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Jewish ‘Contributions’ to America: Homosexuality, Immigration, War, and More! (Brother Nathanael Video + Transcript)

Jewish ‘Contributions’ To America

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. And it contains many minorities, but none—so few—as the Jewish people.

Jews make up only 1.8% of the US population.

But believe it or not, there are many Jews who have contributed hugely to this country.

Take the Open Immigration Law of 1965.

Senator Jacob Javits, a Jewish American, sought to enhance the United States by removing quotas and qualifications of immigrants coming from Third World countries.

It was his noble initiative to make sure immigration continued into our ‘nation of immigrants’… as long as it was not from Western, White Christian countries.

But after a few years of steady demographic change with its attendant ’saftety concerns,’ it was deemed necessary by Senators Barry Goldwater, Chic Hecht, and Rudy Boschwitz—all vigilant Jewish Americans—to cosponsor the bill that banned fully-automatic firearms in 1986.

This fresh, new and exciting American tradition of placing limits on the Second Amendment continues even today, with such benefactors as Senators Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal, Chuck Schumer, and Michael Bloomberg, all Jewish American patriots who often cite the Constitution and the Framers who wrote it.

They’re very smart you know, and their Jewish peers deem them even smarter than Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, who crafted and drafted the Second Amendment, because they keep everything they wrote ‘up to date.’

This ‘up-to-date-ness’ of Jewish American policy makers is surely—in the eyes of their Jewish peers, that is—a sterling contribution to our Republic.

It’s strange though, for in an effort to make Israel safer in 2018, the Jewish government actually relaxed their own gun regulations.

In a bizarre dichotomy, despite Jewish Americans taking guns out of our country, they help their fellow Jews in Israel to bring them to countless other countries abroad.

Israel, you know, enjoying the disbursements of billions of US tax dollars (unreservedly endorsed by the majority of Jewish Americans), is one of the biggest arms exporters in the world.

Now, some detractors say the US is just the stick that Israel uses to beat up the rest of the world.

And yes, Jewish American war enthusiasts like Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol, and Mark Levin, are on the front lines in promoting wars abroad for Israel from their cushioned armchairs.

Expertise in warfare—and how to send others to their deaths except their own—is a hallmark of Jewish ingenuity.

Wasn’t it Albert Einstein—a ‘genius’ much smarter than Alexander Graham Bell, or Thomas Edison, or Henry Ford— it was him who invented the atom bomb?

The Japanese surely have nothing but praise for this Jewish American ‘genius,’ Albert Einstein, especially the families of those who were scorched at Hiroshima.

At this juncture, I would be remiss if I failed to give proper acclaim to those Jewish champions of the transgender and homosexual movement in America, who with their multi-millions in funding are making sexual perversity a national tradition.

Such Jewish notables as Paul Singer, Governor JB Pritzker of Illinois—who is making LGBT history classes mandatory in his state’s public schools—and Martin Rothblatt, who after an apparent nose job and sex-reassignment, is now Martine Rothblatt, and all of these are hailed by the American Jewish community as heroes, or heroines, of our twisted times.

Well, I could go on forever about Jewish contributions to America but I’m quite out of breath by now.

And our country is on its last gasp.

Originally appeared at: Real Jew News