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This Lockdown Isn’t a Quarantine and It Is Probably Aiding the Spread of the Virus

Editor's note: The public is increasingly split as to whether people are exaggerating or underestimating the health threat of COVID, and it is becoming an increasingly emotional issue, which is understandable, considering what is at stake. Here at TTP we can honestly say that we don't know, and see compelling arguments from both camps. In that spirit, we will publish both sides if we think they shed some light. As the saying goes, "Truth is born in debate."

This situation that we are currently experiencing can properly be called a “lockdown,” however, a quarantine it is not.

In a quarantine, you limit all access to other people. In this hoaxed quarantine, you can go to the supermarket with a bunch of people there whenever you want.

There is no definition of “quarantine” which does not contain the word “isolation.”

You’ve seen quarantines in movies before. You know what they are.

If you want a recent example of what a “quarantine” actually looks like in real life, look no further than the Ebola virus outbreak of 2019 in Africa (note that Ebola doesn’t even transmit through the respiratory system and is not airborne in the way that coronavirus is):

I do not think I need to point out that you are not seeing any of that stuff under this current fake quarantine, presumably because this isn’t actually a deadly virus and this entire thing is simply a hoax.

Whichever universe you are living in, there is most certainly no conceivable definition of the word “quarantine” which allows for scenes like this to take place:

Anyone can catch a virus at these grocery stores, and then bring it home to the old people that they live with, who can then die of it.

The air in a house circulates, so it is actually likely that by locking down the country, and forcing people who were exposed to the coronavirus or other flu viruses (all of the deaths from any respiratory illness, and most every other illness period, are now being counted as “coronavirus” deaths) at the grocery store – as everyone is – to stay inside with their family members all day long, you are likely increasing the infection rate.

What we have is simply an economic lockdown, where people are forced to cancel their entire lives for absolutely no reason.

Like all of the accurate information I bring you, the speculation that this lockdown is actually making it worse has data to back it up. As we’ve written about extensively here on the Daily Stormer, Sweden refused to go along with the lockdown, and has allowed people to continue to live their lives normally. Not only have they not seen some mass death situation, but they’ve actually seen a lower mortality rate than the United Kingdom, where the standard “shut down everything except the grocery store and maybe a couple other things” system has been put in place.

(Note that this is deaths per million, not total deaths. It is a number relative to the population.)

The concept of locking people down but allowing them to congregate in groups at the grocery store multiple times per week is so insane that it is almost unfathomable that this could be done for any reason other than maliciousness. While it is possible that it actually increases the death toll, it is an absolute certainty nothing we’ve done can possibly lower it.

If we had decided that the most important thing in the universe was to keep people in their 70s and 80s and those with existing clinical chronic illness from dying of the flu, and used science to decide how to best do that, also deciding that the cost didn’t matter because “lives before the economy,” what we would have decided to do would be to put the old and sickly in a real quarantine. They would be kept in sterile environments and attended to by people in full hazmat suits (like what Africans and WHO did with Ebola, featured in the above photos). Everyone else could obviously continue on with their life normally.

Instead, we did this.


I still don’t know.

Theoretically, the people who make the decisions in the government wanted to take away everyone’s rights and create a constant state of fear over viruses in order to manage a new kind of police state society. As such, they could take people’s rights away and increase the total death toll – making the whole thing scarier to people – by implementing this lockdown they’ve implemented.

What the theory that this was done on purpose by the government doesn’t explain is why they would want to collapse the US economy, or why they would promote China as the dominant power on earth.

But as I’ve said, although I am fascinated by the reasoning behind these decisions that have been made, it ultimately does not matter what got us here. What matters is that we are here. The economy has collapsed and it cannot come back, and the government has claimed absolute authority to strip us of all of our most basic rights, in the name of fighting a flu virus. And those rights are not coming back.

A new normal is in the process of being established. It is going to include hysteria over this virus and presumably future viruses, and response measures which do not make sense to combat the spread of these viruses. It is going to include you being extremely impoverished. It is going to include you having no rights, and having to do whatever the government tells you to, down to who you are allowed to talk to.

I predict that they are going to mix a slight opening up of the economy with an indefinite lockdown. Again, this doesn’t have to make any sense. They are going to let the people who have work to do go back to work, while telling everyone with no work that they have to stay home and that they’re not allowed to gather in groups. The punishment for violating these rules is going to get increasingly extreme.

This is a managed implosion of the economy, and the entire society that it fuels. The virus hysteria provides a framework for allowing the government to have free reign to manage the collapse, and try to create the outcome that they want from it. So don’t expect that there is ever going to be a point when they tell us that this corona flu virus is no longer a risk, and we can simply go back to normal procedures as we attempt to manage our collapsed economy.

The coronavirus is the new eternal invisible enemy. The media and the government tried to create this kind of boogieman with “Russian hackers,” and despite pouring billions of dollars into the propaganda, it didn’t work. This flu hysteria works better than anything has ever worked before. Everyone is simply trusting that these government people must have their best interests in mind.

It’s all going to end very badly.

And by that I mean: things are about to get really awesome.

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer

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