So they have it. Above all else gets the opportunity to express his magnanimity. Meg Magnon knew Mindy. But, yeah, it's it's yeah, it's just bad.

I mean, this goes on and on. Darrell Wolff, who's the NASCAR executive vice president and chief sales and operations officers. We want all to feel welcome at our events in the future. NASCAR has been more open in recent times to the eradication of the Confederate flag.

Former Chairman Brian France. Oh, God. It's like. It's like English holds the English. Brian France. It's like whenever you see, like, a last name. I don't know. I didn't look at it. Smash Early Life on Brian France. But typically when you see somebody whose last name is the name of the country, it's not a white person. Brian, France in 2015 tried to ban the Confederate flag at racetracks. But in 2015 and this is our point and how quickly things have changed. That proposal was seen as too broad to enforce. And it actually made NASCAR's Southern based fan base very upset. People did not want to upset these fans. And furthermore, what it did was by even teasing the idea of banning the Confederate flag. It led to even more Confederate flags. NASCAR historian Dan Pearce said, well, now it's some kind of a middle finger because he told them they couldn't do it. And now they're everywhere and they're using these this this fake crisis about black bodies in the streets to strip all of this away from everybody. And, you know, I would be hesitant to predict that this is going to lead to some sort of collapse of NASCAR.

I think they'll probably be fewer fans. You'll see some downsizing of some of the tracks because some of these stadiums or fields or whatever racetracks, whatever you want to call them, are monstrous in terms of their capacity for fans.

And I think you're just going to see, especially with Cauvin, you're going to see some of this wane a little bit. But if you're not going to have blacks doing well in these sports, like Bubba Wallace, who's never won a race. And in fact, he not only hasn't won a race, he places really far back and engages in surprise, surprise, James. Lots of aggressive tactics that lead to loss of sponsorship and these outbursts with fans. In fact, he attacked another race car drivers wife, and they suspended her and Bubba because if they just suspend Bubba, it's racist, right?

So they're going to spit, suspend the other driver's wife because he I guess he called her a bitch. And it's just like, wow, real, real respectable. Real nice. You know, this is what they're going to be doing. But, yeah, Wallis's. I don't know how long he's going to stick around. He keeps losing sponsorship, but maybe he did his bit. James, like, maybe the whole point of Bubba Wallace was to say, oh, I have a great idea, let's get rid of the Confederate flag. And then like. All right. Goodbye, Bubba. Thanks. Thanks for playing.

Yeah, and they'll probably follow this with a parade of quotes, like I saw, the NHL is doing the same thing where the NHL came out and did the black square post on Instagram. And every day for the last week, they've been posting another photo with a quote from one of their players. How horrify they are about racism in America and how terrible white people are so on and so forth, which which serves to drive whites away from the sport. And NASCAR has had a problem with attendance and attention for a long time. Right. This is something that is almost exclusively watched and patronized by whites. There are there are some blacks that go, too, by virtue of being in the south. But this is something that is largely white. They've had financial troubles. They've been struggling. And I think this will just serve to hasten their decline. Right. You you black pill whites on NASCAR and drive whites away from NASCAR. Well, you get fewer people showing up and it's not very long before the whole thing just folds.

Did Wallace is gonna be racing in a black DOUT car on Sunday at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia, which is a very nice track.

He's gonna be racing in a blacked out car.

Hashtag Black Lives Matter on the hood of the car. It's going to say compassion, love and understanding with a black fist clenched with the white fist. You know, the typical the typical meme.

And so, yeah, like on the first race in NASCAR in forever in the history of the sport where they're going to ban Confederate flags. Part of the heritage of the sport itself, even beyond the meaning of the flag. They're going to have a guy doing a black racer who never wins anything that's gonna be the funny thing is the Black Lives Matter car. Now, here's the dough, Ray, for the Blackfield James. Do you think they will let Wallace win the race? Just to make a political point. Do you think this will be the race that Wallace wins in Martinsville on Sundy in number 43?

Black lives matter. But what would he be? Even funnier is if, like, this guy has a bunch of problems with his car. Or even better. He, you know, catches on fire and just like Skewes off into the infield. And, you know, who is the guy? Dale Earnhart just did. Dale Earnhardt. This fucking guy.

But, you know, I'm not I'm not wishing anything on him. I hope he has a good race it open. I'm just saying, you know, it's gonna be kind of funny if if it goes either way, it's gonna be very black pilling if they have this guy win the race. But I think that's in the cards. Don't you know Confederate flags, Black Lives Matter car, and they're gonna fuck the other guys in solidarity for Wallace. They're gonna let him win the race.

You know, I. And if they if they dare to raise their know if they dare to floor that accelerator in opposition, they might be looking at losing their sponsorships and they're losing their car entirely. Going to be a hard sell, though, just because I'm looking at this guy's NASCAR cup career. He's run eighty seven races in the last four years.

Nobody wins. He's had none. Yeah. Not a single win and his best finish ever in a race. Twenty eight points.

It's bad now. It's bad. And I would even go as far to argue that any time that this guy has done well, it's been because other members on Joe Gibbs, Ray, because for those of you out in Rhinelander, it's not just like every car against themselves. Like these guys race in teams. And so the teams will help each other out.

