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Jewish History Shows Us That Every Race Needs Their Own Ethno-State

Hard lessons from history

This post first appeared on Truth to Power

I have always found it rather odd how whites drew certain supposedly critical lessons from both world wars, whereas Jews seem to have learned the very opposite critical lessons. Whites learned that nationalism was bad; Jews learned nationalism was good. Whites learned that borders were bad; Jews learned that walls were necessary. Whites learned that group identity was evil and dangerous; Jews learned that group identity was essential to group survival. And so on and so forth. Of course I write principally of Western Europeans when referring to "whites", not so much Eastern Europeans, since in Eastern Europe ethnic balkanization continued throughout the latter half of the 20th Century, probably helping to reduce both international and intrasocietal tensions. Nevertheless, does anyone else find this contrast particularly eye-opening?

While whites are out there abolishing themselves and giving away territory in the name of open borders and globalism, Israel is thriving (and claiming lebensraum for itself). While whites are reproducing at well below replacement level, Jewish numbers are growing within Israel and without. Israel for its part has no illusions about creating a [EU-esque] single market with its neighbors, I can assure you that! Are they poorer for it? Does Israel need open borders to flourish? “Nationalism” is a bad word in modern Europe because it leads to war and conflict, so say our enlightened faux liberal leaders. But while war is certainly a known evil, it hardens men to life and to violence, and it causes them to appreciate what they possess. Is war better or worse than giving your land away to your enemies without a fight?

Yet so few see this contradistinction, this inconsistency, this inequity regarding what Jews gathered from early 20th Century conflicts and what whites did! And even fewer are willing to acknowledge it! The way I see it, Westerners have been carefully fed a number of vicious lies by the anti-whites at the helm.

Western elites, often Jews themselves, like to argue that Jews somehow induce an irrational, nearly hysterical anti-Jewish mania in [white] gentiles. They claim this is because Jews are uniquely noble or successful or something, and that this success drives evil, envious, inherently racist whites to rage and genocide. This narrative is laughable nonsense. In fact, there are two vicious lies embedded in this argument. Jews are definitely not more moral or noble than whites. They may be somewhat more clever and more successful on the whole, but whites hardly begrudge out-group success generally. If they did, why isn’t anti-Japanese animus such a pervasive problem amongst white gentiles?

The scientific literature does not support the second vicious lie either. Out-group prejudice is a universal psychological phenomenon. It is why both democracy and meritocracy suffer as a result of diversity, because in homogeneous societies people are merely half-bad at judging others, whereas in diverse societies people fail at it categorically, humans being simply horrid at judging out-group members. Either people are overly harsh in their judgments or they overcompensate in an almost cartoonish fashion. Consider the way white cucks heap praise on black culture and black intellectuals, no matter how wanting both typically are. To repeat, out-group prejudice is a universal phenomenon, common to all peoples, including Jews. Jews are not above and apart from humanity in this or any other respect.

So, why did the Nazis try to Holocaust the Jews? Well, that is a complicated question, but it is not because Jews are uniquely good, or that whites or Germans are uniquely bad. Ethnic Germans are hardly more genocide or racism prone than other peoples. Likewise, the Jewish people are no more genocide-worthy than other peoples. Nor are they so wonderful that they naturally induce a hysterical hatred in all other races as a result of group envy. None of this is so.

So, why has there been so much conflict between whites and Jews throughout history? Well, it is simple really: Firstly, Jews have lived with and among whites for much of white, Western history, and secondly, Jews are just different than whites. Our anti-white overlords have a conspicuous penchant for covering over the reality of this second claim but it is indisputably so. Jews, even Ashkenazi Jews, are different than white Europeans, just as the Japanese are different than the Koreans. Just as Armenians are different than Turks. Just as Sunni Saudis are different from Houthi Yemenis. Just as Hutus are different than Tutsis. Just as Hindus are different than Bengalis. Just as the Han Chinese are different than the Tibetans.

Jews had and have different values and different interests than white Europeans. Mind you, I am speaking not of all Jews or of all whites, but of collective interests and prevailing group norms. What’s more, group values and interests often clash. They clashed very hard in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, but there is nothing odd or distinctive about this. Tragedies involving Jews do not belong at the center of historical analysis. Many peoples have suffered interethnic atrocities, and all peoples are susceptible to them. Diversity plus proximity generally leads to conflict, especially as time draws out toward infinity. That is the way of the world. And where values and interests clash, one side will ultimately win out. In America, the Jews and the WASPs once clashed. That clash did not lead to genocide, but it was a clash nonetheless. I do not need to tell you which side won.

