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UK Political Analyst: Jews 'Disproportionately Influential In Business, Professions, And Sciences'

In 1997, when Tony Blair was elected as the new Prime Minister of the U.K., the Jewish Telegraphic Agency ran a story, demonstrating how a small, but very powerful group of Jews in the U.K. were key to his victory:

…Britain’s youthful new premier can be expected to be sympathetic to the needs of the country’s Jewish population. A devout Christian and Britain’s youngest prime minister since 1812, the 44-year-old Blair has close links with the Jewish community and sees Judaism’s values and morals as mirroring his own.

Some of his biggest backers in the run-up to his landslide victory last week were prominent members of the Jewish community. In addition, when they were young lawyers, Blair and his wife, Cherie, shared offices with Eldred Tabatchnik, who is currently the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the community’s national lay leadership organization. The three have remained close friends ever since.

The new Labor government is expected to take a tough line on racism. When it was in the opposition, the party had initiated legislation to make Holocaust denial illegal, in line with the policies of other western European countries. Labor is also likely to support moves to tighten up legislation on the publication of racist and anti-Semitic literature…

Of the 659 seats in the House of Commons, Labor won 419, giving it 179 more seats than all the other parties combined. The Conservatives won only 165 seats, suffering their heaviest defeat since 1832 and ending their 18 years in power that began with Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 victory.

After losing last week, former Prime Minister John Major relinquished leadership of the Conservatives. There are now several contenders for the unenviable job of reviving the badly bruised party. Although Britain has no sizable “Jewish vote,” some of Britain’s 659 constituencies have a Jewish population that presumably swung to Labor — like most of the general populace.

During the election campaign, the “Holy Grail” of Jewish votes, as one political analyst put it, was courted because of its “perceived influence,” not for its numbers. British Jewry totals around 300,000, the vast majority of whom live in and around London.

The community is small, but it is disproportionately influential in business, the professions and sciences,” the analyst said.

Of course, the Jewish news site that reported this story isn’t denying that Jews in London basically control the national elections in the U.K. — they are proud of it.

But if non-Jews make the same observation —  or even repeat their own story — we are smeared for repeating dangerous ‘antisemitic canards’ that have no truth to them whatsoever.

Since Jews believe that their “disproportionate influence” is a good thing, there is nothing wrong with boasting about it in their own publications.

And “disproportionate” Jewish influence in British politics means they get laws passed that benefit them, such as imprisoning anyone, like Alison Chabloz, who doesn’t go along with their version of World War II, or anyone who criticizes or opposes them, also known as “antisemites”.

After all, if we allow people to criticize Jews, the next thing you know, we’ll be rounding them up and putting them in gas chambers “again”, or so they would like us to believe.

Originally appeared at: Christians For Truth