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Covid Cracks EU - 49% of Italians Want Out

The European Union collapsing would probably be the second best thing ever, second only to every Jew in the world getting an untreatable flesh-eating bacteria at the same time. /joke


A Tecnè poll has revealed that Italians are becoming more and more critical of the European Union, with 49 per cent saying they want Italy out.

Just 51 per cent of the Italian public said they want to remain in the EU, which has been widely criticised across the country for lack of solidarity with Italy since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

The poll is a far cry from previous surveys, according to newspaper Il Giornale, which cited a November 2018 study which showed consensus was far more favourable to the European Union, saying opposition to an Italian exit has fallen by 20 per cent in two years.

The Coronavirus – or rather, the response to it – is effectively collapsing society.

And that’s not really a bad thing, considering that none of us live in a society that deserves to not collapse.

The EU reaction to the Italian coronavirus outbreak, which has led to the deaths of more than 20,000 people across the country so far, led to some Italians burning EU flags on social media and Italian politicians taking down EU flags from offices and public spaces in protest.

The reaction from Italians led European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to issue an apology earlier this month that was published by newspaper La Repubblica.

“It must be acknowledged that in the first days of the crisis, faced with the need for a common European response, too many have thought only of the problems of their own homes,” she said and added: “They did not realise that we can defeat this pandemic only together, as a Union. It was malicious behaviour and could have been avoided.”

What was malicious was shutting down the entire planet over a disease so “dangerous” that most people who get it don’t even feel sick at all.

And that’s not even close to the other malicious stuff you’re doing, like trying to make Europeans a minority in Europe, telling little boys to cut their dicks off, the Eurovision and all the other sick twisted shit you’re pouring on our heads.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte later issued a warning to the EU saying that the political bloc may collapse if other member states do not act with solidarity and help countries most affected by coronavirus.

“We do not expect Germany and Holland to pay our debts, but the fiscal policy rules must be loosened, otherwise we will have to write off Europe, and everyone will do things on their own,” Mr Conte said.

Mama Merkel is more likely to have solidarity with some Syrian child refugees from Somalia gangraping your woman next to your corpse than for you.

Thankfully, I don’t think we’ll have to put up much longer with her, or with the JEU for long.

Hopefully, we can have a truly European Union after this farce collapses, ideally one that isn’t run by Jews, faggots and childless women, and cares more about Europeans than it cares about trannies in Pakistan.

A union where people who think a fat childless woman should run a country aren’t allowed to vote at all

Originally appeared at: Daily Stormer