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James D. Poulter, Violent Anarcho-Communist and Writer for Vice UK and the Guardian

A vicious London-based anarchist has been revealed to be James D. Poulter, according to multiple sources who have confirmed his identity.  Poulter’s victims include trade unionists, nationalists and a family that was subjected to torment by Poulter’s gang through the direct action Solidarity Federations of South London and Brighton, as well as their extremist website, .

Libcom’s domain is registered to the address of the Freedom Press anarchist bookstore in the East End of London of which Poulter is the nominated administrator. The untouchables at Libcom sell a number of extremist manuals including works by Luigi Galleani instructing readers to blow up places of worship and murder people, or more recently calls to terrorism against right-wing speech.

Poulter is a freelance mainstream journalist who has written 25 articles for Vice UK. His columns and reports regularly appear in mainstream newspapers like The Guardian.

Poulter is a veteran of England’s anarchist scene and has been active since at least 2002. He received a Master’s degree at City University in finance journalism. A former associate revealed that around 2012-13 he began to redirect to attacking comrades and right and left-wing dissidents.

Even members inside Poulter’s immediate circle were subjected to abuse. All it would take to unleash terror would be an accusation of racism or misogyny motivated by Poulter’s personal vendettas or ideological differences.

When identity politics became chicer than working-class organising, the mainstream journalist made a conscious decision to protect his high in-group social status and surround himself with very young women that were driving the campaigns to destroy men in their groups.

Poulter, who controls the Libcom twitter account (@libcomorg) – has also been a party in Poulter’s terror campaigns against right-wing figures.

One family victimised by attacks from London Antifa and Poulter’s Libcom told us that the vendetta was to blame for their losing the jobs, swamped with death threats, and intimidated into having to move home after they began fearing for their children’s safety.

The British government and mainstream media show no interest in stopping this Antifa mayhem. Part of this is thanks to the foothold anarchists have gotten in mainstream media, who hide their crimes from the public.

Poulter’s work at Vice UK is especially ironic in light of his anger towards political activists he disagrees with for engaging in journalism.  His work at the publication consists largely of themes familiar with anyone who has read an anarchist blog, like an interview glorying “beating the shit of racist boneheads.”

In one case, his editor Simon Childs put him on a beat covering a war between Antifa football gangs and nationalist fans. Yet, he is involved with one of the groups he reported on. This means the reporter was a political player in the news he was writing.


During a debate on the political efficacy of anarchists participating in soccer brawls on the urban75 forums, Poulter defended the left-wing hooligans and referred to them as “we” and “us.”

The fact that a mainstream journalist is responsible for the news he is reporting on brings mainstream media integrity again into question. It also shows why conflicts between nationalists and leftist groups are always filtered into ridiculous narratives by newspapers that flagrantly disregard the truth.

Anarchists with a penchant for violence, using face journalist credentials provided by companies like Vice, are able to influence the authorities into placing their enemies into prison cells while protecting their own criminals or even themselves.

Originally appeared at: Ethnic European