So any sort of tangible success that this guy has had, it's been probably because the rest of the team is like, all right, we'll just, you know, just let this guy fucking draft in, let him do, you know, do a little bit better, I suppose, because he's made some friends with some of the white drivers who are all sort of having his back at this point. But Wallace is a proponent of this. All lives will not matter until Black Lives Matter, which is the answer to all lives matter. All Lives Matter is an ignorant racial pro white epithet at this point. But now what is supplanted, that is all lives will not matter until black lives matter. Which to me. If you read that right through to what it truly means is that your life doesn't matter until I get what I want. The black person and any violence, anything bad that happens to a white person as a result of anything that we're doing is totally justified because my life doesn't matter. By some sliding scale definition. So this is the new normal. All lives will not matter until black lives matter. I don't know if people thought about it in that way.

I knew what it meant immediately, but that's exactly what it means. You can't chop that up as is, meaning equality. It doesn't. It just means nothing matters until I get what I want. And it's it's like the credo of blacks, too. Because when you boil it all down, blacks just want what they think that white people have. And it's not you know, we don't have what black people think we have. So that's another part of the trick that they do. But I'll tell you one thing, unless they can Wallace the race. Well, this isn't going to be winning any races, which is something that white people do. If they do win races, they do really well in racing. It is a historically white sport for a reason. Another funny thing about this with regard to Wallace was I going to say there was something else with this. Oh, yeah. So in addition to getting suspended for calling Bryan Scott's wife a bitch, he also rage quit and iRace back in April 2020 and lost to sponsors as a result of it. But it's not you know, it's the Punch and Judy show with this is it's kind of mildly amusing. But the funny thing is, is during in itself tells you everything you need to know is when he rage quit.

He said he was in he rage quit because someone ran him into a wall, like dude just got mad. Which happens on the track to in real life, like he's always being aggressive as a driver. He's not being very white guy out on the track. And you know how blacks are in the car. I mean, anybody who's been on a highway and is encountered a black person on the highway, it's never a pleasant experience, is it, James?

I mean, this sort of like drive it like when he sees a white person coming up behind him.

Do you slow down to like 45, slow down or riding in the left lane, going below the speed limit? And then when you try to go around them and they see that you're white, all of a sudden he speeds up and blocks you behind a semi. Yeah, just typical shit like that.

Yeah. Leave it his turn signal on hanging out in the wrong lane. Swerving. Lane travel. Does he reach for the center console whenever a white driver is behind him? What are the lights.

It's the same old shed or just looks over at you like slow as molasses with the suitcase. And it's just that never ends. But he's he he of Rage quits the livestream and says, y'all have a good run. That's it. That's why I don't take any of this shit serious.

And it's like there's a moment of truth that came out of this. This Negro here, I don't take any of this shit serious, and it's.

Yeah, because this is something that he can't achieve anything in and he doesn't take it seriously.

So that's why he shows up to races and gets aggressive with people. That's why he calls other wife's other drivers wives a bitch. That's why he loses sponsors, because he is trying to compete in a sport that was not intended for him. It was not rigged for him to compete in. It was not designed for him to win.

And so you will see probably the rules change on NASCAR as well as they've done with the NFL to to make this more advantageous for blacks to succeed. I don't know whether what they're gonna do, whether they're who require a black guy on each team or, you know, handicapping or I don't know, maybe it's a 300 lap race.

James, they'll they'll they'll just have the the black guy get like a twenty five lap head start every time. It's just like I don't know where this ends, but it's telling when he says I don't take. See this is why I don't take this shit serious. It's very telling about what his actual feeling on the whole thing is because he knows he got to me that says somebody has sat him down and said, Bubba, you need to start taking this shit more seriously. And his reaction is like, I don't take this shit seriously because, yeah, well, do it.

And he he knows that as NASCAR's only black driver, there is no team, no sponsor, no team. Like, there is not a future in which he is not a NASCAR driver. Right. Because NASCAR needs to have at least one black driver so he knows that he can just show up. Mail it in. Get twenty eighth place this series every year, you know, and nothing's going to happen to him. And he becomes a millionaire for doing it. You can act Hillary once and and it's like, why would he. Like why did it, why would even show up at all. He probably could've just not shown up for that. Consequences would been the same.

Yeah. Well, and then then you have sort of flipping back here to Kim Brink. Oh, good. The NASCAR marketing executive who who is responsible for this? She wanted to attract minority fans and drivers to a historically white male dominated sport. Several factors have attributed to the absence of minorities in stock car racing. One is the costs of auto racing and dependency on sponsorship dollars. It's kind of a white thing. Oh, right. Build your own car, you know, get a team together and, you know, maintain sponsorships and relationships with people who want to pay you to fucking win. Wow. Just imagine that. So but that's a bar to minorities from participating in the sport with many minority individuals and families lacking the capital to enter the inherently it's expensive racing world. Others believe that minority youths are more drawn to conventional stick and ball sports, such as basketball and ball. A key factor is the overt racism in the country that has plagued other sports as well, but was particularly strong in American stock car racing due to its roots in the South. This included the president presence of Confederate flags in the infields and many tracks at both regional and national levels. For these reasons, NASCAR has been slower to racially integrate with other major sports in the country, and this had to change. I mean, this is like they've been trying so hard to do this for so long and there has been resistance, actual resistance to it. And they needed an event like this to clean the rest of this shit up. And so this is what I'm talking about when I say they're not getting what they want fast enough. They wanted these fucking Confederate flags gone from NASCAR 25 or 30 years ago. They wanted this sport browned off 25 or 30 years ago. And whenever they've tried, they have met, been met with resistance. And so they need essentially the country pushed to the brink of falling apart with every major American city on flat fire and protests around the world in order to have the political capital to take away fucking Confederate flags from white fans at racing events.

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