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Poland Considering Legislation Making Almost All Abortion Illegal - Good for Them!

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There is a country that is going against the tide, and that country is Poland.

Poland has known martyrdom; Poland was tested by history (including recent history); Poland paid dearly for all the absurd ideological contradictions of the twentieth century; and now Poland is once again setting itself apart by its courage and strength of values.

While the world ignobly exploits the coronavirus emergency to push the frontier of abortion further and further, Poland is doing the opposite.

While the world tries to save as many lives as possible from the infection of the new virus, Poland is rededicating itself as well to saving as many lives as possible by prohibiting abortion. At least, that is what Poland’s Parliament is trying to do, having scheduled discussion of a bill that would in fact make the voluntary termination of pregnancy practically impossible throughout the country.

That that bill is a good one is signaled by the angry reactions of the so-called “pro choice” world and the coverage that the European press are giving it, screaming in outrage that, in a time of epidemic, Poland is serving a glancing blow to “health care.” Ironically no one seems scandalized by the use of coronavirus as a surreptitious excuse of killing even more babies in the womb of their mothers—something many countries are trying to do.

We applaud the Polish Parliament for the strength with which it is once again trying to defend innocent human life, for the national pride it is showing in not retreating under the intimidation from their “big brothers” in Europe and worldwide, and for the resoluteness with which it always knows which side to choose.

Originally appeared at: Ifamnews