The recent riots are themselves an example of such a clash. The entire last month has been a kind of “statuenacht” (kristallmonat?) here in America. The root of those riots is, once again, diversity, our so-called greatest strength. And rioters and looters aren’t just toppling and desecrating any statues, they are toppling and desecrating statues of our heroes, they are erasing the history of the other, namely our history, white history. And this is but one example. In diverse societies, there are an array of ways, many of them perfectly legal, by which certain groups can and do prey on other groups. In today’s America, whites really do seem to be the chief target of all manner of predation, from sexual predation in the porn industry, to pharmaceutical predation from the Sackler cartel, to violent predation at the hands of more primitive, crime-prone populations. Once you become aware that this is happening, you will never be able to unsee it.

The harsh reality is whites are increasingly surrounded by peoples that do not like us or respect us. That puts us in great jeopardy as a race. Our enemies want to silence us because we are white. They are quite open about that. They want to aggressively racially discriminate against us and give that wanton racial discrimination a fancy, sweet sounding name like “social justice” or “affirmative action”. And that is merely the stuff happening lawfully, above the surface. We are definitely in peril, even as the anti-whites in the press contend we are only being paranoid. What happened to the whites in Rhodesia could happen to whites here. What happened to Yazidis in Syria could happen to whites here. What happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany could happen to whites here.

I am not making predictions mind you. I do not mean to imply that whites are as vulnerable in modern America as Jews were in the Weimar. Still, there are degrees of abuse and maltreatment. Furthermore, being in the majority (a slim majority now) is no sure prophylactic against oppression or genocide. It just isn’t, and history makes this plain. So does the present for that matter, if you observe the world around you. The anti-white mania has reached something of a fever pitch here in the West, and whites are obviously being denied the same privileges afforded all other peoples here, under the rule of diabolically anti-white Western regimes. We can not so much as advocate for our own group interests openly without being labeled Nazis, and aggressively persecuted by every segment of society. That is quite close to a state of outright serfdom as far as I am concerned, and the totalitarian clamps upon us continue to tighten by the day.

The point is anyhow, the wrongs Jews have suffered in the past and the threats they still have to confront today, are by no means exclusive to Jews. All peoples have to deal with out-groups that despise them, threaten them, and long to do them harm. Shoot, even the Arabs themselves are not a threat to the Jews alone! All people are, generally speaking, safer, more comfortable, and better off when living amongst, and when governed by, their own people.

So, at the end of the day, the choice is really rather simple. Either you are a Jewish supremacist or you are not. Either you believe the Jews are special, unique, a distinctly valuable and estimable race, or you believe the Jews are just another group of people. I happen to believe they are just another group of people. Yet simply placing Jews on the same level as everyone else would easily earn me or any other social critic the “anti-semite” label by the powers that be.

This all is not to imply that the Jews are not a gifted people relatively speaking, only that their relative giftedness does not warrant them special treatment or special moral standards, nor does it imply they are uniquely vulnerable. I also believe, from extensive experience among and around Jews, that anti-asperism (anti-whiteness) is at least as pervasive amongst Jews as anti-semitism is amongst whites. Because the Jews, being people, suffer from the same out-group prejudices that are built into the psyches of all human beings. Furthermore, when those out-group prejudices are weaponized in the form of Jewish power, they frequently undermine the interests of whites, no matter who might like to claim otherwise. To believe otherwise is a kind of supremacism.

In the final analysis, either the Jewish people took the wrong lessons from the World Wars or they took the right ones. I think it is pretty clear, given the favorable state of world Jewry, that they learned the right lessons. Moreover, if they did, those rules must be universally applicable to all peoples, must they not? Aye, if the lessons they learned are sound ones, universalizable ones, truly moral ones, then those lessons are lessons for us all. In sum, all distinct peoples need their own Israels, places where they can thrive and prosper and realize their own destiny. Whites especially.

And judging by current trends here in the West, we are going to need that [ethno]state sooner rather than later.