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A Massive War Might Be the Elite's Only Way out of the Corona Crisis

On the face of it, nothing about this hysterical Coronavirus hoax makes any sense. As I’ve documented in full, there is no new virus, there’s just a normal Coronavirus, which is the flu, and everything about it is the same as the flu. But the government has allowed the entire economy to be destroyed. I’ve been thinking that the government people themselves are caught up in the hysteria, and are just making these decisions in a state of temporary insanity.

However, there is one way in which this all makes sense as an agenda: the United States wants to fight a war against China, and this was the way to get it started. Of course, even if they didn’t plan it, that is going to be their only way out of this. The US got out of the Great Depression by starting WWII and this is going to be a helluva lot worse than the Great Depression.

Everything is pointing towards the biggest war ever in history. The media is stirring up mass hatred of the Chinese, talking constantly about how they eat dogs are are slanty-eyed tricksters. It is a lot of very open and aggressive race hate from the aggressively anti-racist establishment. They are also getting people used to the government using the War Powers Act to direct businesses, which is what happened in WWII.

I have no idea how this is going to play out, or if it is even possible. But what you’re going to see very soon is a grand attempt to return manufacturing to the US, because as long as all the manufacturing is in China, they can’t have a war with them. We’re already seeing the government order businesses to produce the things it wants them to produce.

This will probably be framed in terms of pulling out of the depression, but it will clearly just be a prelude to a war. The US might end up getting crushed. I don’t know. I don’t think that anyone knows. But I think we can safely say that Europe is not going to be very excited about it.

But ZOG doesn’t have any choice. China was already on their way to being the dominant superpower on earth, and with this Coronavirus disaster, they now are officially the dominant superpower on earth. That happened as soon as ZOG started shutting down businesses to hide people from the flu.

So the US Government is going to have to move quickly to start the war, because in another few years, China will already be in total control.

The whole thing reeks of desperation, as the Jews have realized that the jig is up and they won’t be able to act how they act now in a world that is controlled by the Chinese. So they’re staging one last hurrah.

I’m letting you know this early. You will be able to just sit and watch them shape the narrative, in real time, as they roll out all of these preparations.

I’m not sure how this will affect you, as a normal person. But basically, things are going to be so bad when they finally let us out of our houses that they won’t really be able to get any worse. We’re talking 50% unemployment, tens of millions of homeless, sleeping on the floor, eating canned beans – the whole deal. There will be a draft though, and you’re the type who is going to be drafted, because you’re young and fit. I think most of the military is going to be made up of Mexicans, but they will still need white people.

I have no idea how the war itself will work. No one has any idea how a real war works in current year. I also don’t know who will get involved.

No one else knows any of that stuff either. Virtually no one even understands that Coronavirus is a hoax. So I’m not ashamed that I don’t know how this war will play out. But I will think about it and read up and talk to others and bring you whatever ideas I’m able to put together.

Buckle up.

It’s gonna get weird.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer