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Antifa Terrorists Burn Another Politician's Car in Germany

A left-wing (Antifa) trend of attacking non-mainstream politicians over their views seems to be taking root in Germany and elsewhere. It is notable that the far-left, whose supporters claim to be anti-capitalist, target only anti-corporate right-wingers whilst protecting globalist (pinstriped suit Bolsheviks) lawmakers.

The latest attack by left-wing vigilantes occurred in Berlin where a car owned by the head of the AfD party’s Berlin branch was torched in the second such incident in just over a week.

Left-wingers set ablaze a Volkswagen made Skoda belonging to Nicolaus Fest, the provisional head of Alternative for Germany’s Berlin branch and member of the European Parliament, on Tuesday night. While the arson attack didn’t totally destroy the car, it badly damaged the engine and the front part of the vehicle is likely beyond repair.

The Berlin wing of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party believes the incident was due to their dissenting views.

‘The arsonists sit in the strategy-making back rooms of the traditional parties, in which new hate campaigns against the AfD are devised every day,’ it tweeted, posting an image of the damaged car.

Berlin police have confirmed the incident and claim to have launched an investigation into the damage of property due to ‘a possible political motivation.’

Fest, who is also a member of the European Parliament for AfD, lashed out at the left-wing violence, adding that the other parties (mainstream) and corporate media cheer on leftist radical perpetrators behind such acts.’

The firebombing is only the latest in a string of attacks on AfD members. Last January, an explosive device was ignited near the party office in the eastern town of Doebeln. Later that month, an AfD state chairman was beaten unconscious in Bremen by masked assailants.

Earlier this month, the right-wing party’s chief’s car was also set on fire in Gablenz, Saxony, with police unable to find the perpetrators to this day.

As the police in the migrant swamped regions of the European Union struggle to cope, it is predicted that increasingly frustrated ethno-nationalists will take the law into their own hands. It is feared that right-wing vigilantism may soon be considered a legitimate antidote to media backed vigilantism.

Originally appeared at: The Ethnic European