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'The Masons and Their Lies', Jay Dyer Invu with High Level Mason Who Became Christian, Wrote Great Book Exposing Masonry

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

Fascinating interview. Dyer talks to Michael Witcoff who spent years very active in the Masonic movement. He started out an aethiest Jew who converted to Christianity, eventually becoming an Orthodox Christian, rejected Masonry, and now works full-time exposing the satanic aspects of the Masconic movement.

They talk about the connection between Masonry and the intelligence services, and how deeply the masonic movement has infiltrated global elites, and American culture and society, and how the movement is basically satanic.

Discussions of Masonry is often wild tinfoil-hat territory, but this conversation is exactly the opposite - smart and backed up with tons of facts by two peple who know what they are talking about. 

Highly recommended.